Sustainability: Why Buy Refurbished?

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Transcript of Sustainability: Why Buy Refurbished?

  • Why Buy Refurbished?At ServerMonkey, we save natural resources from being

    consumed in new products by refurbishing used servers to give them new life, keeping them out of landlls and toxic

    chemicals out of our water, food, and bodies.


    0 300 600 900 1200 1500In Production


    Computer1,470 kg

    1,330 kg

    Kilograms (kg) of fossil fuel consumed during production

    Kilograms (kg) of fossil fuel consumed during usage

    x 1,000,000

    Up to 20 million computers end up in U.S. landfills every year.

    We buy computers 5 times more often than refrigerators.

    It takes almost 5 times more fossil fuel to produce a computer (240 KG) than a refrigerator (50 KG).

    The amount of water it takes to produce a computer could wash 70 loads oflaundry.

    =X 10

    In Use


    Over the entire life cycle of a computer and refrigerator, they use almost the same amount of energy.



    However, 75% of a computers energy is consumed during the production phase. For a refrigerator, that number is only 4%.