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  • Welcome to the 2015 Inaugural Super Ball Gala @ Fundraiser!!Welcome to the 2015 Inaugural Super Ball Gala @ Fundraiser!!Welcome to the 2015 Inaugural Super Ball Gala @ Fundraiser!!Welcome to the 2015 Inaugural Super Ball Gala @ Fundraiser!!

    The Rotary Club of Kerrville and the Rotary Club of Kerrville Community Service Fund are

    extremely grateful for your support!! This evening we gather to raise funds for college

    scholarships for area students, funds to help fund and build a Habitat for Humanity home

    named Rotary House, and funds to assist other sponsored youth activities. This will be our

    only fundraiser for this year. We ask you to please be generous and to participate in this

    evenings various raffles and auctions.

    As you have noticed, this is a new theme for a fundraiser in Kerrville. Super Ball is held the

    evening before the Super Bowl, thus the football theme to tonights party. We have been

    blessed to have incredible support from a number of area individuals and businesses in

    helping to fund Super Ball. You will see listings of them by name in another section of this

    program and throughout the ballroom. Without their assistance and your attendance, this

    event would not have happened!

    An event like this takes a whole flock of volunteers. The various sub-chairs of the Super Ball

    Committee have donated a huge amount of their time, enthusiasm, and creativity to give birth

    to our first Super Ball. Their names and areas of responsibility are listed below. Please thank

    them and the many additional volunteers serving this evening for their efforts. Also, the

    donors to this event have been incredibly generous.

    Finally, we want to thank everyone involved and all of you for this exciting evening. It has been

    a wonderful opportunity to serve as your Chairs for this event. Now, go bid high and buy lots of

    raffle tickets!!


    Kim Kim Kim Kim ClarksonClarksonClarksonClarkson Ward Ward Ward Ward Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones, IIIIIIII Stephanie MillerStephanie MillerStephanie MillerStephanie Miller

    Rotary Club President Super Ball Chair Rotary Vice President

    Sub Chair of Live Auction & Bucket Raffles Ward Ward Ward Ward Jones, IIJones, IIJones, IIJones, II

    Sub Chairs of Silent Auction Carolyn Carolyn Carolyn Carolyn Northcutt & Sue TiemannNorthcutt & Sue TiemannNorthcutt & Sue TiemannNorthcutt & Sue Tiemann

    Sub Chair of Dinner & Cocktail Party Tomas Tomas Tomas Tomas ValdesValdesValdesValdes

    Sub Chair of Decor Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal DockeryDockeryDockeryDockery

    Sub Chair of Publicity Tammy Tammy Tammy Tammy ProutProutProutProut

    Sub Chair of Sponsorships Diane Diane Diane Diane GreenGreenGreenGreen

    Sub Chair of Rotary Video Kim im im im Clarkson, President of RotaryClarkson, President of RotaryClarkson, President of RotaryClarkson, President of Rotary

    Sub Chair of Registration & Checkout Kristy Kristy Kristy Kristy VandenbergVandenbergVandenbergVandenberg

    Sub Chair of Valet Parking John John John John ForisterForisterForisterForister

    Sub Chair of Program, Live Auction Video, Sherri JonesSherri JonesSherri JonesSherri Jones

    Ticket Sales & Live Auction Payment Sherri Sherri Sherri Sherri JonesJonesJonesJones

