Stream of consciousness writing for fluency

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Because so many students in Korea have been taught via a traditionally teacher-based educational system, students often become so focused on test scores, a passive method of using English. This leads them to frequent difficulties with spontaneous production – speaking and writing. Further, students rarely get the opportunity to express their personalities in the Korean classroom setting. These factors contribute to a decreased ability to interact except in the narrowest of circumstances, that is, an inability to engage in important skills in today’s business world – speaking and writing in a natural way. The researcher has integrated a written assignment that requires students to express themselves in a simple and quick way, breaking their translation habit, and assisting them in writing in a more natural manner. Beginning with a simple guided imagery technique, students are then taught stream of consciousness writing, a common exercise utilized by professional writers. It can be easily taught and supported in the classroom setting and takes very little effort on the part of the student or the teacher. Students become engaged in their writing, projecting personal representations of themselves in a simple yet profound manner. The assignment engages student creativity, passion, and interest. This presentation explores the theory behind the assignment’s philosophy, presents the accumulated data of student response, and gives participants an opportunity to learn and practice the technique themselves.

Transcript of Stream of consciousness writing for fluency

  • 1. Pamila J. Florea, MAHankuk University of Foreign StudiesYongin, So. Korea

2. The Problem1. Internal2. External 3. The Problem - Internal Difficulty with spontaneous production Saving face Looking arrogant Social anxiety Confucius ideology 4. The Problem - External Lack of opportunity Teacher-based classrooms Standardized testing 5. The result the awkward pause An inability to engage Unnatural, stilted conversations A thousand thorns and no flowers. LEADING TO Lack of trust in themselves Difficulty in communication Dreadful prose 6. Writing like a writer Native language writers have difficulty, too Judgments Difficulty writing Dry writing Lack of trust in themselves Difficulty in communication Dreadful prose 7. Writing like a writerWrite drunk;edit sober.~Ernest Hemingway 8. The Plan Descriptions Guided Meditation Stream of Consciousness Writing Feedback 9. Descriptions 14 Actors Acting UPSET what does it look like? Opportunity to explore the differences and similaritiesof the same word. The devil is in the details 10. Guided MeditationBeginning ScriptClose your eyes. Make any small adjustments you needto make to be comfortable. Take a deep breath andrelax. Breathe in through your nose and outthrough your mouth. Take another deep breath. Inout... As you breathe relax your body. Drop yourshoulders, role your head to the right and to the leftand back to center. Touch your chin to your chest, backto center and then lean your head back and then backto center. One more deep breath in . and out 11. 5 Physical Senses ScriptImagine you are visiting your familys home or thehome of a friend. Stand at the front door and lookaround. You are alone in this room. You can smellsomething cooking in the kitchen. It smells reallygood! Take a few deep breaths, and smell the food. Doyou know what it is? Walk to the kitchen and stand atthe doorway. Look inside. Another person is there,greet that person. Walk toward the stove. Look at whatis cooking. What color is it? Is it one thing or manythings? Pick up a spoon and dip it into the food. Tastethe food. Put the spoon down, then walk back to thefront door and step outside. 12. Guided MeditationEnding ScriptStay there for a moment. I will count back from five.When I reach zero, you may open your eyes when youare ready. Five four three two one. When youare ready, you may open your eyes. 13. Follow-up The spoon that you saw what did it look like? Was it a brown wooden spoon? A big metallic spoon? A small jam spoon? A Chinese soup spoon? How are your details? 14. Stream of Consciousness WritingThe RulesYou can do anything for 5 minutes Write as fast as you can. Dont stop writing. No erasing (thats stopping). No talking or doing anything else (thats stopping). Cross out worlds words if they are wrong and you catch themright away. Leave a ______ if you cant remember the word. Dont worry about grammar or spelling during this exercise. If you dont know what to write, you should write, I dont knowwhat to write. (you can write it as many times as you need to) 15. What you say is important.How you say it is not important. No editing No judging Grammar is not important Spelling is not important Changing topics is common Messy writing is common Errors are common 16. Findings Increase in student notes to the teacher Increased self confidence More creativity in projects More drawings in the writings 17. Guided Imagery Meditation 18. Stream of Conciousness Writing 19. Thank you for your attention! Pamila J. Florea, MAHankuk University of Foreign Studies Yongin, So. Korea [email protected] 010-8050-8809 20. Topics and Prompts1. I remember the day my heart was truly broken.2. My friend and I had an amazing adventure!3. My parents are great people, but they are not perfect.4. I want to ask God a question. God, I was wondering5. I look so different today than I did a few years ago.6. I saw a box on a street corner, and it was moving. When Ilooked inside,7. Here is my list of 100 things that make me happy!8. People like me shouldnt9. The day I was born was an auspicious day10. I wish I had said11. My deepest regret is12. Im the kind of person who 21. 1. My greatest fear is2. I saw true courage once.3. There arent many things worth dying for.4. Fairy tales are a big fat lie!5. I saw someone recently and wanted to meet them.6. I wish someone would invent7. There was one time I was so amazingly stupid!8. There was one thing that destroyed my confidence.9. If I were to die tomorrow,10. I wonder what would happen if11. I like to play with words, play music, play sports. 22. 1. I had the strangest dream2. I am going to write a recipe for3. My favorite piece of art is4. Nobody ever noticed5. My body is really making me mad.6. Criticism is a double edged sword7. I read a book once that really spoke to my soul.8. I dont want to write today.9. Let me tell you about my house.10. Why cant I11. I always forget12. I am soooooo fabulous! 23. 1. If I could wake up anywhere in the worldtomorrow, it would be2. Before I die, there is one place I really want to visitIf I found a wallet on the street,3. Everything I ever really needed to know4. I really love some things about myself.5. I saw a really strange person one day.6. My most prized possession came into my life7. Alcoholism is very different from social drinking.8. An accident changed my life.9. What I truly want is10. I feel like the most amazing person in the worldwhen 24. 1. If there is one habit that makes me bonkers, its2. I get a lot of energy from3. I couldnt live without. (or) I dont want to live without4. Once, I did this really great thing. Nobody knows about it.Shhh! Its a secret!5. I took a deep breath, and I felt transported back to mychildhood.6. It is important to protect7. The worst thing anyone ever did to me was8. I wanna be a rock / movie / sports star!9. One time I was really mean to someone.10. I cant wait to 11. I lost my keys one time12. Controversies are really 25. 14 Actors Acting Bardem: Damon: Moretz: