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  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    Media EvaluationBy Suraj.M


  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    1.In what ways does your media product

    use, develop or challenge forms and

    conventions of real music magazines?Front Page, Contents Page, Double Page Spread

    When creating my front cover, contents page and double page spread I used forms and conventions of a few

    magazines to help me build my magazine. The 2 magazines I used to help me build my front cover Vibe magazine

    and Blender magazine which have their similarities and differences to my magazine. I also used one magazinecontents page to subvert the conventions. From the two magazines, I picked out a few features I liked which I

    could alter, develop and include in my magazine(similarities and differences).

    I took ideas from these two magazines and either looked and built on them or created my own ideas to

    challenge the forms and conventions of them.

    The structure of both magazines are simple and straight forward, they use a small range

    of colours which inspired me and gave me the idea to work with a range of 2-3 colours

    on my front cover.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    The Masthead is presented in a bold

    black colour. It is presented in capital

    letters to draw the target audience in

    as it keeps the focus on the main title

    which follows the conventions of a

    real magazine. Its dominant and

    instantly catches the audiences

    attention with its bold black letters

    and its destroy-type look.

    I relied on the left hand side of the

    magazine to display the most

    important information that I am

    trying to deliver to my audience.On this side of the magazine I

    enlarged the name of the main

    artist as it is one of the top factors

    that will draw my audience in, this

    is also a factor that follows the

    typical convention. I also included

    3 lines separating the 3 main

    subjects that are included in my

    magazine, this conveys the typical

    magazine as most music

    magazines have no separation

    lines. I also put the artists names

    in bold to entice my reader and

    give them information about the

    contents of my magazine.

    For my front cover I used 2 main colours;

    black and pink. The reason I used these two

    colours is because black is a simple colour

    which delivers sophistication which should

    represent my reader, and also pink to give it

    that cool groovy feeling. The pink is not

    there to mainly draw females in but I believ

    its there to draw male attention in as wellbecause nowadays boys are more into flash

    colours as well. I believe the bold colours I

    used will engage with the teen generation

    and I also believe it is an important eye

    catching part of my magazine, this will help i

    stand out from the other magazines on the


    The strapline is also colour co

    ordinated with the main theme, it

    has the artists name in bold(J

    Cole) which makes it stand out

    with draw the audiences attention

    in, this follows the typical

    convention of a real music

    magazine as the majority ofmagazines use straplines to

    emphasis its sell.

    The main image is of a female which

    was used as a positive to gain both

    male and female attention, I believe

    the concept of this does follow the

    typical convention of some magazines

    because many music magazines such asBlender magazine uses Katy Perry on

    its front cover to draw both male and

    female attention, but I also believe this

    has its own unique edge as the

    magazine is a mix of both Dub step and

    Rap which I dont think has ever been

    done. So in addition I believe because

    of this it conveys the typicalconventions of a real magazine.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    The similarities of my magazine

    and a real magazine product.

    -Both my magazine and Vibe

    magazine have a large masthead to

    hook the reader in.

    -The right third of my magazine is

    also similar as it consists of small

    texts that contain celebrity nameswhich will give the audience a bit of

    information about the content.

    -Both magazines are colour co-


    -Both include a weblink

    -Both have a strapline

    -The key information is in bold and

    enlarged which draws the reader to


    -Both models are in direct mode ofaddress this could maybe vamp the

    reader in, or keep the relationship


    -Both models are also dressed with

    the colour scheme which could

    show organisation and could also

    magnetize the audience.

    Set out in 3 sections

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    The difference of my magazine

    and a real magazine product.

    -My contents page has most of its

    images on the right hand side

    -My contents page also consists of 4

    sub headings: Features, Exclusive, News

    and Review, whereas this one includes

    5: News, Radar, Reviews, Live and

    Features, these are quite similar but Iattempted to subvert this by only

    adding a 4.

    -Under my Exclusives heading I

    included a Smart Phone Barcode which

    is something I haven't seen in any

    music magazine contents page.

    -My contents page also uses less text

    then the NME one, I done this to keep

    it brief and to develop a simplistic

    structure which will deliver my product

    in a basic way.

    -This magazine contains one image,whereas my one contains 5 image. In

    addition I tried to subvert the typical

    convention as usually the main image

    on contents pages are of models,

    however my one is of hats, this is

    because there is a rising trend in

    snapback hats which I believe will

    draw attention in from my audiences.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    2.How does your media product

    represent particular social groups?

    1.The social groups that are

    represented in my media product are

    younger people generally 15-23 year

    olds. I believe my magazine is set out

    to be mainly aimed towards male

    readers, but I attempted to solve this

    ratio by using things like: Pink font, a

    female model and also a variety ofimages which females would be

    interested in as much as males. My

    magazine is a mixed-genre magazine

    which includes both, Dubstep and Hip-

    Hop. I believe my magazine portrays a

    mixture of ethnic readers.

    Because my magazine is mainly aimedat the 15-23 year old margin, I believe

    this is a major benefit as this age group

    tend to be mass spenders, for example,

    they love to buy the latest phones,

    clothing brands, albums and also

    things like concert tickets which

    generates more sells.

    2.My target audience would be

    someone who seeks ambition and

    desires status and success.

    I think they would have a passion for

    clothes such as: slim jeans, coloured

    graphical tops, converse/vans shoes

    and accessories like snapback hats,earrings, bracelets and maybe


    3.I think the typical person who would buy

    my magazine would be someone who

    either is a college/university student, or

    maybe someone with a part time retail job.

    This is the type of person who loves to go

    out on the weekends with friends, someone

    who loves to have nice swag to feel

    confident and fresh.

    On the other hand I believe someone who

    might also buy my magazine is someone

    with no occupation; no job, no education.

    Someone who lives off benefits and lives ina council estate, someone from the working

    class background . The reason I think they

    would buy this because of their strive to

    look as good as the celebrities inside the

    magazine, or to get inspiration and tips to

    help them become a stronger more well

    rounder person.

    4.A big portion of the UK population follow the dominant ideology of

    celebrities. For instance the clothes celebrities wear like designer brands,

    this vamps the population in as people think Ifi wear this i will get more

    attention and look better this makes the people feel better and boosts

    their confidence.

    I also believe that my audience is not aimed at Reformers as these are

    people who don't really care about how they look or what brands they

    wear, these are people who care less about fame, status and mass-amountsof money.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    2.How does your media product

    represent particular social groups?

    The use of my model who is indubitably

    15-23 years of age. Also because the

    model is of Asian decent this may also be a

    benefit as it would attract more towardsthis type of audience as well as others.

    I also researched and asked a few

    SCCS students what their

    favourite music genre was this is

    the result:






    Hip Hop Dubstep Rock Pop

    My product includes the 2 most popular well-rounded genres, which

    blends both Hip-Hop and Dubstep together. I believe my Front Cover

    is extremely eye catching due to its flashy colour and charismatic

    model. I believe these 2 features would very much suit and appeal tomy target audience.

    I think my target

    audience would like

    artists such as: Rick Ross,

    Wiz Khalifa, Skrillex whoare all about the modern

    culture of hip-hop and of

    dubstep. Both of these

    genres are immensely

    popular in the UK as they

    are advertised on the

    media everyday.

    I think my magazine

    would be extremely

    popular to my target

    audience as the model

    is wearing modern

    clothes and modern

    accessories like the big

    nerd glasses which is acommon trend


    My target audience would most likely be

    dressed like Wiz Khalifa in the picture

    below, this is the typical dress sense of my

    magazine audience.

    I believe my product represents the

    typical teenager who is interested in

    urban music, clothes and celebrity


  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    Colour Scheme:I believe my colour scheme of

    pink and black represents my 15-

    23 year old social group. My

    contents page uses a range ofbright colours which is presented

    all over it, including the pictures, i

    believe the use of colours

    represents the youth as many

    youngsters are into colours.

    I also did a questionnaire about

    colours and asked a few people

    aged 15-23, mixed genders and

    mixed ethnicity from a local youth

    club of what colours they thought

    would be good for a magazine.

    My questionnaire showed that

    pink was a good combination with

    black, so using my statistics I went

    with these two colours.

    2.How does your media product

    represent particular social groups?

    Photos/Images:There are 5 photos i used for my

    contents page, these photos consist

    of either: a 15-20 year old model, or

    of accessories such as the snapback

    hats and the g-shock watch, all of

    these images enhance the appeal as

    it represents and gives content

    about what the audience are

    looking for/and are interested in. Ialso believe the young people

    modelling represents my target

    audience, in terms of what they

    wear etc.

    Font:The font I used for my contents page was Calibri(Body). I believe this was a good choice as it

    was simple and effective like most contents page fonts. I Also added the main colours my

    overall product consists of which is Black and Pink, but included white (because the

    background is black), I believe using the same colour scheme showed organisation and

    represented my Typical audience as the font was simple but bold like typical 15-23 year olds.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    With my double page spread I have

    represented the 15-23 year old age bracket,

    which my magazine is directly aimed at,

    reflecting the dubstep and hip-hop culturethrough what the model is wearing ( e.g.

    Baseball hat, studs, hoodie etc) and also

    through the facial expressions of the model.

    I have dressed my model in these specific

    clothing items as I know this will grab the

    attention of my target audience. Many hip-hop celebrities of today still wear the

    typical clothes that represent the music e.g.

    baseball caps etc.

    The use of the model being in his mid-teen years helps to represent my target age

    bracket, as this appeals to them and keeps their interest.