    Sub Chair of Finance Paul Paul Paul Paul UrbanUrbanUrbanUrban

  • Rotary Club


  • Rotary Club Scholarship Recipient

    Dear Rotary Club of Kerrville,

    My Fall Semester at Texas A&M was absolutely everything I have dreamed of and more! I have met so many incredible people and have learned so many new things. My classes specific to my major were fun and interesting and also where I met majority of my friends. Chemistry was a little bit of an adjustment at first, but luckily I figured out the right way to study early on and was still able to get an A in the class. Along with school, I was able to join a few organizations. I am in a Freshman Leadership Organization called Freshman Leadership Experience (FLE). In FLE, I am a member of the Outreach/Service committee and I work with other groups like the animal shelter, nursing homes, or the pregnancy shelters to set up time slots for our organization to serve the community. I am also an active member of John 15 which is an organization through my Church, St. Marys. In John 15, we meet weekly for a devotional and discussion. I also have a small group through John 15 that meets every week or so to just hang out. Overall I have really enjoyed the whole college experience: getting used to long nights and early mornings, trying new studying techniques, meeting all kinds of new people, attending football games while yelling and standing the whole game (even if we were losing), doing my own laundry, going to late night tutoring sessions, and learning all kinds of lessons and still loving every minute of it. I am really enjoying the relaxation of the winter break, but am thrilled to start another semester at Texas A&M University. My goals for next semester include: getting a job, joining the Physical Therapy Association at Texas A&M, becoming even more active in my church, and continue to study hard and receive good grades. I just want to thank you once again for all of the financial support. It is groups and organizations like these that allow for all of my dreams to come true. I am beyond grateful for this very generous scholarship, and I cant thank you enough for the opportunities that you have essentially provided me with. My time at Texas A&M is an experience of a lifetime, and one that I will never to be able to repay, but I hope that this thank you will express my tremendous gratitude. Thank you again for all that you have done for me; I really appreciate it!


    Sarah Muehlstein



    O A bid sheet is displayed with each item. Please print legibly and include your name, bid

    number, and bid amount on each respective bid sheet. By placing your name and bid

    number on the bid sheet, you are creating a binding agreement to pay for the item at the

    close of the silent auction if you are deemed the highest bidder.

    O Bidder may raise the bid as high as desired, as long as the incremental bid number amount

    is maintained for each subsequent bid. Thus, your bid must be higher than the previous bid

    by no less than the incremental bid amount as indicated on eah respective bid sheet.

    O The silent auction will be closed after an announcement has been made. A last call

    announcement will also be made prior to closing.

    O If two people are actively bidding on an item when the silent auction closes, it is the

    responsibility of the bidders to remain by the item and advise the staff removing the bid

    sheets that they wish to have a bid off. Bidding will be continued until a winning bidder is


    O In the event of a dispute in the silent auction, the Casino Night Chair, Auctioneer, or

    committee member shall act as the final authority to determine the winner.

    O A bid may be nullified by the Casino Committee Chair, Auctioneer or committee member for

    the following reason: lack of incremental bid amount in raise, b. illegible writing, c. addition

    of a bid after bidding has closed

    O A list of winning bidders will be posted and distributed outside of the silent auction room.

    An announcement will be made as to when the silent auction cashier will begin accepting

    payments. Please check the postings and pay for the winning items before the

    close of the banquet program.

    O Payment may be made by cash, check or major credit card. After you have remitted

    payment, you may retrieve your item(s) from an auction assistant at the pick-up area.

  • How do I play? Find the raffle girls!! Oh wait a minute, they will find you! LOL

    Buy tickets for

    $20 each ***or*** 6$$100, ***or*** 12$$200, ***or*** 13$$300, etc. Pick out the bucket raffle item that you like

    Place one of the tickets and save the other for the drawing.

    Raffle item drawing will be after the live auction.



    H.E.B. Shopping


    donated by H.E.B.


    Family of Five signed photograph

    Donated by Todd Winters Gallery

    Value = $600


    Mamacitas Dinner for (8)

    Donated by Mamacitas ,

    Appetizer, Main Course & Dessert

    VALUE $400.

  • 5. 4 4 4 4 X X X X 7 7 7 7 Sheared Beaver Fur Throw, Sheared Beaver Fur Throw, Sheared Beaver Fur Throw, Sheared Beaver Fur Throw,

    Donated Donated Donated Donated by Elegant by Elegant by Elegant by Elegant Furs Value Furs Value Furs Value Furs Value = $= $= $= $3,8003,8003,8003,800

    6.Luxury Luxury Luxury Luxury Cruise for (2) to the Cruise for (2) to the Cruise for (2) to the Cruise for (2) to the Caribbean Caribbean Caribbean Caribbean or $3,000 credit or $3,000 credit or $3,000 credit or $3,000 credit

    toward Cruise of your design. toward Cruise of your design. toward Cruise of your design. toward Cruise of your design.

    Contact Linda Contact Linda Contact Linda Contact Linda ImelImelImelImel

    @ Kerrville Travel@ Kerrville Travel@ Kerrville Travel@ Kerrville Travel


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