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The 8 best practices that all career and life coaches should convey in their digital platforms.

Transcript of Strategies and Examples for Career and Life Coaches

  • 1. Strategies and Examplesfor Career and Life Coaches Christine McMullin@CMcMChatter

2. Clientswant to feel a personal connection to their coach Websites are impersonal, but they must convey the personality and accessibility of the coach 3. Show that the Coach Helps Clients Like Them Is Knowledgeable and Experienced Is Accessible Is Professional Pays Attention to Client Needs 4. Four sites were audited.No one site had all of these traits, butsome did a few well. Coaches cancapitalize on this opportunity to create astrong, personal website, driving moretraffic to translate to more clients. 5. 1. Show Off Success Stories2. Answer the 3 Ws: who?, what?, and where?3. Promote a Clear and Consistent Brand4. Build Trust with Recognizable Entities5. Make Contact Easy6. Simplify Navigation and Choice7. Dont Sell, Educate!8. Update with Current Info Often 6. Show testimonials ASAP Connectwith varied formats: quotes, videos, client stories Collectsuccess stories on another page for those who want to read more 7. Quote from satisfiedclient changes at thetop More stories can befound in serviceschanging livesLanguage very positiveSource: (Seattle) 8. Succinct taglines communicate the value About us page needs to build trust Share your location and parameters aroundphone counseling 9. Bulleted list showsservices easily Clear tagline with acatchy, inspiringmessage Pictures of thecoaches, with individualratings Source: 10. Impactful logos and taglines should convey brand Brand should be visible on all pages Colorscheme should be consistent throughout 11. 3/4 have a tagline, CTCdoes not. Blue Heron haslittle to do with wisdom,but the tagline ties intobirds. 3/4 employ visuals topair with company name.Career Nav does not. 4/4 carry this brandlogo throughout theentire site at the header. 12. People trust names they know: Yelp, Zagat, Chicago Tribune Highlight high profile media mentions on site Showcasehigh profile partnerships (Northwestern, etc.) 13. Shockingly, nocompetitor advertise any credentials or partnerships Media mentions are hidden on all pages, if they appear CareerNav has anonymous reviews only Coachescould capitalize on this oversight and enhance brand 14. Prioritize phone and email on every page Offervisible options for follow on social media, blog, or newsletter Inviteuser to connect often throughout material on site 15. Below the fold on the homepage, there is a way to schedule online On the Individual Services page, clients can click to schedule a timewith each coach All sites have contact pages but Honorable Mention to CTC, whichContact, a link to become a client, and the phone number 16. Clear language should help users knowexactly what each button leads to Readable text with plenty of margin andwhite space dont strain eyes Fewerchoices lead to action, dontoverwhelm user with options 17. Clear margins make navigation bar easy to read Succinct language tells what button leads to The rest of the page is link laden, overwhelming the user with choice (itwas designed in 2011 and it shows).Source: 18. Dont lead with sales pitch Give knowledge away for free (email newsletter, resources, etc.) Allowclients to know you through writing, videos, and other channels 19. Video showing head coach greets user Monday Morning Business Coach, aweekly tips email newsletter. SmallCommitment, but still free knowledge! What Were Reading shows books ofcurrent interest to clientele. Honorable mention: Blue Heron, whichhas a radio channel that is clearly labeledand a blog, also clearly labeled.CareerNav also has a TV channel withtips.Source: 20. Fresh content equals relevancy Featured content should lead user to read more Appropriate content boosts SEO 21. All present: current blogpost, upcoming eventregistration, and sectionon New YearsResolutions The content is fresh andwelcomes the user toother channels 22. #1 #2 #3 #4#5#6 #7#8Show Off Answer 3 PromoteBuild MakeSimplify Dont Sell, UpdateSiteSuccessWsClear &Trust Contact Navigati Educate!withStories Consistent Easyon and CurrentBrandChoice ContentBlueHeronWisdom 5 06 0 7 6 5 5CareerNav0 55 7 6 5 6 7CTC 0 76 0 4 6 7 7CarpenterSmith 0 65 0 7 6 5 5 23. Show off Success Stories (#1) 24. Feature testimonial quotes on homepageHighlight success through videotestimonials Link to a testimonial page for client stories 25. Answer the 3 Ws (#2) 26. Clearly display phone and email contactinfoCall out services with bullet points to givevisual impactWrite a strong About Us static page thatpersonalizes the coach 27. Build Trust withRecognizable Brands (#4) 28. Clearly display partners whose names areknown Highlight good reviews on popular sitesDisplay media mentions from prestigioussources 29. Ifyou have questions or comments, get intouch Christine McMullin @CMcMChatter