Succeeding at Enterprise Mobility with IMS- IMS UG September 2012 Midwest Springfield

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Transcript of Succeeding at Enterprise Mobility with IMS- IMS UG September 2012 Midwest Springfield

  • 1. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaSucceeding at Enterprise Mobility withIMS Data and TransactionsKen Blackman, IBM 2012 IBM Corporation

2. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaTopics Enterprise Mobility The IBM Mobile Foundation IBM Cast Iron Worklight IMS Impact Transactions Databases 2012 IBM Corporation 3. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaMemory lane1. Centralized Computing: 1960 Optimized for sharing, industrial strength, systems management, Service Bureau business, often referred to as time-sharing or utility computing Managed by central IT organization Back office applications involving transactions, shared data bases, Mainframes, supercomputers, minicomputers, 2.Client/Server: 1985 Optimized for low costs, simplicity, flexibility, Distributed management across multiple departments and organizations Large numbers of PC-based applications PC-based clients and servers, Unix, Linux, ...3.Cloud Computing: 2010 Consumption and delivery model Optimized for massive scalability, delivery of services, Centralized model, hybrid service acquisition models Supports huge numbers of mobile devices and sensors Internet technology-based architecture4.Enterprise Mobility: 2012 Mobile devices for access to enterprise systems Can leverage Cloud based systems 2012 IBM Corporation 4. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaEnterprise Mobility Evolving trends 2012 shipment of smartphones and tablets is expected to exceed that of traditional personal computers including laptops 2013 Employee smartphones will account for 62 % of business-use 8 out of 10 businesses will support tablet use in the workplace 2016 the estimate is that there will be 1 billion+ smart phones in market, 375 million+ tablets 2012 IBM Corporation 5. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaEnterprise Mobility Mobile Device provides new end point Business to Enterprise productivity tools for employees Business to Consumer Customer engagement channels Consumer to Consumer Transfer data to/from mobile device 2012 IBM Corporation 6. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaEnterprise MobilityApplication types Native Mobile only Application Mobile Web access Application Hybrid Application Mobile only + Web access 2012 IBM Corporation 7. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaEnterprise Mobility The Mobile lifecycle Strong demand by lines of business Higher expectations of user experience with mobile apps Lack of best practices guidance on how to deliver mobile applications More direct involvement from users/stakeholders in design Native programming models are not portable across devices Highly fragmented set of mobile devices and platforms Very large number of configurations of devices, platforms, carriers, etc. to test Evolution at a much faster pace More frequent releases and updates for apps with more urgent time-to- market demands 2012 IBM Corporation 8. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaEnterprise Mobility Challenges Changes to the business model New business opportunities based upon geolocation Anytime, anywhere business transactions Importance of social business interactions Application Development complexity Multiple device platforms with fragmented Web, native, and hybrid model landscape Connecting to enterprise back-end services in a secure and scalable manner Unique mobile requirements (UI, connected/disconnected use, version upgrades,etc.) Mobile security and management Protection of privacy and confidential information Use of client-owned smartphones and tablets Visibility, Security & Management of mobile platform requirements 2012 IBM Corporation 9. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaEnterprise Mobility IBM solutions address these needs through architectures and product solutions that Build and Connect Build mobile applications that run on multiple devices Connect to, and run enterprise back-end applications and information systems Manage and Secure Manage mobile devices and applications Secure the mobile business environment Extend and Transform Extend existing business capabilities to mobile devices Transform the business by creating new opportunities 2012 IBM Corporation 10. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaEnterprise Mobility DB2, Informix, solidDBOptim, GuardiumInfoSphere Foundation Tools WebSphere Portal Mobile Portal IBM Mobile Offerings Telecom Data WarehouseInfoSphere MDM AcceleratorInfoSphere MDM for PIMLotus QuickrECM / FileNetLotus Notes TravelerInfoSphere StreamsLotus SametimeILOGLotus ConnectionsLotus Mobile Connect WebSphere Dynamic ProcessMobile Portal AcceleratorEditionLotusLive meetings Telecom Content PackLotus ExpeditorLombardi Blueprint Content Manager OnDemandWebSphere Commerce Optim Data Growth Solutionfor Amdocs Tivoli Maximo EveryplaceMobile Enterprise Services Cognos Go! Mobile Cognos BIRational FocalPoint Cognos Now Rational System Architect SPSS Rational Software Architect IBM Smart AnalyticsRational Modeling Comm System Appl plugin for RSAInfosphere Business GlossaryRational DOORSRational Software ArchitectSPDERational Modeling communicationsApplications plugin for RSA Tivoli Network Performance Manager,Tivoli Access ManagerRational Clear CaseRational TeamConcertTivoli Netcool OMNIbus & Network Tivoli Federated Identity MgrIntelliden R-SeriesRational SDL SuiteManager, Tivoli Netcool/Impact, Tivoli Tivoli Security Info & Event MgrRhapsodyNetcool Service Quality ManagerTivoli MonitoringMobile Mashup Center, Tivoli Netcool Performance Tivoli Business Service MgmtFlow AnalyzerTivoli Composite Application Mgr WebSphere Application Server WebSphere sMashIMS connectorSmart Business Dev & Test Cloud Tivoli Service Automation Mgr WebSphere Presence Server Smart Business Storage CloudTivoli Usage and Acctg Mgr WebSphere XDMS Server Smart Analytics Cloud Tivoli Provisioning Manager WebSphere Telecom Web Services Server IBM CloudBurst 2012 IBM Corporation 11. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaSO IBM has been investing in the mobile space for more than a decade BUT In April of this year, IBM announced a new portfolio that expands IBMs strategy to provide clients with a mobile platform that spans application development, integration, security and 2012 IBM Corporation 12. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaIBM Mobile Foundation - 2012Includes IBM WebSphere Cast Iron IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices IBM Mobile IBM Worklight FoundationPlus New Services Offering IBM Mobile ServicesComplementary Offerings IBM solutions for Social Business IBM Smarter Commerce IBM Exceptional Web Experience IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 IBM Corporation 13. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaIBM Mobile Foundation Packaging of several existing IBM tools and the new cross- platform mobile development and integration capabilities of Worklight A mobile product family that allows organizations to: Develop HTML5, hybrid and native apps once and deploy to multiple mobile environments without manual porting Manage and secure network-connected devices, including mobile endpoints Integrate mobile applications to enterprise systems and cloud services 2012 IBM Corporation 14. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaIBM Mobile Foundation Supports the development of mobile apps in four ways Web Apps - Quick and low-cost development effort Written entirely in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code Executed by the mobile browser and therefore cross-platform by default, but less powerful than native apps. Hybrid Apps (Web) - The apps source code consists of web code executed within a native container that is provided by Worklight and consists of native libraries. Hybrid Apps (Mix) - The web code is augmented with native language to create unique features and access native APIs that are not yet available via JavaScript, such as AR, NFC and others. Native Apps - Platform-specific requiring unique expertise and knowledge Pricey and time consuming to develop but delivers the highest user experience of all approaches. 2012 IBM Corporation 15. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaIBM Mobile Foundation WebSphere Cast Iron (for IT Departments) Hybrid cloud technology that links mobile applications to clouds as well as back-end infrastructure and enterprise resources Worklight (for developers) A set of development and integration tools Allows developers to write applications and other mobile software just once For deployment across Apple iOS, Google Android and Research In Motions BlackBerry platform IBM Endpoint Manager (for administrators) Software that spans servers to mobile devices and can carry out critical tasks such as wiping the data and applications off a mobile device when those resources could be at risk Supports managing all types of endpoints on a network and making them secure 2012 IBM Corporation 16. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaIBM WebSphere Cast IronSupports a variety of secure communication protocols:HTTPS (HTTP over SSL)SOAP/HTTP over SSLSecure FTP (FTP over SSH) and FTPS (FTP over SSL or Implicit FTPS) Secure Databases (SSL): Supports secure mechanism for database access 2012 IBM Corporation 17. Advanced Technical Skills (ATS) North AmericaIBM WorklightEnterprise IntegrationApps Development Direct access to back-end systems Leverage existing SOA services Build once. Run anywhere. Server-side caching Android, iOS, Blackberry, Microsoft, iGoogle, Facebook app, Adobe AIR Adapters with support for SAP, SOAP, REST, SQL Runtime Skins for different resolutions and more Standards based language Application Management Application Lifecycle Management App distribution Centralized Build Process App Version manag