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245 E. Old Sturbridge Rd Brimfield, MA 01010 Operated by Search Beyond Adventures, Inc. Most tours $690 $690 Local travel for adults with developmental disabilities Sweet Pickle Tours! 2018 Tour Schedule 800-800-9979

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245 E. Old Sturbridge Rd • Brimfield, MA 01010

Operated by Search Beyond Adventures, Inc.



Local travel for adults with developmental disabilities

Sweet Pickle Tours!2018 Tour Schedule


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Sweet Pickle Tours!

Sweet Pickle Tours are fun and simplethree or four day weekend tours departingsouthern New England. Since all are vantours they eliminate the hassle of airportpick-ups, flights, and larger group travel.All meals, activities, lodging, assistance(1:4 ratio of staff to participants) are includ-ed. If you need a higher ratio of 1:2 staffto participants you can request this for anadditional $70/day. Personal care atten-dants or family members can attend for$170/day. These are small-group tours,generally limited to eight participants.

In keeping the costs low, there are nopacking lists, detailed tour itineraries, ormonthly statements. Minimum 50% pay-ment is due with registration; balance due30 days before tour. We will mail you aconfirmation showing payment. Make pay-

ment to “SweetPickle Tours”. Youcan also depositfunds in our cus-tomer account at anyBank of America.

Tours begin from Sturbridge and Bostonand can pick up along the Mass Pike, oren route to the destination without charge.We also pick up throughout CT for ourNYC and Philadelphia destinations, and innorthern New Engand for our NH and VTdestinations.

Tours are operated as a component ofSearch Beyond Adventures, Inc. Bankingand accounting are separate, however, soplease use the Sweet Pickle applicationsand make checks payable to SweetPickle Tours.

2018 TOURS

About Sweet Pickle Tours...

Red Sox & Boston

! Watch the Red Sox play an MLB oppo-nent at classic Fenway park

! See great marine life at the BostonAquarium

! Shop at historic Quincy Market! Ride the famous Swan Boats on the

Boston Commons

May 12-14, 2018 $690 (dates dependent on 2018 MLB schedule)

Cape Cod: Provincetown

! Go off-road on an escorted seashoredune tour

! Tour a pirate museum to learn aboutpirate life and the pirate shipwreck offCape Cod

! Hike at the Cape Cod National Seashore! Swim or subathe at one of the beaches

June 22-24, 2018 $690

Burlington, Vermont Super Pickle Tour!

! Sample ice cream flavors at Ben & Jerry’s! Tour the Vermont Teddy Bear factory! Cruise on Lake Champlain aboard the Ethan Allan II! Watch chocolatiers at work at Lake Champlain Chocolates

July 27-30, 2018 4 Days! $895

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(413) 245-3100 or (800) 800-9979

2018 TOURS

New Hampshire Lakes Region

! Enjoy a cruise aboard a historic excursionship on Lake Winnipesaukee

! Swim at one of the great beaches! Ride the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railway! Tour the Anheuser-Busch Merrimack


August 20-22, 2018 $690

Portland & Freeport

! Visit the world’s largest rotating globe(41.5 feet diameter) inYarmouth

! Ride the mailboat to the Portland islands(weather permitting)

! See a sweeping view of the city from thePortland Observatory

! Shop at famous LL Bean flagstaff store inFreeport

October 13-15, 2018 $690

Patriots Training Camp & Plymouth! Watch the New England Patriots practice

their plays at Gillette Stadium! Get autographs of some Patriots players! See Mayflower II, a replica of the ship

used by the pilgrims to sail from Europe! Experience living history at Plimouth

Plantation! Visit historic Plymouth Rock

August 3-5, 2018 $690(dates dependent on 2018 training schedule)

Salem & Gloucester

! Ride out in the sea to watch for whales(weather permitting)

! Tour the Salem Witch Museum for a 1692history lesson about the witch trials andsuperstitions

! Visit the Salem Maritime National Historicsite, including Custom House

September 28-30, 2018 $690

Cooperstown & Lake George

! Visit the Baseball Hall of Fame, exploringthe different displays on baseball history

