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UntitledSURAJ INDUSTRIES LTD Registered Office -Plot No. 2 Phase-3, Sansarpur Terrace, Distt. Kangra, H.P-173212
CIN: L26943HP1992PLC016791 Enail id- secretarial; Website- www
Telephone No: 01970-256414
Dalal Street
Scrip Code: 526211
Subject: Intimation of the publication of Notice of Board Meeting scheduled to be held on
July 29, 2020
Dear Sir,
Pursuant to Regulation 30 read with Regulation 47 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulation, 2015. we enclose herewith the newspaper clipping regarding publication of Notice of Board Meeting of the company scheduled to be held on Wednesday, July 29, 2020 published in the following newspaper:
1. Financial Express (English) 2. Jansatta (Hindi)
Kindly take note of the same and acknowledge the receipt.
Thanking You, Yours Truly,
Corporate Office: F-32/3, First Floor, Okbla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi-110020
Prez Xi’s own campaign to stay in power pits China against the world
PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT No. EE-CHD/BID2019-206 Dated 1 tuty,2020—
The Executive Engineer, Churachandpur Division, PWD, Manipur on behalf of the Governor of Manipur invites sealed item rate tender through open tender fron approved and eligible PWD Registered contractors for 7 (Seven) Nos. of Plan Works - MH:5054 & 6 (Five) Nos. of Non Plan Works- M.H:3064 all costing below 100 lakhs within Churachandpur Distriet, Manipur. ‘The tender details and documents shall be available for
purchase from 27-07-2020 to 08-08-2020 during Oifiee hours at the Office of the Executive Engineer, Churachandpur Division, PWD, Manipur. Submission of Bids: 1100 Hrs of 27/07/2020 to| 1130 Hrs of 11/08/2020, Bid Opening: 1600 Hrs on 11/08/2020, Venue: Office of the Executive Engineer, Churachandpur Division, PWD, Manipur, Tulbong,
Imphal, the 20° July, 2020. ‘The Executive Engineer, Imphal West Division, PWD. Man puron behall of the Governor of Manipur invites tem rate tender through manual tencler from approved and eligible register Contractor PWD, Manipur fo 17{Beventeen) Nos. of Non-Plan under MH:- 3054 and 1(One) No. af Plan Works (Road works, Culverts, Pucca drain, etc. costing below] (One) crore of each works within Imphal West District, Manipur ‘The procurement, officer is Executive Engineer, Imphal West Division PWD, Manipur. The tender details anc documents shall be available from 27.07.20 to 07.08.20 at the office of the Executive Engineer, Imphal West Division, PWD, Manipur, Khoyathong,
Bid submission start date + 10.08.2020 (at 11.00. am) Bid submission end date = 11.08.2020 (at 4.00 pm, Date of opening of Bid + 14.08.2020 [at 11.00 pm), Venue-Office of the Executive Engineer, Imphal West Division, PWD,
Churact Executive Engineer,
Imphal West Division, PWD., Manipur.
