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SUBSURFACE is a magazine devoted to the exploration of landscape and the landscape architecture profession. It is the first student-run publication of its kind at Cal Poly Pomona school of landscape architecture and seeks to be an outlet for expression and educational growth pertaining to the field. As a student-run publication, the opportunities to expose the field of landscape architecture and describe contemporary landscapes are limitless. The quality of the magazine is only constrained by the passion of the students and their eagerness to explore and reveal the landscape at large. This is the first issue, and subsequent issues will be created by every senior class of the undergraduate program. The magazine is the brainchild of these people, class of 2008: Joel Carrasco, Courtney Embrey, Mitch Howard, Lance Hunter, Kim Kearney, Judy Lee, Joshua Llaneza, Bahar Mahgerefteh, and Jen Rueda. Additional contributions made by: Leslie Lemus and Kelley Littman

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    LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE / current issues / culture + creative magazine

    A new student-run publication for opinions + ideas of tomorrows landscape architects

  • propaganda poster by Leslie Lemus

  • This all started at the beginning of my spring quarter of senior year. My studio project for the quarter was based on the USGBC competition, which this year was geared towards the scope of landscape architecture, with goals of reintegrating underused structures into the community.

    The site of the project is the old Lincoln-Heights Jail, which is uniquely situated at the confluence of the Arroyo Seco and the Los Angeles River, in Los Angeles, California. After some research and a site visit, I had some rough conceptual design ideas. Next I set off to find some case studies which could offer guidance from successful projects of similar intent, site challenges, and structure. Landscape Architecture Magazine is the most accessible resource for built projects in our field, so that was a logical place to begin my search for case studies. From my three years worth of publications all I found was a mere three articles that related to my project. Although these were helpful to a degree, I was looking for more substantial and in depth coverage of contemporary projects.

    A classmate pointed out the discrepancy between the number of magazine publications that Architects have compared to Landscape Architects. There are numerous titles including Dwell, Praxis, Architecture Review, Architectural Record, and Architectural Digest. At our college library, these architecture magazine were present, but I also began to notice a number of publications from schools from all over the country that were showcasing student work as well as scholarly articles. These publications not only served as another resource for students to find current projects, themes, styles, ideas, and theories in our field, but it also served as explicit form of propaganda for that particular institution, which happens to be the a theme we are exploring in our design lecture for the quarter.

    All of a sudden fireworks started going off in my brain. Wheres our magazine? Wheres our resource?And as they say, the rest is history


  • COVERLandscape architecture involves the ability to explore current issues and connect them through design. It is about seeing things that would normally be viewed as isolated elements or events and finding how they relate to each other, and to the landscape at large.

    As a going away present to our university Cal Poly Pomona, the Landscape Architecture undergrad class of 2008 has published this magazine titled SUBSURFACE. Through our years of education we discovered that the public perception (and previously our own) of landscape architecture is limited to garden design/curb appeal, or the preservers of the natural landscape. We wondered why.

    Most of this perception can be attributed to the labeling done by mass media running 24 hours of home garden how-to on television and filling the newsstands with publications of similar topics. Though we dont condemn any of this, we have other intentions. Through this magazine, we intend to daylight some great work. Subsurface will also respond to contemporary theory and opinions that are being raised within our chosen profession, and our own college as well. We also realized we needed to create an alternative magazine that the public can easily consume, showing them that there is a lot more to landscape architecture than the typical creation of the passive, picturesque landscape.

    In the following pages youll read articles, and see projects and renderings done by students that actively question the relationship between landscape architecture and current affairs. In the end, we hope to trigger a new understanding of landscape architecture, expose and stimulate new ideas and issues, and to foster a community of progressive thinkers whose drive is to continuously transform the world around them (and themselves).


