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Transcript of Sustainable Action Canmore

  1. 1. Sustainable Action Canmore
    • A community-wide social marketing program
    • Ultimate goal- encourage residents to behave in environmentally sustainable ways
    • Create social norms about sustainable behaviour, as neighbours participate
  2. 2. Social Marketing
    • Identify barriers and benefits to sustainable behaviour
    • Design a strategy that utilizes behaviour change tools helps overcome barriers
    • Personal, face-to-face communication
    • Ask people to commit to one behaviour
    • Prompt for success
    • Follow up and ask for another
  3. 3. Sustainable Action Canmore
    • Canvassing team visit Canmore dwelling units (2x if necessary)
    • Ask resident to commit to one sustainable action
      • Reduce GHG, water use, waste
    • Follow up phone call encourage another action
    • Reinforce overall commitment to sustainability
  4. 4. Incentives presented at each homes door
      • Choice of
      • Reusable cloth bag (waste reduction)
      • CFL light bulb or tire pressure gauge (energy reduction)
      • Low-flow showerhead (water reduction)
      • And
      • Prompts for program and action
      • Info brochure and
      • Sustainability at home: a toolkit by AREF
  5. 5. Program Prompt
  6. 6. Action Prompts
  7. 7. Removal of Barriers
    • Showerheads were replaced during visit and old showerheads taken with canvasser (drop off also an option)
    • Tire pressure gauges were given out after proper tire pressure for individuals vehicle was determined
    Trading for low-flow showerhead
  8. 8.
    • 7,116 homes occupied (partial or full) in Canmore
    • Visited 6,110 homes at least once (some not accessible i.e. private buildings)
    • If not home made 2 ndvisit where possible (3,565 second visits made)
    Sustainable Action Canmore
  9. 9. Sustainable Action Canmore Results
    • Increased commitment to sustainable behaviours
    • Increased awareness of Towns and Biosphere Institutes environmental programs
    • Action towards the Towns Vision
    • Community commitment to environmental stewardship
  10. 10. Sustainable Action Canmore:
    • Canvassers visited over 6,100 homes, (51% response rate)
    • Of those contacted, 92% participated
    • An additional 521 homes participated via booths
    • Overall 3,404 different Canmore households committed to the program
    • Follow-up survey response rate = 31%, with 92% using the sustainable action item
  11. 11. Sustainable Action Canmore Made possible with the support of the following: Alberta Real Estate Foundation Town of Canmore Anonymous Donors