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“Tiles can be used anywhere and everywhere… make sure you know where to use what.”

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“Tiles can be used anywhere and everywhere…

make sure you know where to use what.”

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SUBWAY TILESSubway tiles have been popular ever since the early 1900’s when New York used them to decorate the walls of their subway stations. The tiles are still wildly popular today and have evolved from the ceramic that they were once made in, to now being made out of dazzling beautiful glass. The richness of colors you can get from glass subway tile just can’t be beat.Subway tiles can be bought in almost any size and configuration, though the most popular is a 3″x6″ in either a brick layered style or in a lined up pattern. When buying subway tile you should look for tiles that are 8mm thick, this gives you a much better depth of color and strength of tile.

The great thing about glass tiles now becoming more popular than ceramic is the way they handle water. The old ceramic style of tile would degrade over time from water and would start to wear quickly. Glass subway tiles does not have this problem as it is impervious to water which makes it ideal use for bathroom, kitchens, and pools. In the kitchen subway tile is often used as a kitchen backsplash. A tile backsplash will give a very beautiful and unique look to your kitchen, while being practical at the same time in protecting your walls from water damage.

The vivid colors that you can get out of the crystal glass subway tiles is all the buzz of popular interior designers these days, and is a cheap way to transform any kitchen, bathroom or pool into a stunning area.

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