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Sweeya Jagriti is a program intended to bring awareness of meditation science in the corporate world. This presentation shows the objectives and artifacts of the program.

Transcript of Sweeya jagriti - Meditation in corporate world

  • 1. SWEEYA JAGRITI The NEW AWAKENING in the corporate world

2. New Age masters and many more 3. About Sweeya Jagriti Sweeya Jagriti is the event introduced byPSSM corporate, a wing from PyramidSpiritual Societies Movement to bring theawareness of Meditation and SpiritualSciences in the Corporate world. 4. Brahmarshi PatrijiFounder of Pyramid Spiritual Science Movement (PSSM) 5. Objectives of Sweeya Jagriti Training all the personnel of the organization inMeditation and New Age Spiritual Sciences Incorporate Mandatory Meditation course aspart of behavioral skills of the employee. Encouraging to establish exclusive MeditationRooms in the office premises for the benefit ofthe staff to relax and recharge themselvesquickly. This is intended to maintain good energylevels through out the day which in turn helps inimproved productivity. 6. Benefits of the Programme Helping the participants to maintain healthy life style without any need of medication Making the participants able to manage the stress at work spots in lesser duration Improving the productivity of the people by increasing their Energy levels Training the participants in Work- Life balance by increasing their Spiritual Quotient 7. ARTIFACTSFollowing slides show the sessionsconducted at various corporate places. 8. MEDITATION at Wipro, Electronics city 9. MEDITATION at Crimson Logic 10. MEDITATION at HCL, Electronics City 11. MEDITATION at Oracle iFlex 12. Letter from Vice President, Wipro 13. Wipro Employees Feedback -1 14. Wipro Employees Feedback -2 15. Wipro Employees Feedback -3 16. iFlex Employees Feedback -1 17. iFlex Employees Feedback -2 18. PMR at Sanovi, Bangalore 19. Know yourself through MEDITATION a quote from master OSHO 20. Corporate Meditation Pamphlet 21. Speaking Tree article in TOI 22. Pyramid Valley InternationalBangalore 23. Websites Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) www.pssmovement.org PSSM Corporate Initiative www.pssmcorporate.com Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore www.pyramidvalley.org (Our International Center) Indian Federation of Spiritual Scientists www.ifss.in 24. Contact Us For booking the event schedule at your work location andjoining the Sweeya Jagriti team in event management Kumar Deepak : 9741554000 ; deepak@pssmovement.org For booking the Corporate Meditation training in PyramidValley Chandra Mohan : 8147093628 / 8147093627 For Books/CDs/DVDs/Pyramid products and otherreference materials Shalini : 8861441133 For more details, contact the trainer Rajasekhar : 9900883277 ; info@pssmcorporate.com