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  • sustainABILITY

  • Valdagno, 2013

    The promise of sustainability begins

    in 1965.

    In 1965 there was no question of sustainability, because sustainability was in every action and in every thought of our ancestor. Their life and work were associated with Valdagno area that was both the source of raw material, of the workforce, and a destination of all the articles of manufacture. Therefore, our companys work contributed to maintaining the wealth of the region.

  • We have always respected the timeof nature, to get the

    best from it.

    There were no toxic varnishes or adhesives. When the company Zordan Attilio Falegname was founded, the furniture was made of solid wood and finished with beeswax or linseed oil. The workshop was heated by burning the off cuts of wood. The production process hadto respect the time determined by the properties of material in use, and if anywork was not ready in time, the workersoffered to the customers their ownfurniture. Moreover, when finally the cabinet was ready, it was deliveredcovered with pieces of cloth reused severaltimes.

  • Millibar, Fair Provision, 1985

    Our production grew, but never

    forgetting to put in the middle men and

    their habitats.

    With the next generation, the company continued to grow, and along with the wood, it introduced other materials in the production process. We began to providefurniture for fairs, processing multiple materials. Although the complexity of the work had increased, we decided to stay committed to that way of production that puts in the middle a man and his habitats.

  • We introduced the first sustainable

    practices in 2007.

    In 2007, on the eve of the acquisition of the company by the new generation, it startedto introduce consciously the first sustainablepractices.

  • Solar panels were our first sustainable


  • Next step: digitization, to reducethe amount of paper

    in our offices.

  • We restored the use of the biomass

    heating system.

  • We have returned to that ancient type of

    process, combined with the latest technologies.

    Since 2007, the company returned to that ancient type of process, usingpractices that though seemedinnovative, certainly, they were not.

  • We hire our staff from the neighbourhood.

    We have suppliersfrom the neighbouring areas less


  • Average distance from home to work in mile

  • Human resource


    of the total workforce

    speaks english


    has a technicaldegree


    of the total workforcehad a master course

    at CUOA Business School


    is less than40 years old

    Data 2013

  • We follow the Lean philosophy: no wastes.

  • We embrace certification standards.

  • They ensure that no illegal or non

    sustainable wood is used to produce;

    They provide a completely controlled

    supply chain making sure that all wooden

    products are safe;

    They contribute to initiate a long-term

    development of local communities

    through responsible forest management;

    To guarantee the sustainability of the

    supply chain, they contribute to the

    greening of the cutting areas.

    We promote a responsible wood management

  • Sustainability of our raw materialshas made precious the Bulgari store

    in Los Angeles.

  • We sustain the development of the

    local community,

    through education

    and beauty.

    As the company grew, it shared the

    results increasing charitable

    contributions of 162% (from 2012

    to 2014).

  • In 2014 we contributed to the

    restoration of the Oratorio

    Boccalotti in Vicenza.

  • We increased donations to local

    institutions.(% of the total amount)






  • In 2008 the economic recession prompted us to reflect on the concepts of luxury, quality and sustainability.The project Gemme di Bosco, whose goal is to give the right valueto artisanship, raw material, and the product itself.This project is the highest expression of our sustainable approach.

    Gemme di Bosco. Another side of luxury

  • Gemme di Bosco, 2012

  • Sustainability, value and

    beauty are our closest


    We work to create a model

    of sustainability, to keep the

    value within the territory and

    to reinvest it in people.

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