    My magazine also represents these particular social group as it gives them an insight on the life of

    young artists before and after the fame. It shows all the positives of being an artist, and gives the

    audience inspiration and a time to relax and build their self confidence.

    The big caption on the right hand side of my double page spread says My teenage years really gave me

    the inspiration to work in the music industry, I believe this line will relate to my target audience, it willinterest them to read it and it will inspire them to take bigger steps and reach for goals.

    2.How does your media product represent particular social groups?

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    What kind of Media Institution might distribute your Media

    Product and why?

    IPC Media

    International Publishing Corporation(IPC) Media is The UKs leading consumer magazine and a digital

    publisher with a huge portfolio selling over 350 million copies each year. Almost two in every three UKwomen and over 45% of UK men read an IPC magazine.

    I have specifically chosen IPC Media because it has a synergy with many big supermarkets, which can

    increase the amount of sales it makes and the publicity it gets. It is a very well know institution which will

    get my magazine the attention it deserves.

    Also IPC Media does not have any Dubstep/Hip-Hop magazines being distributed but have a few major

    magazines in the rock and punk genres, such as NME magazine. I see this as a benefit because NME is a

    very popular magazine and my magazine will not be competing with it as it will be distributed by IPC Media.

    As my magazine is a Dubstep/Hip-Hop magazine and IPC does not have any Dubstep/Hip-Hop magazines

    being distributed, I think this will be beneficial to both IPC Media and me, it will increase the sells it makes

    because its opening up to a new audience of 15-23 year olds interested in a new genre.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    What kind of Media Institution might distribute your Media

    Product and why?

    Bauer Media Group

    Bauer Media Group is a multinational media company located in Hamburg and operates in 15 countries worldwide. The Worldwide distribution of Bauer Media Group's magazine titles amounts to 38 million magazines a


    The Magazine reaches over 18 Million UK Adults across the media, and I believe adding my Dubstep/Hip-Hop

    magazine will massively increase this figure.

    In addition Bauer Media have not yet got a Dubstep/Hip-Hop genre apart of their institution, I believe this will

    also increase the amount of magazines they distribute, which will ultimately increase their profits.

    Bauer also have many radio stations like Kerrang! and Q which specialise in Indie, Rock and Alternative

    music. Adding a Dubstep/Hip-Hop genre to their radio station might increase their publicity which will result

    in them making an increase in sales and profit.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    4.Who would be the audience for your Media product?

    I think my magazine Breeze which portrays the niche market of Dubstep/Hip-Hop, will be a big

    hit with the social groups of 15-23 year olds, this age bracket is the age where you change from a

    teen to an adult, where you jump from secondary school into the real world, this is the age

    where you try to build up your self-esteem and become an independent individual.With Breeze i wanted to take a different approach in portraying the typical stereotype of a teen.

    I wanted to break the barriers of people thinking All teenagers take drugs, are violent and

    uncaring because i as an individual know that is not true and i firmly believe that my magazine

    helps to promote the other path of positivity. My audience would be a young man/woman who

    is trying to do the best for themselves and others around them, someone who is interested in the

    niche music industry of Dubstep/Hip-Hop and someone who is willing to explore their persona

    with positive attributes.

    I also created a questionnaire and asked a handful of 15-23 year olds in my youth

    club the question Who would you say is your favourite artist out of these 5 and

    why? the answers where:









    Out of the 15 people who where asked, the top 3 most popular artists

    where: Wiz Khalifa, Justin Beiber and Cher Lloyd. I asked the people

    why they picked these 3 artists and they said Because they are young

    and can relate to us lyrically as they usually have the same interests

    another person said Because they are going through similar teenage

    difficulties and can relate to us through their life and experience as

    they tend to sing/rap about it in their lyrics, and also they always have

    catchy beats which engage with us

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    Age: 15-23 year olds

    Gender: Both Male and Female

    Background: I truly believe that my magazine willappeal to nearly all ethnicities, backgrounds and skin

    colours. Through my media product i have attempted to

    appeal to all backgrounds and ethnicities. I have

    included models from different ethnic backgrounds, for

    example, my contents page has people from 3 different

    countries, which shows the diversity. Also many names

    are mentioned for instances on my front cover itincludes The Game who is African/American , and also

    Cher Lloyd who is White/British which also conveys


    Interests: I believe the majority of my audience willhave a major interest in Dubstep/Hip-hop, and Breeze

    magazine will broaden their knowledge aboutthese

    genres. I also believe my audience will have an interest

    in modern fashion, and keeping up with the trend as my

    magazine does promote advice on clothing and


    4.Who would be the audience for your Media product?

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    5.How did you attract/address your audience?

