Summary of the Tax reform act of 1976, H.R. 10612, 94th ... H.R.10612,94THCONGRESS,PUBLICLAW94-455...

download Summary of the Tax reform act of 1976, H.R. 10612, 94th ... H.R.10612,94THCONGRESS,PUBLICLAW94-455 ... theconferencereportbytheHouseandtheSenateontheTaxReform Actof1976(H.R ... .Disclaimers

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Transcript of Summary of the Tax reform act of 1976, H.R. 10612, 94th ... H.R.10612,94THCONGRESS,PUBLICLAW94-455...

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    TAX REFORM ACT OF 1976(H.R. 10612, 94TH CONGRESS, PUBLIC LAW 94-455)




    OCTOBER 4, 1976


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  • CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES(94th Cong., 2d sess.)

    Joint Committee on Taxation

    Senate House

    RUSSELL B. LONG, Louisiana, Cliainnan AL ULLMAN, Oregon, Vice ChairmanHERMAN E. TALMADGE, Georgia JAMES A. BURKE, MassaciiusettsVANCE R. HARTKE, Indiana DAN ROSTENKOWSKI, IlUnoisCARL T. CURTIS, Nebraska HERMAN T. SCHNEEBELI, PennsylvaniaPAUL J. FANNIN, Arizona BARBER B. CONABLE, Jr., New York

    Laurence N. Woodworth, Chief of StaffHerbert L. Cuabot, Assistant Chief of StaffBernard M. Shatiro, Assistant Chief of Staff



    October 4, 1976.Hon. Russell B. Long, Chairman,Hon. Al Ullman, Vice Chairman,Joint Committee on Taxation,U.S. Congress, Washington, D.CDear Messrs. Chairmen: Immediately following the passage of

    the conference report by the House and the Senate on the Tax ReformAct of 1976 (H.R. 10612), the House and Senate also passed a HouseConcurrent Resolution (H. Con. Res. 751), rearranging the sectionnumbers of the bill in a more logical sequence. In addition, the HouseConcurrent Resolution made corrections of printing, clerical, andtechnical errors.

    Primarily because of the rearrangement of the section numbers, thePublic Law (P.L. 94-455), or slip law on the bill, shows many provi-sions in a different sequence than in the conference report and in theaccompanying joint explanatory statement of the committee of con-ference. The staff believed that this would make it difficult to use thejoint statement of the conferees in examining the provisions of thepublic law. For that reason; it has prepared this summary which hasthe sections rearranged in the order in which they appear in the publiclaw. This summary also takes into account the other changes made inthe House Concurrent Resolution and corrects printing and other er-rors which occurred in the joint statement of the conferees.The Joint Committee staff has customarily prepared general ex-

    planations of the larger tax acts. This summary is not intended toreplace such a document. It is anticipated that the general explanationwill be issued later this year.

    Sincerely yours,

    Laurence N. Woodworth,Chief of Staf.




    Letter of transmittal mLegislative history of the Act xiCross reference table of public law and conference report section numbers xiiTITLE ISHORT TITLE AND AMENDMENT OF 1954 CODE 1

    Sec. 101. Short title 1Sec. 102. Amendment of 1954 code 1

    TITLE IIAMENDMENTS RELATED TO TAX SHELTERS 2Sec. 201. Capitalization and amortization of real property construc-

    tion period interest and taxes 2Sec. 202. Recapture of depreciation on real property 3Sec. 203. Five-year amortization for low-income housing 3Sec. 204. Limitation on deductions to amount at risk 4Sec. 205. Recapture of intangible drilling costs for oil and gas wells.. 5Sec. 206. Termination of additions to excess deductions accounts

    (EDA) 6Sec. 207 (a) and (b) . Limitations on deductions for farming syndicates

    and capitalization of certain orchard and vine-yard expenses 6

    Sec. 207 (c) . Accrual accounting for farm corporations 7Sec. 208. Prepaid interest 9Sec. 209. Limitation on deduction of investment interest 9Sec. 210. Amortization of production costs of motion pictures, books,

    records, and other similar property 10Sec. 211. Clarification of definition of produced film rents 10Sec. 212. Sports franchise provisions 11Sec. 213. Partnership provisions 12

    (a) . Dollar limitation with respect to additional first year depreci-ation for partnerships 12

    (b). Partnership syndication and organization fees 12(c). Retroactive allocations of partnership income or loss 13(d). Partnership special allocations 13(e). Treatment of partnership liabilities where a partner is not

    personally liable 13Sec. 214. Scope of waiver of statute of limitations in case of hobby

    loss GlGctions 14TITLE IIIMIMIMUM TAX" AND"MAX IMUM TAXi _""".". '_'"."."_'_ 16

    Sec. 301. Minimum tax 16(a). Minimum tax for individuals 16(b). Minimum tax for corporations 17


    DUCTIONS 19Sec. 401 (a) . General tax credit 19Sec. 401(b). Standard deduction 19Sec. 401 (c) . Earned income credit 19Sec. 402. Disregard of earned income credit 19