! Take a narrated boat ride on LakeGeorge

! Swim and relax at the beaches of MoreauLake State Park or Lake George beach

July 9-11, 2018 $690

New York City! Ride to the top of the Empire State

Building for a great view of Manhattan! Wander through famous Central Park,

including a stop at John Lennon’s memo-rial, Strawberry Fields

! Visit famous Times Square! Ride a double-decker bus for a tour of

some famous neighborhoods

October 22-24, 2018 $690


! Enjoy a panoramic view of the city from One Liberty Observation Deck! See Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell! Watch coins being made at the US Mint! Get your photo at the Rocky Statue in front of the Art Museum steps

November 4-7, 2018 4 Days! $895

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Sweet Pickle Tours2018 Tour Application

APPLICANT'S NAME: ___________________________________

Tour Choice (check any for which you wish to register)

❍ Red Sox & Boston, May 12-14, 2018 ❍ New Hampshire Lakes Region, Aug. 20-22, 2018❍ Cape Cod: Provincetown, June 22-24, 2018 ❍ Salem & Gloucester, Sept. 21-23, 2018❍ Cooperstown & Lake George, July 9-11, 2018 ❍ Portland & Freeport, Oct. 13-15, 2018❍ Burlington VT, July 27-30, 2018 ❍ New York City, Oct. 22-24, 2018❍ Patriots Training Camp/Plymouth, Aug 3-5, 2018 ❍ Philadelphia, Nov. 4-7, 2018

STAFF RATIO: ❑ Regular (1:4 ratio typically) ❑ Extra-Assistance (1:2 ratio typically) ❑ Your Personal Care Attendant or Family Member (1:1 ratio)Note: Extra-Assistance tours have a surcharge of $70/day. Personal Care Attendant options have a surcharge of $170/day.

GENERAL INFORMATION: (Please Print!)Age: _____________ Birthdate: ____________________ Height: __________ Weight: __________ Gender: Male_____ Female_____Home Street: ______________________________ City: _________________ State: _____ ZIP: _________ Phone: (____)__________Agency Name: _______________________________________________ Phone: (____)________________ Contact: _______________Agency Address (if different from home address): Street: ___________________________ City: _____________ State: ____ ZIP: _______To which address should trip information be sent? ________________________________________________________________________Person completing this application: __________________________ Relationship or Title: _______________ Phone: (___)____________Agency Fax: (____) _______________________ Emergency phone # (for nights or weekends): (_____) ___________________________

PHYSICAL INFORMATION:Blind?__________ Eyeglasses?_________ Deaf?__________ Hearing Aid?__________ Control of bowel and bladder?_____________Autism?__________ Diabetic?___________ If diabetic is insulin taken? __________ If insulin taken is this self-injected? ____________Language/Communication difficulties ____________________Fully ambulatory?___________ If no, what aids do you use? Man. Wheelchair_____ Walker_____ Cane_____Medications (or attach) (Check here if no medications:) ❑

Medication Supervision: ______ completely independent ______takes meds with reminders ______ tour staff must keep possessionSeizures? _________ Known Allergies ____________________________ Diet restrictions ___________________________________

SPECIAL NEEDS INFORMATION:Please describe any physical problems or physical disabilities, activity limitations, special equipment needed.

SPENDING MONEY/MONEY MANAGEMENT: (check one)______ can independently handle all money _____ leaders should keep control of all money______ can have some money (amount: ____________), but needs assistance with purchasing

SELF CARE SKILLS:Independent Needs Assistance* Independent Needs Assistance*

Dressing _____ _____ Street Safety _____ _____Bathing _____ _____ Eating _____ _____Toileting _____ _____ Hygiene _____ _____

*Please describe how much assistance is needed in any of the skill areas listed above:

RISK & WAIVER: Participants, or their guardians or agents if applying on participant’s behalf, agree to participate at their own risk,and release and hold harmless Sweet Pickle Tours dbw Search Beyond Adventures, Inc. plus its staff and volunteers from liability for anyharm to person or property that may occur due to self-injurious behaviors, actions by any other tour participant, voluntarily departingfrom the tour group, or malfunction of adaptive equipment. Sweet Pickle Tours will not be responsible for loss or breakage of personalitems brought or purchased on the tour. Completion of this application and registration for a tour explicitly concedes agreement to these terms.

Mail application with at least 50% payment to:Sweet Pickle Tours • 245 E. Old Sturbridge Rd • Brimfield, MA 01010 • (413) 245-3100 • (800) 800-9979 • Fax: (413) 245-3600