Storybook Spring 013

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New stories from the High House on the Hill

Transcript of Storybook Spring 013

  • meet lex, betty&co have a peek in the kitchen and watch them make a warm fire

  • a carpenter is what Lex always wanted to be, and a savior of lost cats from high above in the tree

    what he loves most in his car is his ladderhe finds it difficult to carry aroundbut he loves to climb so this doesnt matter

    in the forrest he collects wood, too make a table or a fire

    he can just make anything, that is what we in esthex town all admire

  • blixem woke up at seven

    it crossed his mind that

    morris will arrive at 11

  • goodmorning said morris, always dressed well as you see

    who will win today, you or me?

  • they play their favorite game

    every Tuesday and

    never get bored this way

  • it was Morris who won the game

    blixem couldnt sleep that night

    and thought it was a shame

  • sunday morning

  • while the eggs are boilling and the kettle is onsam wakes up and needs a coffee, rather strong

  • she heard a noise it was an unknown voice i bet its the twins watching tv i better go and see

  • dear sweeties please get out of your nest

    shuffle your feathersso you will have a fluffy chest

  • at the hairsaloon

  • it is an important day, betty will have dinner with stormit is a sunny day in may

    she wants to have her curlsas perfect as can be so she will be the only one he will see

  • lisa thank you for making my hair so nice

    i am really nervousmy hands are cold as ice

  • i better go now

    and run for the bus

    see you next time lisa when i will tell you all about us

  • new stories will appear at least once a year!

    copyright 2013