PoC Mm Ake Ma oie i one oe
Huge arate eeart Cricle Office ; HALDWANI-263139 tty Ho : 05947-277534, 277533 $ Het: [email protected] E-AUCTION SALE NOTICE FOR SALE OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES
E-Auction Sale Notice for Sale of Immovable Assets under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 read with proviso to Rule 8 (6) of the Security Interest (Enforcement) Rules, 2002. Notice is hereby given to the public in general and in particular to the Borrower (s) and ‘Guarantor (s) that the below described immovable property mortgaged/charged to the Secured Creditor, the constructive/physical/ symbolic possession of which has ‘been taken by the Authorised Officer of the Bank/ Secured Creditar, willbe sold on “Asis where's", “As is what is", and “Whatever there is” on the date as mentioned in the table herein below, for recovery ofits dues due to the Bank/ Secured Creditor from the respective borrower (s) and guarantor (3). The reserve price and the earnest money deposit willbe as mentioned inthe table below against the respective properties,
the name you can BANK upon
BLOOMBERG Bejing, July 23
his tough China policy a cen- teepiece of his campaign to
stayin power. Overt in Beijing, President
XiJinpingissimilatly prepar- ingfoe Chingy
LESS THAN FOUR months before the US election, Presi- dent Donald'Trumphasmade
‘mn Lam 2uPi9Beeicaions Roya Office: 28 UPSIC Insta r, Sanaa Elonshha Ur Pads 201205 ‘orprat Oia: F328 Ol rasta Aes,
Phsel New Gel 10020 malig sectetanatshgarandistiscam, website shinanginnsticon, contet Na 05735 22798801 47574054
NOTICE Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Repuatin 29 read wit Relation 33 and 47 of SEBI (isting Obigatons and Disclosure Regiments} Reguations, 2015, the nesting of the Board of Directors of Mls Shri Gang Industries and Aled Produts Limited wl bo held on Wednesday, Jy 29, 2020 at 215 PM. at F-32/3, Second Floor, Oxhla Industrial Area, Phase-ll, New Delhi 110020 intra, a consider and approve te ‘uated Finacial Resuts of the Company er ‘the quarter ad yer ends March 31,2020. Far urtharintrmatin visit ou Company's webs a. www. or stock exchangewebsiteLe ww
For Shri Gang Industries and ‘a
oy On Pot, 2 te tet Carport
}URAJ INDUSTRIES LTI {UE L2GaKsHPebomCTe7 Emil etree oy
Pel, Sasa, instal Prades ee P30 Fat Ft, cvs nt en, hs ew De 0020 Conte he: 170.2586
contest in 2022. While the countey's 1.4 billion citizens
don't geta vote, public senti- ment still matters when it
comes to how much support Xi cag muster from senior
Communist Patty leaders for his indefinite tule, Actucial pillar
of that support hasbeen Xi's per- sonification of
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to [Regulation 29 read with Regulation 33 and 47 of SEBI (Listing Obigations and] Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, the meeting of the Board of Directors of Mis Suraj Industries Lt) wil be held on Wednesday, July 29, }2020 at 04:00 PM at 32/3, First Floor, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase I, New Delhi-110020 inter ali, to consider and approve the Audited Financial Results for the year ended [March 31, 2020, For further information lisit our Company's website ive | or stock lexchange website i.e
For Suraj Industries Ld,
Austealian National Univer- sity who wrote "Indo-Pacific
by steongly Empire: China, America and assetting claims the Contest for the World's in the South Pivotal Region! ChinaSea,spend-__"It'salmostasifthe way Xi ing billions to
upgtade military hardware and tightening Bei- jing's geip over
Jinping has tewired the Chi- hese system, it can'thelpit- it can't help itself," he added. “That is obviously very dam- aging for China's interests in
Hong Kong. thelongrun.t'sactually vety While that'sgen- damaging forall of us" etated national- _ The detetioration of US- ism that has Chinaties- the closure of the
Houston consulate was the
Authorised Officer shall not be answerable for any error, misstatement or omission inthis proclamation.
'4, TeSalewillbe done bythe undersigned through e-auction platform providedat the Website https://wwwstcecommerce.comon 11-£8-2020 From 11.00 AM to 1200 Noon
Joopostion ote Regional Director, Northern Region, atthe ad
Sil Yebuoyed his sup- Place; New Dei ace: tw [email protected] Ramchand” port, helping latest in along steing of tit-
Lat. Name of the Branch [A) Dt. Of Demand Notice u/s|A)Reserve Price | Date/Time | Details | 0%* 2972020 ConponySeuetar| Te zsorzaza Company Sepwftry| | make Xi the for-tataction- isjustthetipo! No. Description of the Immovable Properties |13/9) of sarFAES! ACT 2002] _ Rs. Lac} “c | ofthe some tountry's most theiceberg.
