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Surviving Tiger TanksLast update : November 25 , 2008th

Listed here are the tanks in the Tiger family that still exist today.

Rob Rhoades, June 2008

Tiger I Bovington Tank Museum (England) running conditionHull number 250112. The story and the restoration of this Tiger tank :

Pierre-Olivier Buan, February 2007 -

Tiger I Vimoutiers (France)Hull number 251113. The story of this tank : and

Vincent Abbott, March 2006 -

Tiger I Saumur Tank Museum (France)Hull number 251114. This tank was on loan to the Munster Panzer Museum, Germany in 2003-2004. The story of this Tiger I :

Erwin Wiedmer, February 2005 -

Tiger I Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia)Hull number 250427

Nick Matveev, May 2005 -

Tiger I Military Historical Museum, Lenino-Snegiri (Russia) very bad conditionHull number 251227

Sandy Barclay, 1998 Photo taken at the Panzermuseum, Munster (Germany)

Tiger I Aberdeen U.S. Army Ordnance Museum, MD (USA)This tank was on loan to Germany (Sinsheim Auto + Technik Museum, Panzermuseum Munster) and is currently under restoration in UK (Kevin Wheatcroft collection)

Neil Baumgardner, June 2006 -

Tiger II (Porsche Turret) Bovington Tank Museum (England)This tank is most probably the second Tiger II prototype (Hull Number V2)

Dennis Trowbridge, September 2006 -

Tiger II Bovington Tank Museum (England) engine missingHull Number 280093, the engine is missing. This tank is currently on loan from the Shrivenham Study Collection (England). The story of this Kingtiger is related here :

Klaus Nowak, August 2007

Tiger II Munster Panzer Museum (Germany)

"boyouLaGleize.", October 2007 -

Tiger II December 44 Museum, La Gleize (Belgium)Hull number 280273, built in October 1944. The restoration of the Kingtiger no. 213 :

Stephen Drew, July 2006

Tiger II Saumur Tank Museum (France) running conditionThis tank is not in running condition in July 2007. The transmission is broken and the museum manages to make it run again ASAP

Pierre-Olivier Buan, July 2007 -

Tiger II Schweizerisches Militrmuseum, Full (Switzerland)Currently on loan from the Thun Tank Museum to be restored to running condition within 5 years (info dating from July 2007)

Unknown source, photo from August 2007 provided by Sander D

Tiger II (command version) Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia)This tank served with the s.Pz. Abt. 501 and was captured by the Soviet Army at Ogledow on August 13, 1944. It was then evaluated by the Red Army during the war

Roger Davis, May 2008

Tiger II Patton Museum, Fort Knox, KY (USA)Hull number 280243, built in September 1944. The saga of the Kingtiger no. 332 :

Neil Baumgardner, June 2006 -

Jagdtiger Bovington Tank Museum (England)Prototype with Porsche running gear, hull number 305004. Captured by the British in the Henschel proving grounds at Haustenbeck, Germany in 1945.

Alexander Chayka, January 2006 -

Jagdtiger Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia)Hull number 305083. This vehicle was captured on May 5, 1945, according to an inscription on the hull. According to all Russian sources, this SPG belonged to the 653. s. Pz. Jg. Abt.

Chris Neel, April 2007 -

Jagdtiger Aberdeen U.S. Army Ordnance Museum, MD (USA)Hull number 305020

Klaus Nowak, August 2007

Sturmtiger Munster Panzer Museum (Germany)Currently on loan from the Wehrtechnisches Studiensammlung Koblenz (Germany). Hull number 250174.

Erwin Wiedmer, February 2005 -

Sturmtiger Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia)This vehicle, which is the Sturmtiger prototype, was most likely captured in the Elbe area in April 1945. The Hull Number is 250043. The roadwheels were replaced by the Germans during an upgrade. The engine and internal equipment are missing.

Erwin Wiedmer, February 2005 -

Jagdpanzer Ferdinand Kubinka Tank Museum (Russia)

Steve Zaloga, March 2008 -

Jagdpanzer Elephant Aberdeen U.S. Army Ordnance Museum, MD (USA)Modified version captured in Italy

Some interesting links :Was the Tiger really "King?" Testing the King Tiger at Kubinka :

This document is a synthesis of photos and information published on the web. I would like to thank the people who took these photos and put them on their websites, or sent them to me, and also those who helped me doing these lists (particularly people of the AFV News Discussion Board). For any question, you can email me at Main page :