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Supporters of the 2015 Boats & Bowties event benefitting The Confetti Foundation

Transcript of Supporters of The Confetti Foundation

  • 421 Thames Street, Newport,

    Share your Lemon & Line: #lemonandline

    Follow Lemon & Line:

    50% of the proceeds from the sales of the Confetti Foundation Bracelet are donated directly to the cause. Purchase yours in-store or online!

    Were honored to support the Confetti Foundation

  • What does a bir thday mean to you? There are no wrong

    answers to th is quest ion. I t could mean you are one year

    older and wiser, you are c loser to your next mi lestone, i t

    could mean cake and ice cream, i t could also mean spend-

    ing t ime with fami ly and fr iends to celebrate someones

    achievements in l i fe. I t could mean a year of ref lect ion, a

    day your mother gained a new role, a day to honor your-

    sel f and not feel gui l ty about i t . Sometimes bir thdays are

    even nat ional hol idays!

    I love the tradi t ion of b lowing out a candle and making a

    wish.This is your chance to wish for new adventures, new

    hopes, and new dreams.

    By start ing The Confet t i Foundat ion, I get to enhance

    these dreams. No one ever wished to be in the hospi ta l

    on their b i r thday, so i t is up to us to make i t as special as

    we can! Thank you for your cont inued support .

    Stephanie Frazier Grimm

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    Rebecca Arthurs Photography

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  • The anchor to your wedding and event planning

    Newport, RI

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  • El la Iannott i Photography

  • Thank You to our Sponsors!

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