Name ofthe Accouny Mortgagor/ Owners Name (Mortzagor— 5; Guetanding Amount |B)EMD E:Auction | encumbr srt tc Rte 30 tha Contanton pretorato tes 2014 powerful leader In recent months, more ‘of property (ies)) las on 20.06.2020 aa ‘ances spublahad nthe nevapapet or Change of Register since Mao Zedong, counteies have spoken out st date Zany roma Sato acter y
Name & addresses [C) Possession Date u/s 13(8) |of deposit of EMD known | | geFoRE THE REGIONAL DIRECTOR, NORTHERN REGION, NewoeLnt || tS also set China against Chinese actions in ans lof SARFAESI ACT 2002 tothe | lin THE MATTER OF SECTION 13(4), 01nd Ruies0(s)} ON a collision places like Hong Kong and Borrower/Guarantors D)Rawwetsaseaon [Died increas secured | |(a)& 30(6) of ne Companies (Incorpo course with the — Xinjiang.And China's diplo-
‘ano feos Symbote/npiaVConsrucive | AMOUE creators | ly rue marren oF amon ESTATES PRIVATE LMTED cestofthewori mats eager o pleas ply rapary No. Residential House DDA Fata ci: ur4s9901.2007e1C161759) Rocistorod Ofice at 4, Fir Floor Rack Jn , hav
1 JB0: Mahuakheragan|| Property No © Residere! Nera Now Bene ee e| A) Date : 01.02.2016 A)Rs. 30.00Lac | 11-08-2020| NO fRoad, New Dethi - 110055, Central Delhi, Pettioner| "almost created a countries tanging from the M/s Allied Fibbers Too re eed read in the office of SRill Janakpur, New) 8) Rs. °° 8 Lakh ByRs. S00 From csincefdueieedenasinte ne 5 oan dyRamic where it UKand sustealia to Indiaand Industries Bethion 10.032010 asDocNo 5036 adel bosk No Lvell_#lnterest + charges [ Carus 20a | 11.00 4M to} jot Cera Goverment under Secon i3ofhecorpanes At 2073 seuurgcorrason] | hastobeexternally Kazakhstan.
No 17443 an page No 155-158, meaturing 375q Mis in| C) Date : 18.01.2037 DyRE-sotee—) 12.00Noon [ntoratan lite Monmranaumot Acsoentonal hecomparyiniomasthecnaea| assertive inorder A new purge with the Ithename ofS Tapan Singhania |-b) Physical Possession | resluton passed at ho Extra Ordinary G for the patty to Communist Party ranks may PhysicalPossession pea eacceeeys maintain conteol explain why officials ace so
a sicoaea: domestically, so eager to demonstrate theit 1. The sale shallbe subjectto the Terms & Conditions prescribedin the Security Interest Enforcement) Rules 2002 and to the following further conditions: pny person as thay tbo aot by th propose ; ; 2. The properties are being sold on "AS IS WHERE IS BASIS" and “AS IS WHAT IS BASIS” and “WHATEVER THERES BASIS” ec eve eter on he MCA-2 Po Sy] there's almost a loyalty. Quishi Journal, the 3. The particulars of Secured Assets specified in the Schedule hereinabove have been stated to the best of the information of the Authorised Officer, but the coset crea bia cele saaenyraaaon kind ofimpulse of party's official magazine,
clashing with the — published excerpts from Xi's interests, values speeches this month saying 5. for cetalied term ood cone ions of the sale, please refer,, www.mstcecommerce.comy| | 5 9.:e./ putational hs notice vith copy tole agphcantcompany attsregaiwed| and sensitivities of the party leadership should
\6. For further details, please visit the about side websites and/or contact the nodal officer on 6399222032 Pee ne Reevernetees ae ForAMOR ESTATES PRIVATE Lauren) | other countries,’ be embodied in"every aspect _ Ashok Kumar Shukla ss] said RoryMedcalf, andevery link" of society. oat: 23/07/2020 Authorized Officer, Punjab National Bank| |. swcanmonanwasnals) 2 professor at the "His campaign to remain Place: Halwa STATUTORY SALE NOTICE UNDER RULE 8(6) OF THE SARFAESI ACT, 2002 Secured Creditor | ose" zserranzo one 275957 in power at the 20th Party
foremost oy So
rund ad
started," said Susan Shik, chait of the 21st Century
China Centre at the Univer
aati ee aa ALaulLed Mob: 8800305533, Phone: 05732-281724, e-mail: [email protected] sity of California, San Diego. E-AUCTION SALE NOTICE TO GENERAL PUBLIC UNDER RULE 8 & 9 OF THE SECURITY INTEREST (ENFORCEMENT) RULES 2002, PUBLIC NOTICE FOR E-AUCTION FOR SALE OF IMMOVABLE PROPERTIES E- Auction Sale Notice for Sale of mmovable Assets under the Securtisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Securit Interest Act, 2002read with proviso Rule 8 (6 ofthe Security Interest Enforcement) Rules, 2002, Noticeishereby given to the pubic in general and in particular tothe Borrower(s) and Guarantor (s that he below described immovable property morigagedicharged to the Secured Creditor, the consrucivelphysiall symbolic possession of which has been taken by the Authorised Officer ofthe Bank! Secured Form No. INC-26 Creditor, willbe sold on ‘As is wheres’, "Asis whats’, and "Whatever theres’ onthe date as mentionedin the table hereinbelow, for recovery of dues due to the Bank! Secured Creditor rom the respective borrowers) and guarantors) The reserve rie andthe eamest money] [Pursuant to rule 30 the |depositwilbe as mentionedin the tablebelow againsthe respective properties EcliebUia SEN imSEOUNED Aabere iinindes lncorpoaton) Biba: Lot. No. Name ofthe Branch Description of the immovable Properties E) Dt. Of Demand Notice uls 13(2) of SARFESIACT 2002 ‘AjReserve Price (Rs. in Lacss) Datel Time of E-Auction| 2014)
Name of the Account Name & Mortgagediowner's Name (mortgagers of property (ies) unt a8 on B)EMD (last date of deposit of EMD) ‘Advertisement to be published in adresses ofthe Brower ‘of SARFESIACT 2002 ei incase Risou the newspaper for change of uarantors Account H) Nature of Possession Symbolic/PhysicaConstructive reeistared oftce of the company
1, [PNB—Aurangobad FOne residential plot measuring 157.49 Sq, meter situated at New] 15.10.18 ‘ARS. 1200/0007 14008.2020 from one state to another Sh. Devendra Singh Slo Sh. Yogendra PalfAabadi,(Ajejabad), Pargana Barzan, Kasba Aurangabad, Tehsi & Dst| Rs, 16,36,133.01 with farther intrest & costwee. 07.10.18 BRS 120,000 11 082000) 11:00 AM fo 04:00 PM BEFORE THE CENTRAL Singh H. No. 281, Vilage Loaharkha [Bulandshehr, UP. - 202402 bounded towards East: Rasta 18R wide 07.02.19 eT SIVEANMIENT REGION Pargana Agota, Tehsil & Distt Bulandshahr -| West: Kabristan, North: Plot of Vendor, South: Land of Manoj & Raju ete. (Symbolic Possession) DIRECTOR, NORTHEN REGION) 246401 Property registeredin the office of Sub-registarBulandshatr, in BahiNo. z
1, slid No. 4212 at Pages 75-116 at Sr.No, 309 ct 06.05.2015 Owned In the matter of sub-section (4) loy Sh. Devendra So Sh. Yogencrapal Singh of Section 13 of Companies Act,
2, [PNB~Baral FResidential Plot measuring area 418.30 Sq meer Shuated at Vilagel eis "ARS. 7,00,000 7408 2020 2013 and clause (a) of sub-rule IMis Yadav Pashudhan Prop. Sh. Neetu[Baral Pargana Agota, Tehsil & Distt Bulandshahr, U.P. -245408 bounded| Rs. 9,59,897/- with further interest & cost wef 07.04.16 BRs 70,0001 17.08.2020) 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM (5) of rule 30 of the Companies Yadav Village & Post BARAL Disttlas under. East: Piot of Vendor, West: House of Rajendrapal, Not 7602.19 ee (Incorporation) Rules, 2014 Bulandshahr, UP. 209131 Rasta 8 ft. wide, South: House of Kaley Singh Property registered in the] (gymbotc Possession and DM permission received for physical H AND
