SXSW Interactive PanelPicker 2015

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A selection of the best proposed panels in the Branding and Marketing Category for SXSW Interactive 2015

Transcript of SXSW Interactive PanelPicker 2015

  • 1. S X S W Interactive PanelPicker 2015
  • 2. in Branding and Marketing 426 panels proposed ADVERTISERS TECH MEDIA AD AGENCIES Banana Republic General Electric Live Nation Viacom Mondelez Bonobo Warner Bros PepsiCo Dreamworks Adobe Pinterest Twitter Square IBM Cisco AOL Google Pandora Skype Dell Facebook The Wall Street Journal Buzzfeed Fast Compay Mashable Cartoon Networks Esquire FCB SapientNitro DDB R/GA Ogilvy Colle+McVoy Deusch Fallon Jack Morton JWT Leo Burnett DigitasLBi Havas Wunderman Mullen Y&R Vivaki BBDO McGarryBowen Pereira ODell
  • 3. __Description Brands Win N a t i o n a l Championship s , N o t D e f e n s e s The University of Oregon will win more games in the next twenty years than any other school in college football, and there isnt a single program in America equipped to stop themyet. You might be surprised to hear that the reason for this impending success has less to do with coaching or recruiting, and has everything to do with marketing. In twenty years, the University of Oregon will be the premier program in college football because theyre building a brand in Eugene, Oregon, whereas other schools are building teams in four-year, unsustainable, increments. The days of your fathers college athletics are over. Dead. Gone. Not. Coming. Back. Its not about xs and os anymore; its about crazy uniforms and polarizing billboards in New York City. The book challenges that the most successful college athletic programs of the future will be those who build the strongest brand, not the strongest defense or the program with the best coach. Brands win championships. __Who A d i d a s v d . d p u f __Link
  • 4. Marketers crap out shitloads of content daily, but is it resonating with consumers? From focus groups to social media monitoring tools, its easy for organisations to collect data, but knowing how to make it actionable is crucial. Moderated by The Drum, this session will examine some of the new, innovative technologies that go beyond sentiment analysis, such as Relative Insight, which examines language as data to show brands and agencies how consumers actually relate to the brand. For example, BMW puts out messaging about speed and global engineering, but analysis of consumer reaction shows that they actually consider the family elements of the car to be more important. How should brands adapt their language to make sure they and their customers are on the same page? Fortune 500 companies like Dell and global agencies such as Ogilvy will highlight best practices on how to better position brands and differentiate themselves from competitors by applying consistent brand language. __Who R e l a t i v e I n s i g h t D e l l O g i l v y U K T h e D r u m __Description The Death of S o c i a l L i s t e n i n g . d p u f __Link
  • 5. __Description Culture Clash: W h e n Marketing and P r o d u c t C o n v e r g e The rigid division between product and marketing departments is breaking down, driven by the need to constantly innovate. Marketing teams are becoming innovation groups, where radical new concepts are developed and tested on large audiences. Product departments are inviting marketing and a new breed of innovation agencies into product ideation. Smart brands are considering how products can link to digital marketing before they even go into production and pitches are being replaced with prototypes. In a discussion free of buzzwords and bullsh*t, well dissect how to create a culture of innovation within your organization. Contribute to a straightforward conversation with Deeplocal: the innovation studio that created a mind-controlled bike and a World Cup ball with eyes, Hallmark: the greeting card company that is innovating in cards while developing new product categories that are emotionally and digitally connected, and Google: the search giant that is investing in moonshots." __Who H a l l m a r k D e e p l o c a l G o o g l e Contagious Magazine 5 . d p u f __Link
  • 6. __Description Is your word o f m o u t h working for or against you? Word of mouth marketing has always been a powerful force and every strategic marketer knows that customers are more influenced by fellow customers than they are by vendors. Now, in the social age, influencers have a louder and more powerful voice than ever before. With any luck, these influencers can be powerful allies for your brand, but what if you can take the luck out with strategic social marketing efforts? This session will cover how to find your key influencers (and detractors), how to strategically reach out, build relationships, ignite the passion of your fans, and identify key success points to measure your progress. __Who S y n t h e s i o C 4 . d p u f __Link
  • 7. Is it just us, or is the gulf between what marketing aspires to be and what it actually is getting bigger? Our industrys original innovators knew it was about aligning every discipline in a company so that it could be accurately mapped to the lives of real people. And yet the more nuanced and complex the media landscape has become, the more marketing has been reduced to an apologetic commodity through which brands barter for a share of customers attention and wallets, all while we dream of moonshots and silver bullets. Technology felt like it could, indeed should help address this gulf, but instead its distorted reality, creating a near-obsessive belief that shiny new stuff is the answer, when invariably all the shiny stuff really does is ask more questions of a company and its reason for existing in the world. In this seminar, Contagious will explore the theory that true innovation is actually something that marketing was born to do. It just forgot how. __Who C o n t a g i o u s __Description Teaching New Te c h n o l o g y Ol d T r i c k s q . d p u f __Link
  • 8. __Description A c t i v a t e online brands through offline ambassadors Many online brands are craving the ability to activate their community offline. And many audiences have a desire to interact offline both with the brand and fellow brand-loyalists. Tapping into that fire in a meaningful and strategic way, connecting the online community through offline experiences, will activate the brand on a level not yet experienced. Theres a way to make this both scalable and affordable for any brand. Create a meaningful role for brand ambassadors. They will cultivate the most engaged and enthusiastic champions of your brand: the ones who will gather offline. To have a successful brand ambassador program you need to do four things really well: Vet, Train, Support and Reward. When you can do this well, you give your ambassadors unlimited reach to cultivate your brands most engaged users, your most loyal fans. If the untapped potential of your brand is an offline community, then an intentional ambassador program is for you. __Who L e v o L e a g u e c . d p u f __Link
  • 9. __Description M a s t e r i n g Shor t Form Vi d e o wi t h Smart Humor With the proliferation of mobile technologies and new platforms for watching online videos, the numbers are growing for more effective short term ads. The evolution of communications and the visual web is allowing for a rapid increase in image and video sharing and there's an opportunity for brands to tap into it by mastering the short form video and sharing it with an engaged, on-the-go fan base that will spread the content via comments, likes, posts, tweets, etc. Smart, witty humor is also the fastest way to emotional engagement and consumers trust and like brands that communicate a sense of self awareness. The most successful advertising campaigns always involve a little bit of humor and a Nielsens Annual Global Survey of Trust in Advertising revealed that humorous ads resonated the highest among consumers. Hear from Tony Mennuto, Founder & CCO of Mister:-|Face as he discusses the future of the short form video and how to come up with creative comedic content for brands. __Who M i s t e r F a c e B x . d p u f __Link
  • 10. A new class of marketers are emerging that understand the future belongs to those who can merge marketing and technology into something new. Marketing technologists are those folks who know that every piece of a campaign can be measured, analyzed and improved upon. And that once that's done, they'll measure, analyze, and improve upon it again. Because as good as the last campaign was, there's always a better one right around the corner. As more marketing departments gain their own techn