Strategic Advantages of Unified Communications: A Wrap Up

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Transcript of Strategic Advantages of Unified Communications: A Wrap Up

  • Strategic Advantages of Unified Communications: A Wrap Up

  • The World Of Work Is Changing

  • 75% 30%Millennials are estimated

    to make up

    of the global workforce by 2030

    expecting to never work fixed hours.

    They are demanding greater flexibility from their employers than ever before with

  • 70%of the way through the buying process

    before they reach out to Sales.

    Customers are now typically

    Against this backdrop the buyers journey has also changed.

  • 70%of businesses now see unified

    communications as a strategic programme.

    The key to addressing the changing demands of the workforce, increasing Marketings reach, and driving forward top level business strategy, lies in unified communications enabling

    connected innovation.

  • 40%of respondents in Arkadins 2015 survey UC: Where are

    you on the journey agreed that they understood the benefits

    of unified communications and were committed to

    implementing it.

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  • Over the coming eight weeks, communications experts Arkadin will be examining how seamless

    employee communication not only creates a culture of innovation but also enables effective collaboration,

    resulting in the successful execution of your top level strategic business goals.


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