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Templates for helping Illinois workNet customers write success stories.

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  • 1. Success Story StartersOctober 2014Illinois workNet Centers are an Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities at Illinois workNet Centers.Sponsored by Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. 10/2014 v2

2. Sample TemplatesIndividualsEmployersLaid Off WorkerYouth Employment ProgramFor the following participants:For the following programs: Incumbent Worker Program 3. Participant Type: Individual Program Type: Youth Employment ProgramSuggestions Examples for Parts of a Success StoryUse only your first name. You caninclude a description of yourbackground or challenge.My name is Matthew.Include where you worked, your jobtitle and a brief description of yourresponsibilities.The past six weeks of my summer was spent working as an office aide withAnderson Company. As an office aide I had to complete different tasks,such as: filing papers, making copies of transcripts, creating employeemanuals and student/parent handbooks, and completing any additionaltasks.Include things that you have learned.This includes soft skills, technical skills,and academic skills.While working here I have learned organizational skills, how to takedirection from authority, and how to work on a schedule. I have also learnedhow to work under pressure.Describe the positive change in your lifeas a result of participating in theprogram and your plans for the future.These skills will help me when I go back to school and in future jobs. Ihope that I can participate in the program again.NEXT SLIDE: See a sample success story video. 4. Program Type: Laid Off WorkerSuggestions Examples for Parts of a Success StoryUse only your first name. You can include adescription of your background orchallenge.I received a Medical Administrative Assistant AAS 5 years ago. Once Icompleted this program I began doing medical transcription work athome until I was laid off in 2012.Describe what were you trying to achieve. After being laid off, I decided to stay in the Health Science field but Iknew that I needed to update my skills. I decided to become a RegisteredHealth Information Technician (RHIT).Describe how the program was able to helpyou achieve your goals.There was no way that I was able to afford to update my skills on myown. Thanks to WIA, I was able to achieve this goal. I completed theHealth Information Management AAS and now I am gainfullyemployed, using my training and enjoying my job.Describe the positive change in your life asa result of participating in the program andyour plans for the future.Having job security is an added bonus. I've always been able to find a jobbut now I can say I have a career. With this career comes many options.Participant Type: Individual 5. Participant Type: EmployerProgram Type: Incumbent Worker ProgramSuggestions Examples for Parts of a Success StoryInclude the employer name anddescription of your background orchallenge.Peterson Construction needed to have training provide training for theirstaff in order to be in compliance with regulations that required allcontractors that disturb lead-based paint in homes, schools and child carefacilities built before 1978 be certified and follow specific work practices toprevent lead contamination. Without the training, the company would losebusiness which would result in significant layoffs.Describe how the program was able tohelp you achieve your goals.The certified lead based paint training consisted of a one day trainingsession. The response to the training was so great, that 4 separate trainingsessions had to be scheduled to train the 74workers/contractors/renovators.Describe the positive change outcome asa result of participating in the programand your plans for the future.The certification allows the company to continue to be employed in thissector and to work on these structures built prior to 1978. 6. Participant Type: Employer Program Type: Youth Employment ProgramSuggestions Examples for Parts of a Success StoryUse only your first name, organizationand the program provider.My name is Kathy, and I am part of the Green Recycling Company. Weare thankful that Helping Hands Student Center provided us with thesummer workers.Include a description the participantsactivities and responsibilities.During the past six weeks students learned about Green Philosophy byparticipating in classroom and community oriented activities. They havealso discussed career opportunities, employment options, life skills, andthe importance of being involved in community based activities.Describe the skills of the students. The students possess the amount of effort and dedication an employerrequests. These youth workers are great!Describe the positive change outcome as aresult of participating in the program andyour plans for the future.We were able to hire two students to work part-time when they go back toschool. This is a great program and we would like to participate in theprogram again.