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10 success stories of school leadership innovationVideo just do it

What is struggle in life and success

life is full of twist and turns. Everyone has to struggle here in this world to overcome every obstacle in the way to success. For this hard work is necessary.withhout working hard and just by sitting idle it will be hard for one to get success.

If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, 'Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well. ------- Martin Luther Jr

Objective of report

To draw inspiration from people who made impossible to possible.

Who have met the height of success in their life by bringing some innovation in the field of education.RAJESH KUMAR - FREE SCHOOL UNDER BRIDGE IN INDIA

It is unusual school in unusual location and is run by unusual teacher.

Rajesh Kumar a shopkeeper by profession spend hours every morning teaching around eighty students ,in his open air class room between pillars and beneath the track of Delhi Metro from Yamuna bank station .

There are no chairs or tables and the children sit on roll of polystyrene foam placed on the rubble. Three rectangle patches are painted black and used as blackboard.

Anonymous donor have contributed cardigans,books,shoes,and stationery for the children

Rajesh Kumar visited the construction of Delhi transit station, there he saw children playing at the site instead of going to school.

When he questioned the parents working at the site they all said there were no school in vicinity and no one cared

This made him to start a school and provide a basic education to these slum children in order to bring a ray of hopes and help them in shaping their dreams.


BABAR ALI youngest headmaster of the world

BABAR ALI - worlds youngest HM making remarkable change in India

The story of young man from Murshidabd in west Bengal is a remarkable tale of a desire to learn amid the direst poverty. He is only16 a teenager who is in charge of teaching hundreds of students in his family's backyard, where he runs the classes for poor children in the village.

Babar wakes at 7 in the morning, does some house hold work, then hires a auto and later walk 5 km to reach his school Cossimbazar Raj Govinda Sundari Vidyapeethwhere he is class9th student.

Soon after his school he make his way to an afternoon school where he is a HM of 800 students. He started a school at age of nine Anand siksha Niketan.

It is a dilapidated concrete structure covered in half tone posters.

Where the rows of under privileged kids sit under the open blue sky and learn what most children in modern world pay hundreds of dollars for free. Coming from a privileged family Babar realized that he must do something for the other children in the village.

In 2002 his school got institutionalized, started mid day meal scheme. Today the school has got 60 regular attendees and over 220 students on roll call and 800 students in total, with 10 volunteer teachers teaching grade1 through 8.

Babar has not only helped out hundreds of children to get enlightened but has also inspired millions of youth like us. This tale is a testament to the difference that one person can make his/her world.

His story also bears evidence to the fact that if you have a will then there is a way..


MAGARET ATIENO OCHIENG inspiring teacher

Kibera the slum of Nairobi Kenney's largest slum inspire the story of a teacher Margaret who makes an effort for upliftment of education for the slum children.

Her daily schedule starts at 4 in the morning, catch the bus and travel for 2 hr. to reach her school.

She is the one who motivate students to learn and provide the basic education in order to read and write despite of being shortage of teachers.

She says There is no training for how to teach in slum schools! theyre given training to teach anywhere where there are children not even in a school! Even if there is no school but there are children, you teach under a tree!

Despite of all difficulties and constraints she continues to do her job for the betterment of slum students.

This is great achievement by Margaret or the Nobel cause taken up by her in poverty stricken country like Africa. she is a true inspiration for many such future success project in this field.

VIDEOBHIKUBHAI VYAS this man made a promise to never leave his village

A man who is 84 age now has decided in his younger age not to migrate from this village but to bring a wave of change and set his village as a example. He has been working tirelessly towards upliftment of his village through education,livelyhoods,awareness and more.

Born in a small town Valod, near Surat, he has been actively involved in education, community development and various environmental initiatives .

He and his friend joined primary and secondary schools to help tribal community which was not approved by traditional leaders. Later they joined the Gandhian ashram as a teacher and got a chance to exclusively work for the trial community. It was a turning point of his life.

After leaving ashram, vyas continued to serve in remote tribal village in valod taluk and started a high school there. Around 28 years back vyas and his wife visited a neighboring taluka,Dharmpur which come under valsad district and found that most of the people suffer from abject poverty and illiterate which is a tribal belt consist of 231 village.

He founded a Vedchhi Pradesh Seva Samiti (VPSS) which helped in improving education standard of that village.

Later he found that the school were very few and not practically functioning, with help of Tuff(a Swedish peace organisation)he started 50 night classes for adults and 50 balwadis in as many villages, to build up a closer rapport with the community, also started 20 Non-Formal Education [NFE] classes to tap youngsters.

Through VPSS a special emphasis was given to girls education and started a girls hostel for 11and 12th classes near Bilpudi and donated a acre of land for tribal family.

Apart from education development he also looked after holistic development of villages through VPSS he distributed 1,11,800 mango saplings, organized mass marriages covering 40 villages, wells were dug by community as shramdaan constructed 5 large rain water harvesting tanks and many more for upliftment of villages .

Today, VPSS runs 6 primary schools, 2 high schools, 1 hostel for girls for higher secondary education and a scholarship scheme for university education, serving over 1000 students in total.

Vyas believes that education should not be measured simply in monetary terms; as in the long term, it is going to generate new awareness and create quality leadership.

VIJAY KUMAR CHAUHAN -How A Library In A Village In Bihar Is Changing The Lives Of The Students

Kumar Chauhan is a Bihari youth, born to a landless daily-wage-worker family. He migrated to Ludhiana at the young age of 15 for a job. The petty salary he received was not enough to support even his basic necessities. Hence, he decided to come back and continue his studies. He knew the power of education and also encouraged other students by giving them free lessons.

He met Surya Prakash Rai a person with motive to improve educational scenario in Bihar. Which led to origin of PRAYOG by Surya Prakash Rai.

PRAYOG library was set up in a community open space, first day they saw mere 5 students walking but within years time the library was hit and saw a regular students entering. .

Another initiative taken by PRAYOG is to grab peoples attention that is by exposure visit where 5 students were selected to be a part of the visit. First visit was to Parivartan NGO and the second visit was in Bhutan ,it act as a confidence booster as many students started getting connected with them.

PRAYOG Team prepare kids for debate and make them socially aware.

Most of families were worried that their children from high community restricted children from backward class, thus Surya Prakash Rai took initiative of clearing illusion that persisted among them.. Today, the same kids from all the communities stay together in the same room during exposure visits, hug each other, and share their food. It is a great achievement,

Apart from lack of awareness, a low teacher-student ratio was another challenge.Kids were more willing to attend tuition classes than school. This problem was solved through an interesting initiative which involved older students mentoring the younger ones.

Education is a powerful tool that can gain victory against all odds, poverty, superstitious, unhygienic lifestyle and other social issues.

Thus PRAYOG has enlightened the younger lives by showing them the way to success.

OSCAR CORTES volunteer at schools in the slums

It was our first time volunteering and we planned to spend 3 weeks with the project, we had no idea that we would get so emotionally involved says Oscar Cortes.Fundacin Mariposas Amarillas (FMA) is a small grassroots organisation based in Santa Marta, on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, founded by Oscar Cortes himself a former street kid.

The foundation runs two small schools in very poor neighbourhoods/slums on the outskirts of Santa Marta. There is a morning school and an afternoon school that is run by Oscar and a team of short and long term volunteers from all over the world.

The FMA afternoon school i