    I believe that I have used many techniques on my media product to make it attractive towards

    my audience. One way is by putting a variety of different pictures/photos of mixed-ethnic

    people and mixed genders and also clothing items that will standout and catch the eye of the

    15-23year old age group. I believe that the pictures that i took where a major factor that

    vamped my audience as it stuck to the genre of the magazine and i also believe the picturesrepresented the age bracket of 15-23 year olds.

    I think it addressed the audience

    as it stuck with the codes and

    conventions of a typical dubstep

    or/and hip-hop magazine, thiswas presented by the

    expressions of the images and

    the content of the product itself,

    e.g. The facial expression and

    clothing of one of the models in

    the content page showed that it

    was a dubstep and hip-hop


    I used the colours in the product(Pink&Black) to represent my front cover model. I included this in

    order for it to appeal to my audience considering both males an females. I also included many

    different sizes of font( the biggest being the most important) to make it appeal to my audience, as

    the big things where information like, celebrity names, prizes etc, i believe this is a very useful tool

    in gaining the attention of my target audience because it is a real eye-catcher.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    5.How did you attract/address your audience?

    I also believe i attracted my audience through the use of straplines, Free J Cole tickets up for grabs pg 6

    which i think is a real pull factor in terms of selling and promoting my magazine, for example, if a fan of J

    Cole saw this they would most likely tell their friends which will interest more people in buying the

    magazine and reading more into it. In addition also the fact that its Free J Cole tickets... this may entice

    the reader as most of them are probably living with their parents in education and finding it hard to get

    money for things like concert tickets, this gives them an opportunity to get them free once they buy this


    Also in order to appeal to my targetaudience, i felt one of the most

    important factors was the layout of

    the magazine the way it was

    structured. I tried to change up the

    typical Hip-hop/Dubstep magazine to

    create a sense of simplicity. I

    researched many Hip/Hop and

    Dubstep magazines and looked at the

    way they where set out and altered

    some of the ideas. I completely

    changed the colour scheme to create

    a sense of uniqueness and for it to

    attract to both genders.

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished



    Video of Sam- audience feedback Feedback

    I think breeze magazine did and excellent job with the final

    product, however i do think there could have been

    improvements in the layout and the double page spread-William

    I think your magazines quite good, well executed , but there

    are a few things like the contents page that are a bit jumbled

    around which brings it down-Vandan

    Your models outfit works well with the colours on your front

    cover but i think improvements are needed on your double page

    spread as it looks pretty plain-Edona


  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    6.What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing

    this product?

    Throughout this whole process I have learnt many new skills that will be very useful in

    my everyday life. Before i created this magazine, technology was not one of my

    strengths ; but doing this task has helped me in many different ways and has also

    broadened my knowledge about technology in terms of editing, programming andeven the simple things like uploading.

    Most of all this task has triggered me to explore new technologies and inspired me to give things a go, it has

    stimulated me to try new things out as i might actually learn a lot from them.

    Doing this task enabled me to develop my IT skills, and use a variety ofwebsites such as Blogger, Slideshare and Youtube. Blogger was a very new

    experience for me, as i am use to websites such as Facebook where you rarely

    upload things, but blogger was an interesting website the challenged me and

    developed my online navigation skills. These websites have also taught me how

    to upload and convert files which was extremely difficult for me before hand.

    Programmes such as Adobe Photoshop CS3 was one of the hardest and

    confusing things to navigate at the start, but once i explored the basics i

    started to get the hang of it. Adobe Photoshop has helped me alter and

    enhance my magazine to make it look as striking and professional as it could

    look. This programme has truly amazed me in what i could do , and my

    confidence with it after i finished has gone from 15% to 90%!.

    Whilst making this magazine, i had to use a few different programmes to help

    me create it in the most professional way i could in this short amount of time.

    Also I have learnt the functions of a camera and the different angles I need to go to deliver

    the my pictures in the best way possible

    7 What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from your

  • 7/31/2019 Suraj Evaluation Media Finished


    7.What do you feel you have learnt in the progression from your

    preliminary task to the full product?

    Looking back at my preliminary task i feel as if my hard work paid off,

    from which i have developed various skills and broadened my

    understanding and knowledge of the production of music magazines

    and all the hard work behind it, for instance, the research that has to

    take place for you to use and develop your ideas in order to make it

    the best you can.

    I have learnt how to:

    -function and develop my knowledge on Adobe Photoshop

    -Learnt how to upload formats on slideshare

    -how to use blogger to upload and convert media files,

    update posts etc

    -Learnt the importance of saving in a safe place like

    slideshare or the MLE

    - And most importantly i have learnt to explore and give

    things a go.

    While i was doing my preliminary task i received some feedback

    from a few of my associates, that i needed to work on things like:

    my main picture, the structure of my contents page etc, taking this

    feedback into consideration i believe i used it as a stepping stone

    for my main product. I believe i have learnt a lot and progressed along way, now i have built a stronger understanding and a clearer

    vision on how things work in the media.