lotice of Sub-repistrar, Bulandshabin BahiNo. 1, J No, 3094 at pages ; eerCrtreeanre erent reson te mate of MYGIESTAR Steen Grane Veta, LIMITED having its registered
3. |PNB-Khuje [Residential Property situated at House No. 63, Sector 11, Mohalla 05.05.18 "ARS 7,50,000- 14008:2020 office at $-238 FF Block § sh. Imran khan Soh, NaseemAnsari_|Simanhkan (Bhur Wali Gal), Khuja, Dist. Bulandshahr, UP- 203131 Rs. 10,76,660.60- with further interest & cost wee. 07.04.18 BRS 750001 (1108. 2020) 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM Greater Kailash 1 New Del Mohalla Salmahkan, Near Biji Ghar No.2, measuring 60.35 Sq, meter bounded by E- House of Hafiz, W- House o TALA8 ~ ‘South DiI 10088 Bhuri Wali Gali Khurja, Distt Bulandshahr|Kauwa & House of Mr. Aleem Bhai, N- GaliRaasta, S- House of Babb (Symbolic Possession) A U.P 203131 Bhar’ Owned by Sh. NaseemAhmad Ansaari So Sh, HaziNaziKaum Petitioner
&_[PNB—Khurjarural [Residential property par Gata no 1525 at Near Dhakar Mod , Bahar 26.07.2017 ARs, 450,000 14082020 Notion 3 Nersbycayven to the Mis Himanshi Iron Store Proprietor: Sh|Chungi Khura Pargana & Tehsil Khurja, Distt. Bulandshanar, U.P] Rs. 1447,8260- with further interest & cost wef 07.06.17 ERS OTTO FBO ANo CARER General Public that the company Ravi Kumar SIO Sh. Nafesh Kumar OLD|203131 as per doc. measuring 262.18 sqm and as pe site measuring 20.06.2018, CRT OHT proposes to make application to JG. Road. Khurja, Tehsi -Khurja Dist [262 495q min thename of Sh. Ravi Kumar Slo Sh, Naresh Kumar (Prop (Sirrboic Posse). i the Central Government under! Bulandshah, UP-209134 WsHimanshi ron, Owned by Sh RaviKumar io Sh Naresh Kumar section 13 of the Companies Act,
© [PN -Baral Residential House Consinucled on Plot measuring area 72.51 sqm POR aT ARS 500000 7408 2020 2013 seeking confirmation of Mis Tomar Bulging Material Proprietr-Sh[Stuated at Moh, New Aabaci Vikas Colony, Kasba Gulaothi. Parganal Rs, 1.388347 with further interest & cost we. 07.05.18 B.RS.95,0007 (11.08 2020) 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM alteration oF tig Mer orandmn:cf Hemant Kumar Sio Sh, Sukhveer SinghAgota Tehsil & Dist. Bulandshehy, U.P. 203408 bounded by E- House o 13.08.2018 (Symbolic Possession) —_— Association of the Company in lvikas Colony, Behind DN inter Colege|Kunwar Sen, WRasta 140", N-Hlo Sh Pawan Yadav, S-Rasta 140" eno terms of the special resolution Gulath, Distt Sulandshat, UP. |Ownedby Sh. Sukhveer Singh Si Sh. Angpal Singh passed at the Extra ordinary
6. |PNB—Khurja [Land & Building situated at Junction of Shikarpur, Khurja Road and] 12.06.2019 ‘ARs 4,10,00,000- 14.08.2020 general meeting held on 2 July) Mis Subhash Chand Gupta Ajay Garq/Gawan link road Vilage- Kalakhur, Tehsi-Khurja, in the name off _ Rs. 246,79.394,00 with further interest & cost wie 07.05.19 BiRe.4i 00 0007(11082020) 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM 2020 to enable the company to Foundation 310, Holi Brahmnan-2 {Subhash Chandra Gupta Ajay Garg Foundation (Regstered Trust), Khel 05.09.19 Symbolic Possession) b change its Registered Office from