    ISSUE 001





    3 3 B u s O r B u s t . . . a p e r s o n a l a c c o u n t o f t h e L o s A n g e l e s p u b l i c t r a n s p o r t a t i o n s y s t e m b y C o u r t n e y E m b r e y

    1 2 A l i e n a t i o n / L a n d s c a p e s . . . e x a m i n i n g t h e l a n d s c a p e t h r o u g h f i l m b y M i t c h H o w a r d

    2 0 1 0 T h i n g s . . . . y o u w o n t l e a r n u n t i l t h e s i x t h w e e k o f t h e l a s t q u a r t e r o f y o u r s e n i o r y e a r b y K i m b e r l y K e a r n e y

    4 2 P o s t A l l B i l l s ! . . . p r o p a g a n d a + l a n d s c a p e a r c h i t e c t u r e b y B a h a r M a h g e r e f t e h

    4 4 T h i n g s F o u n d B e n e a t h t h e S u r f a c e . . . s p e c u l a t i o n i n t h e d e s e r t b y K i m b e r l y K e a r n e y

    4 8 B e y o n d L a n d s c a p e U r b a n i s m . . . o n s t a n a l l e n s l e c t u r e a t u s c b y J e n R u e d a

    2 6 E n v i r o n m e n t a l R a c i s m . . . a t t i t u d e i n t h e A m e r i c a n L a n d s c a p e . b y J u d y L e e

    2 4 F i r s t S t e p s To N a t u r e . . . a p e r s o n a l e x p l o r a t i o n b y J o e l C a r r a s c o

    3 0 I n I t F o r T h e W i n . . . w h y I c h o s e l a n d s c a p e a r c h i t e c t u r e b y K e l l y L i t t m a n

    + P h o t o E s s a y . . . l i f e o f l a n d s c a p e s b y J o s h u a L l a n e z a

    3 1 S o , D o Y o u G a r d e n ? . . . w h a t i s l a n d s c a p e a r c h i t e c t u r e b y L a n c e l o t H u n t e r


    ISSUE 001









    ISSUE 001

    Joshua Llaneza graphics coordinator + contributing photographerJoshua is a communication artist at heart, but he became interested in landscape architecture and urbanism after a trip to New York City. After seeing its breathtaking urban landscape and its ability to host dynamic interactions within the many subcultures, he knew he wanted to do something related to urban design. So over the years, he continued to travel in search of great cities, documenting and observing people and their environment. He has absolutely no idea where hell be in 10 years, but he does know what hell be doing; that is fusing his talents in communication arts with theories in landscape architecture and urban design. Oh and yes, he naturally has a crooked smile.

    Kimberly Kearney editor + contributing writerKimberly is crafter with interests in knitting, soap making, clothing design, and jewelry making. When Kimberly is not searching for new hobbies to get into or using her hobbies as a way to procrastinate, she can be found daydreaming about the times when living was easier. By the end of this sentence, she will have found two new crafts that require expenditures of time and money. Her interest in Landscape Architecture spawned from a deep yearning for a career which fulfilled her desire to contribute to a bigger picture, and provide an opportunity to work on projects which would affect a large community of people in a positive way.

    Courtney Embrey editor + contributing writerCourtney believes that to achieve the greatest results you must make spur of the moment decisions up until the last minute is the key. Courtney can take full credit, within a small group of friends, for coining the term, last-minute-miracles.

    Mitch Howard editor-in-chief + contributing writerMitch doesnt trust any biography more than ten words in length. He believes that anything more than what is written on a gravestone is going to include some amount of fluff. Yet, he takes great pleasure from a good story; whether or not its true seems to be of little consequence. Mitch is currently finishing an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. Hopefully, this education will lead to a second career that doesnt involve super-heated steam, fatty acids, or hydrogen gas at 300 psi. He has ridden in taxis, in cities from Tijuana to Rome, and has the stories to prove it.




    Joel Carrasco public relations + contributing writerGraduating this year, Joels perspective on the profession is influenced by personal experiences and knowledge of the human/nature relationship. Often combining newly thought up words and phrases to provide no apparent resolution, Joel has become a posing Landscape Urbanist. By night he spends time bleeding monochromatic experiences and ornate ideas together to become extravagant designs for a future never thought of. By day, he is often found glued to a TV or computer screen. Its hard to believe that his daydreams are of nothing more than an empty field in which he loses himself to the sky.

    Bahar Mahgerefteh graphics + contributing writerSome like school and some dont, but Bahar finds herself to be in love with school. She takes pleasure in everything that comes about in her education; therefore shes never missed a day of school. Bahar sets her