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2. WHY SKOLKOVO?Normal Technology Life CycleTechnology maturity / market acceptancePrivate Large CorporatesEquity IPOs Commoditization of Technology Entrepreneurs Early Late Mid Basic AppliedResearchResearch VCTime 2 3. WHY SKOLKOVO?Current Russian Situation The gap:Technology maturity / market acceptance Research not linked to market Little early-stage financing or services Result: weak commercialization Private Large Corporates EquityIPOs Commoditization ofTechnologyEntrepreneursEarlyLateMid Basic AppliedResearchResearchVC Time3 4. + A FEW MORE GAPSPractices of sponsored researchCulture of entrepreneurshipInstitutional environmentR&D infrastructure > Low productivity + brain drain4 5. SKOLKOVO CITY5 6. SKOLKOVO CITYKey figures: 400 hectares 10 000 residents 26 000 total employed 6 000 professional jobs Pedestrian-oriented masterplan Sustainable design, LEEDcertified 2014 completion date (phase 1) 6 7. SPECIAL ECONOMIC REGIMENo VAT or profit tax for 10 years14% unified social tax rate (vs. normal 34%)Refund of customs duties and VAT on importedequipmentOwn customs service; simplified migration law7 8. 5 THEMATIC AREAS = RU MODERNIZATION PRIORITIES Energy: efficiency, saving, new energy technologies IT: software, engineering, devicesBiomed: biotech, drugs, devicesSpace:telecom, navigation, imaging, lifesystemsNuclear: medicine, energy,materials 8 9. KEY ELEMENTS OF SKOLKOVO ECOSYSTEM University+ Startups Corporate R&D centers VC funds Moscow School ofManagement 9 10. TECHNOPARK SUPPORTING STARTUPS SkolkovoSkolkovoClusters InstituteFundsOtherUniversities CoachingSpin-offMarket & training center assistanceCorporateExternalInfrastructure servicesFunding venturefunds Technopark 10 11. CORPORATE PARTNERSInternational companiesRussian companies 11 12. THE ROLE OF CORPORATE PARTNERS1. Create and operate R&D centers in Skolkovo2. Evaluate Skolkovos pipeline of promising technologies & advise on strategy3. Co-invest in promising Skolkovo start-ups4. Offer early commercialization opportunities to Skolkovo startups5. Fund research at SkTech12 13. SKOLKOVO INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYWorlds first graduateuniversity to fully-integrateresearch, education,innovation andentrepreneurship 1200 graduate students and 200 Strategic partner:faculty by 2018 5 programs, 15 multi-universityresearch centers Source of expertise in Skolkovo Source of high-caliber talent13 14. SKOLKOVO INSTITUTE: NEGOTIATIONSMIT facultyRu academicsRu management and legalGovernment1. Role of faculty in the US2. Distribution of faculty time (1/3 spent pitching)3. Need of a model4. Services contract, quantity v quality bureaucratic control5. Gap between capacity to deliver and capacity to assimilate Pride6. Quality v speed (political logic)Distance to power7. Interdisciplinarity; complex collaborationsTrustCultural bias?How do we deal with it in Skolkovo?14 15. ENGINEERING SYSTEM: SKOLKOVOENVIRONMENT / CULTURE 15 16. SKOLKOVO ENVIRONMENT / CULTUREInnovation ecosystems: success factors andmechanisms. Engineering systemsMindsetCultureArchitecture > infrastructure > institutions > institutes> governanceValues:: frameworks life is in betweenExperience, attractivenessDynamicsCommunities EquilibriumBehaviours: types and efficiency/effectivenessQualities of the ecosystem16 17. 17 18. THE SOLUTION? Close the gap with tools for efficient commercializationTechnology maturity / market acceptance Skolkovo EcosystemSkolkovo Institute Large CorporatesInnovation Center 5 clusters Commoditization of TechnoparkTechnology Key partners Entrepreneurs VC Venture Capital Early Mid Late BasicAppliedResearch ResearchCity InfrastructureTime18 19. MISSIONSkolkovo is a strategic development initiative to: Develop human capital through world-class research and education Diversify and grow Russias economythrough innovation and entrepreneurship Integrate Russia into global networks oftechnology and knowledge exchange 19 20. GUIDING PRINCIPLESOpen, transparent, and fair: essential toattract world-class talent, institutions andbusinessesInternational standardsMaximum private sector participationSelf-sustaining over timePhysical and virtual layers 20 21. WHAT SKOLKOVO IS, WHAT SKOLKOVO IS NOTWe provide financial grantsWe are not an investment fund; we do not invest, takeWe are non-profitequity stakes or board seatsWe finance and support R&D We dont finance production orand early-stage companiesadvanced commercial activityWe are a platform forWe are not a sales agentinternational collaboration inR&D and technology transferWe support and finance bothWe are not limited to RussianRussian and internationaltechnology; our mandate is toinnovation enhance 2-way tech transfer21 22. SKOLKOVO ENVIRONMENT / CULTURE: OPEN QUESTIONSMixed communities v compartmentalizedOpen to external audiences v closed22 23. SKOLKOVO CITY23