IKHURJA istt-Bulandshahr-203131 |No. 28, 30, & 24, Area 24670 Sq.Mirs Boundaries East- Khurje- CRs. 20,000/- “National Capital Territory of| [Shikarpur Road & brick Kin West-Khe of Viendra Singh & others North Delhi” to “State of Karnataka’ [Gawan Link Road South-Land of Gira) Jwelers Owned by Mis Subhash ‘Any: person-whose interest i [Chandra Gupta, Ajay Garg Foundation Tikal to be atfected by the
7, |PNB-Khuga ‘Commercial properly Shop No. 17, Shi Ram Gomplextt, New Bast] _ ed ‘ARS 8.50000 14008.2020 proposed change ofthe registered IWis Subhash Chand Gupla Ajay Garg|Shivpur, Khurja in the name of Sh, Gaurav Garg SIO Ajay Kumar] Re. 246 79,304 00 wi further interest & cost we 01.05.19 B.RS.85 0007(11 082020) 11:00 AM fo 04:00 PM office ofthe company may deliver Foundation 310, Holi Brahmnan-2,|Garg.Area 11,92 Sq, Mrs Owned by Mis Subhash Chandra Gupta, Alay 15.09.19 (Symbolic Possession) ; - either on the MCA-21 portal
IKHURJADistt-Bulandshahr-203131 |Garg Foundation Rs. 10,000/- ( by filing @_ |PNB-CiilLines Bulandshahr Land in vilage Ashrafpur, Kanpur Road, Krasra no. 13,27 20M 33,34 72.02.2019 ‘AR.1,10,00,0007 1408:2020 investor complaint form or cause
M/s BHARAT BIOCLEAN land3e,tansi—siyana ulandshahr measuring area 1 922hect Owned by Rs, Rs, 06,47, 141 92 pus int, wel 01-01-2019 BRS. 17,00,000-471 08 2000) 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM to be delivered or send by [s. Suni singh 18-05-2019 (Symbolic Possession) Sa registered post of his/her
3. [PNB—Khafa Land at Skandrabad to Khurja Road, Old GT Road, Vilage Oharaun| 12062019, (ARS 350,00, 0000 74082000 Oe ee Mis Veena Vadini Educational Foundation}Bulandshahr, GataNo, 79, KnataNo. 128, rea 3182Sq.M Rs. 3.57 96,106.00 wit further interest and charges due wer BRS-35 00,0000 (17.08 2020) 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM Tae nies ond cous of lUni-Academic Heights Public School. C-}> Land.t Gata No. 80m, Knata No 156, Area 3480 SqM. 01.06.2019, CREATE ee 51,Narayen Vinar.NewDelhi-110028 [> Land at Gata No. 80m, Khala No, 198 and Gata No. 60m, Kata No (05.08.19 (Symbol Possession) opposition to the Regione! fea, ara923 Sq Director, Northem Region at the
f> Land at Gata No. 80m, Knata No, 186 and Gata No. 80m, Khata No. address, 8-2, WING, 2nd: Floor| a2, Area-3923 Sq M. Paryavaran Bhawan, CGO b> LandatGataNo. 19, Khata No. 188, Area-1900SaM Complex New Delhi ~ 110003 b Landsat ata No, 6m, KrataNo, 182 Area-2183SqM within fourteen days ofthe date of
[TOTAL Area- 18691 SqM Owned by Sh Sanjay kumar gupta others publication of ths notion vat a 8, [RB-Rrs Reser Pose. 2, stud ar rata, ou, Par mea ASAT OOOH Tam 1s ie aa oe
Mis Veena Vadini Educational Foundaton|khura Distt Bulandshaby, Area 143.68:Sq Mts. Rs. 3,57 96,106.00 wit further interest and charges due wee BERS 1 70,0007 (11.08 2000) 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM. pay ahs paste atest hntAcademe Hgts Pubic Scien Boundaries: Est House of Sh, Berar and Sh, Raina West Gal tos gots oe company ati roiteed 51, Narayan Vihar, New Delhi-110028_‘[10'afterSh. Kailash Chandra Gupta, North-New India Printing Press(Sh, 05.09.19 (Symbolic Possession) . Be Sen ae
Kailash Chandra Gupta), Souh-Smt. Kusum Devi & Narendra Kumar: "$-238 FF Block $ Greater lowned by Sh. Rahitkunar Gupta SIO Kaliash Chandra Gupta ish 1 Now…