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  2. 2. MY PICTURES When we started this project, we went to Londonfor a photography trip. This trip was beneficialbecause we were able to try getting our ownimages using the idea of street photography.
  3. 3. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOS.I called this picture Travel inLondon because it represents 4different modes of transport inLondon- walking, biking, busingand using a taxi. I also like howyou have Big Ben in thebackground.In this photo, I edited the colour, aswe went to London on a gray day.This way, the picture is much lighterso it is easier to see what is going onin the picture. I also cloned some ofthe road to get rid of the date andtime that the photo was taken.
  4. 4. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOS. This is the same picture as above, but I decided to edit it twice because there was a lot that could be done with this picture. I edited all of the pictures using Photoshop.In this edit, I added another layer tothe image, and to the top layer, Iadjusted the colour so it was justblack and white. I then used theeraser on the bus so it would have itsoriginal colour. I thought it waseffective because the red doubledecker bus is quite iconic to Londontravel.
  5. 5. ANNOTATION OF PHOTOSLooking at the photos after I putthem on the computer, I liked thisone because it looks like the busand the bike are having a race.I started by cropping sothe bike would stand out. Ithen made the photoblack and white anderased the colour backinto the bus and thebikers helmet.
  6. 6. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOS. This photo is of a London Kiosk, which is essential to London trade because of the tourism aspect, ad many tourist will purchase London/England merchandise. To get rid of the date and time, I simply cropped the photo this time.As with the last photo, I edited it tobe black and white on the top layer,and then I erased some on the blackand white to give back some of theoriginal colour. I did this on the flagsand umbrellas so they would standout. Because the colour is bright, theeyes are drawn to it.
  7. 7. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOS. This photo was taken outside of a McDonalds.I like how I have kept thecolour on the bins because themix of red, green and yellowreally stand out against theblack and white.
  8. 8. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOS.I really like where this photo wastaken because this wholeunderground piece was full ofprofessional graffiti (and some not!).However, I really like this edit becauseit really makes the artwork stand out.To achieve this effect, I went toadjustments on Photoshop andclicked on Hue and Saturationbefore playing with the adjustmentsto achieve the graffiti in green andpurple. I like this because it still lookslike the graffiti is done in purple andgreen.
  9. 9. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOS. I really like this picture because it looks like the dog is chasing the woman on the bike, as we had seen this dog running around after a lot of people.When editing this photo, Icropped it to make more focuson the woman and thedog, and then adjusted thecolour to make them standout, as it was a very cloudy dayup there.
  10. 10. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOS. I edited this photo in two stages, as two different edits. I started just by rotating the picture.I then made the picture blackand white for the background. Ithen cropped the photo. I like itbecause it is quite camouflageagainst the background now.
  11. 11. ANNOTATIONS OF PHOTOSThis was on the way to the TateMuseum. I liked how bright theend was so decided I couldedit it there.I started with cloning thepavement to get rid of thedate. I then used the clone toolto get rid of the background.This also helped make thepeople look like silhouettes. Thisreally looked like the light at theend of the tunnel!
  12. 12. MATT STUART- STREET PHOTOGRAPHER Matt Stuart was born in 1974 in North West London.He didnt know what he wanted to do with his life,so his father had introduced him to several otherhobbies, such as skateboarding and Kung Fu.However, he didnt really have the flair for it, so hisfather introduced him to photographer, and sincethen, he has developed as a street photographer.
  20. 20. CONSIDERATIONS OF A STREETPHOTOGRAPHER Dos Donts Ask for permission of people if there arent too Take photos of homeless people. They haventmany in a shot. Especially if it has peoples much dignity as it is. If you really want to, askchildren in the shot. them or offer them money. Let the person know what the image is for. For Dont exploit people. For example, dont takeexample, when asking them, tell them why youa picture of a Muslim drinking, as drinking goesneed the image (e.g., a photography against their religion. It was be exploiting themassignment etc.)to do so. Be polite. If someone says yeas to being in a Dont take degrading or insulting photographs.picture, use manners, but if they say no, say Take pictures of people with disabilities withoutokay, thank you anyway and then leave permission. This is because they may not want itthem alone. and it can be seen as harming as they may Decisive moment- look for the opportune feel laughed at if they knew!moment to take a picture. Forget to check all of your equipment. This can Tell them if the image will end up on the range from batteries and memory card tointernet. This is because some people do notmoney. You wont get very far if you dontwant to be on there, and do not want theirhave money for food or extra batteries if youchildren on the internet either. Honesty! need it. Also dont forget to dress Make sure it is not against their religion. (This appropriately. It wouldnt be good to bemainly applies because the Amish and Druzewalking round for a whole day in heels- itSects are not allowed to be photographedwould hurt! So remember to dressbecause of religious views.)appropriately, have enough money and dontforget your equipment!