    TITLE VTAX SIMPLIFICATION FOR INDIVIDUALS 20Sec. 50 1 . Revision of tax tables for individuals 20Sec. 502. Deduction for alimony 20Sec. 503. Revision of retirement income credit 20Sec. 504. Credit for child care expenses 20Sec. 505. Sick pay and military disability pensions 21Sec. 506. Moving expenses 21Sec. 507. Tax simplification study by Joint Committee 22


  • VI


    Sec. 601. Disallowance of certain expenses 23(a). Deductions for expenses attributable to business use of

    homes 23(b). Deductions for expenses attributable to rental of vacation

    homes 23Sec. 602. Deductions for attending foreign conventions 23Sec. 603. Qualified stock options 24Sec. 604. Deduction for State legislator's travel expenses away from

    home 25Sec. 605. Nonbusiness guaranties of bad debts 26

    TITLE VIIACCUMULATION TRUSTS 27Sec. 701. Accumulation trusts 27

    TITLE VIIICAPITAL FORMATION 28Sec. 801. Extension of $100,000 limitation on used property for the

    investment credit 28Sec. 802. Extension and treatment of investment credit 28

    (a) . Extension of 1 0-percent investment credit 28(b) . First-in-first-out treatment of investment credit 28

    Sec. 803. ESOP investment credit provisions 28(a). General 28(b) . Employee stock ownership plan regulations 30(c). Study of expanded stock ownership 33

    Sec. 804. Investment credit for movie and television films 34Sec. 805. Investment tax credit for certain vessels 34Sec. 806 (a) -(d). Additional net operating loss carryover years and

    carryback election 35Sec. 806(e). Limitations on net operating loss carryovers 35Sec. 807. Small commercial fishing vessel construction reserves 37

    TITLE IXSMALL BUSINESS PROVISIONS 38Sec. 901. Extension of certain corporate income tax reductions 38Sec. 902(a). Change in number of subchapter S shareholders 38Sec. 902 (b) . Distributions by subchapter S corporations 38Sec. 902 (c) . Additional changes in subchapter 5 rules 38


    Part I

    Foreign Tax Provisions Affecting Individuals Abroad.- 40Sec. 1011. Income earned abroad by United States citizens living or

    residing abroad 40Sec. 1012. Income tax treatment of nonresident alien individuals

    who are married to citizens or residents of the UnitedStates 40

    Sec. 1013. Foreign trusts having one or more United States benefici-aries to be taxed currently to grantor 41

    Sec. 1014. Interest charge on accumulation distributions from foreigntrusts 41

    Sec. 1015. Excise tax on transfers of property to foreign persons toavoid Federal income tax 41

    Part II

    Amendments Affecting Tax Treatment of ControlledForeign Corporations and Their Shareholders 42

    Sec. 1021. Amendment of provision relating to investment in UnitedStates property by controlled foreign corporations 42

    Sec. 1022. Repeal of exclusion for earnings of less developed countrycorporations for purposes of section 1248 42

    Sec. 1023. Exclusion from subpart F of certain earnings of insurancecompanies 42

    Sec. 1024. Shipping profits of foreign corporations 42Part III

    Amendments Affecting Treatment of Foreign Taxes. . 43Sec. 1031. Requirement that foreign tax credit be determined on

    overall basis 43Sec. 1032. Recapture of foreign losses 43Sec. 1033. Gross up of dividends from less-developed country

    corporations 44Sec. 1034. Treatment of capital gains for purposes of foreign tax

    credit 44Sec. 1035. Foreign oil and gas extraction income 44

  • vn

    TITLE XContinued ^^eeSec. 1036. Underwriting income 45Sec. 1037. Third-tier foreign tax credit when section 951 applies 45Part IV

    Money or Other Property Moving Out of or IntoTHE United States 46

    Sec. 1041. Interest on bank deposits earned by nonresident aliens andforeign corporations 46

    Sec. 1042. Changes in ruling requirements under section 367; certainchanges in section 1248 46

    Sec. 1043. Contiguous country branches of domestic life insurancecompanies 47

    Sec. 1044. Transitional rule for bond, etc., losses of foreign banks 47Part V

    Special Categories of Foreign Tax Treatment 47Sec. 1051. Tax treatment of corporations conducting trade or business

    in Puerto Rico and possessions of the United States 47Sec. 1052. Western Hemisphere trade corporations 48Sec. 1053. Repeal of provisions relating to China Trade Act corpo-

    rations 48Part VI

    Denial of Certain Tax Benefits for CooperationWith or Participation in International BoycottsAND IN Connection With the Payment of CertainBribes 48

    Sec. 1061-64, 1066-67. Denial of certain tax benefits for cooperationwith or participation in an internationalboycott 48

    Sec. 1065. Denial of certain tax benefits attributable to bribe-producedincome 50

    TITLE XIAMENDMENTS AFFECTING DISC 51Sec. 1101. Amendments affecting DISC 51

    TITLE XIIADMINISTRATIVE PROVISIONS 52Sec. 1201. Public inspection of written determinations by Internal

    Revenue Service 5