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  • Student Voices: Online Student Success

  • AQIP Action Project: Student Support Services for Distance LearnersThis project will assess the current availability and accessibility of student support services for online students in an effort to identify gaps in services and opportunities for expansion and improvement of services.

  • How important are each of the following services to you?

  • The Question:What can we do to help you be more successful in the online course?

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  • Online Testing

  • Faculty Involvementwhile all three types of interactivity are important (student to instructor, student to student and student to content), it is critical that student - instructor communication plays a central role in course design for all learners. R. Croxton June 2014

  • Interactivity and Student GPA

  • Timely Feedback

  • Instructor AvailabilityI loved this course!"My instructor was awesome and was always there if you had any questions.""...every course I have taken has been great and the professors have all been attentive and responsive"."I really enjoyed my online course with [my] professor... he was responsive to my individual questions and he always replied in a timely compassionate manner.

  • not so much"Although the instructor had organized the course well on Blackboard, I could never get a prompt response...My teacher on the other hand, is very distant and not very helpful whenever I try and reach out to him.

  • Consistency

  • Reminders / Notifications

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  • More online courses, please!These courses are great I only wish that the required in-class credit could be achieved online instead. I am taking on-line for a reason so having to be at the school for me is not an option. Knowing I will have to make other arrangements to finish my degree is a little stressful. If I could be there I would but I cannot so every course I have taken has been great and the Profs. have all been attentive and responsive.

  • AgainThe online class format was critical to my completion of an Associate's Degree, and I believe that it will continue to be necessary as I continue my education through the Lakeland/Kent Technical and Applied Studies Partnership Program. Online courses help individuals like me achieve their goals and balance a busy work/family life schedule. Please keep up the good work!

  • And againI have enjoyed taking online courses. It fits with my busy schedule / lifestyle and I can do my school work at varying hours, where if I were on campus, I would have to be there certain days and hours.

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  • What could Lakeland do to help you be more successful in online courses?Reliable TechnologyVideoMore Online CoursesReminders for AssignmentsConsistency

    Instructor AvailabilityTimely FeedbackFaculty InvolvementOnline TestingCalendar

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  • Contact Me:Bill KnappChief Academic Technology OfficerLakeland Community on twitter

    Ten things online students tell us we can do to help to be more successful

    *Come to campus : 98% in-state - 92% within driving distance

    *The average online learners at LCC are non-traditional students, women, enrolled part-time. They are place-bound students trying to fit their education into (around) their busy lives.

    *List of membership: Myself and Michelle Smith co-chair. Michelle is Behavioral Sciences faculty. Help desk, Learning / Testing Center, IT Faculty, Provosts office, Counseling, Career services, Instructional designer, Director Student Success & Completion, Library Faculty, Student Affairs office, English Faculty, Director Institutional Research.*We reviewed several initiatives at other institutions both traditional and online schools. A couple of useful resources included a paper Anita Crawley & Marie Fetzner (2013) Providing Service Innovations to Students Inside and Outside of the Online Classroom: Focusing on Student Success. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, Vol 17 No. 1,

    WCET LAAP Project Beyond the Administrative Core: Creating Web-based Student Services for Online Learners, 2002, WCET, by Pat Shea and Sue Armitage

    *Took an inventory of services available to online students. Interesting note that with the exception of the help desk, students evaluated the face-to-face services slightly higher than the virtual equivalents. *When we asked this question, I was expecting students to offer suggestions on technology that the college could adopt that would help the distance learner better manage their online experience. It was a surprise when they focused instead primarily on issues of design and delivery.*In reverse order, I will share with you the top ten things students said would we could do to help them be more successful in the online course.# 10 Calendar students need to keep track of what is due - when. We have known for years that the successful online is self-directed and possesses good time-management skills. Factors associated with student persistence in an online program include satisfaction with online learning, a sense of belonging to the learning community, motivation, peer, and family support, time management skills, and increased communication with the instructor. Caroline Hart (2012) Factors associated with student persistence in an online program of study: A review of the literature. Journal of Interactive Online Learning Vol 11, No. 1.*#9 Online Testing: Students had a lot to say about testing in the online course. They were concerned about having to come into the testing center as this was in some cases impossible to do and they were asking that tests instead be given online. The title of this image is Online Test = OPEN CHEAT CC-BY-NC-SA by Jered Stein on Flickr.

    Alternative assessment such as authentic and performance as well as formative assessment techniques can help with the concerns regarding online tests and cheating. Using artifacts and submitting through a portfolio may be a better means of providing assessment.*#8 Faculty Involvement Online course interactivity, particularly between student and instructor, plays an important role in a students choice to persist in an online course. - Rebecca Croxton (2014) The role of interactivity in student satisfaction and persistence in online learning, Merlot Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, Vol 10, No. 2

    *Creating an Effective Online Instructor Presence, April 2013, Community College Research Center, Teachers College, Columbia University. Students expressed disappointment when they sensed a lack of caring from their teachers; in those cases, they reported feeling like they had to teach themselves.Personalized communication and OHT strategies: welcome calls, using names in correspondence, individualized feedback, Audio / Voice announcements, podcasts, (video) - Kristen Betts (2008) Online Human Touch (OHT) Instruction and Programming: A conceptual framework to increase student engagement and retention in online education (Part 1), Journal of Online Learning and Teaching (JOLT), Merlot*#7 Timely feedback increases student engagement. Games, quizzes (formative assessment) that are automatically scored with relevant information, discussion forums, etc. The instructor is interacting with the student by providing guidance and direction. The student receives feedback from their success in hitting the target. The closer she gets to and/or more frequently, hits the bulls eye, the higher the skill level and confidence*#6 Instructor Availability - Virtually every time a student used the words I loved this course, in the same breath they mentioned their instructor being available and accessible and responsive. I encourage instructors to post the best way to reach them, when and how often they check for messages, when a student can expect a response, etc.*Instructor availability / responsiveness was the single most important factor in student satisfaction.

    Google voice for texting, hangouts for office hours, etc. How and when can your students reach you? When can they expect a response?

    The findings suggest that students' use of virtual office hours is not significantly different from their use of traditional office hours; however, participants in classes that offered virtual office hours reported higher levels of satisfaction with office hours than students in classes that offered only traditional face-to-face office hours. - Li, Lei; Pitts, Jennifer P. (2009) Does It Really Matter? Using Virtual Office Hours to Enhance Student-Faculty Interaction, Journal of Information Systems Education, v20 n2 p175-185

    *#5 Consistency - There is something to be said for consistency when designing and delivering online courses. Students appreciate not having to learn to navigate all over again each time they enroll in an online course. The use of templates and master courses is recommended, enabling all students to have a similar experience.

    When we say an application is intuitive what we mean is that it is familiar.*The number one reason why students f