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Transcript of Streamlining Processes with Technology ... - KTL Solutions Dynamics ERP Whether you are changing...

  • Streamlining Processes with Technology Allowing You to Focus on Growth

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    The Core of What We Do: Business Process Consulting

    KTL Solutions has worked with hundreds of companies

    in a variety of industries to optimize and integrate their

    processes through customized software solutions.

    Through these experiences, alongside a top-notch team

    of engineers, accountants, and business consultants,

    KTL Solutions has gained invaluable insights that can

    be used to make you a leader in your industry.

    By getting your processes where they need to be, you will

    be able to see the big picture, increase your efficiency,

    and improve quality simultaneously. KTL Solutions will

    work with you to enhance your current processes, give

    you tailored recommendations for improvement, and

    provide you with the technology to follow through.




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    Dynamics ERP

    Whether you are changing Enterprise Resource Planning

    (ERP) systems or implementing one for the very first

    time, you need experience you can rely on to provide

    your company with the very best solutions that fit your

    specific needs. Since 1999, KTL Solutions has specialized

    in ERP consulting for small to mid-sized private and

    public-sector organizations in the mid-Atlantic region.

    We understand the problems businesses such as

    yours face today and apply systems to solve them.

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    Dynamics 365

    Your business has unique processes that differentiate you

    from your competition. You need a Customer Relationship

    Management (CRM) tool that can function alongside, and

    build upon, these processes. It needs to be flexible, yet

    provide structure where needed. Our experienced team of

    consultants and developers have designed and built systems

    across industries, such as finance, life sciences, non-profit,

    manufacturing, and food service. Let KTL Solutions help

    you implement the CRM to empower you and your team.

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    Office 365

    Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or an organization

    with over 100 employees, Office 365 has the applications

    your business relies on to run your day-to-day operations.

    Software is only useful if it is set up for the business’s

    specific needs and users have the know-how to operate it

    effectively. Office 365 is no exception. KTL Solutions has

    the expertise you need, including double log-in’s, built-in

    compliance controls, and more, to fully utilize Office 365.

    Work with KTL Solutions to get the most out of Office 365.

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    With 120,000 new Azure customer subscriptions per

    month and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies using the

    Microsoft Cloud, you can confidently deploy and scale your

    applications knowing your data is safe. Azure is continuously

    growing and upgrading, providing you the plethora of tools

    and customizations you need. Getting your architecture set

    up, deploying virtual machines, and managing your data,

    however, requires a high level of expertise most companies

    don’t have. This is where KTL Solutions steps in. We have

    years of experience and highly skilled engineers that have

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    Our team of engineers has built several custom software

    solutions expanding the value of Great Plains. Here are a few …

    KTL SOP/POP Advanced Distribution

    KTL PayStub Viewer KTL FastAP

    KTL Payroll Security

    Visit our website for a complete list of available products.

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    Custom Development

    KTL Solutions’s experienced team of developers bring

    experience and creativity together to avoid compromise

    and allow you to take control of your business. Whether

    you need web-based, on-premise, or web applications, KTL

    works alongside you to mold a solution that not only works

    with your business, but is designed to grow with it. Our team

    has built custom solutions from sophisticated e-commerce

    websites to logistics and management control systems.

    We believe our only limitation is your imagination, so work

    with KTL to build the solutions your business needs.

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    KTL360° A Full-Service Consulting Partnership

    Growing businesses need experience beyond their own four

    walls, to help to reac their goals and overcome IT challenges.

    That is why we created KTL360°, a complete technology

    partnership for businesses blending experienced consulting,

    software support, and help desk all in one offering.

    Giving you access to the experience you need

    to grow your business..

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    Our Team is Built to Serve

    Whether it is our experience with enterprise finance, our

    top tier software engineers, or our experienced business

    consultants, KTL Solutions has the wide range of experience

    your business can rely on. Here are a few of our specialists.

    Our experience ranges manufacturing, distribution,

    professional services, and not for profits. We bring all

    of this collective experience to the table for you.

  • Your business relies on technology for your day-to-

    day operations, so it is essential you are using the right

    technology. That is where KTL Solutions comes in. We

    do more than just implement or upgrade your systems.

    We add value to your business by understanding

    its unique qualities and needs. We can help you

    apply the right technology to improve your financial,

    customer service, and operational processes.

    Reach out and see how KTL Solutions provides you the

    technology and expertise your growing business needs.


      866.960.0001


       5119 Pegasus Court, Suite T

    Frederick, MD 21704