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  • Customer Engagement Channel Engagement Employee Engagement

    Brand Launch/Building Programs Product Launch/Building Programs

  • RUNWAYGlobal CXO Meet

    Informal, Interactive Session by Mr. Anant Gupta (President & CEO)

    More than 800 Employees Attended

    90000+ Employees Watched the Event

    1 Week of Continuous Workflow

    Entire League of Global CXO in HCL Appreciated the Event

    Multicity Event: Delhi, Chennai & Bangalore

    Watched the event through Video Streaming at 42 Locations

  • IISSIndia Global Forum

    The India Global Forum of International Institute of Strategic


    Witnessed the attendance of lot of honorable dignitaries and international


    More than 200 International Delegates attended the event.

    LIVE STREAMING of the Event in India and Abroad.

    An event executed as per International Standards

    Focused on Indias Global role and aspirations and the Challenges it is

    facing in the current scenario

  • RICOH360 Degree Experience

    A Multicity, Multi disciplinary, multi verticals, multi products event for


    Full fledged exhibition of the entire range of products by RICOH to all their


    360 Degree Concept has been replicated in each event.

    25+ creatives were designed and framed

    Sales increased and leads generated

    Over all a BIG sales driven brand building exercise for RICOH

    More than 1000 customers attended

  • Konica MinoltaPartners Meet

    STORY has been executing this event for the past 2 years and is organized

    in different city every time.

    3 Days of Experiential Learning, Interactive Sessions and Total Entertainment

    A positive increase in the Sales Volume of the brand

    Perfectly planned and executed each and every day throughout the event.

    More than 600 Partners Attended

    Three days of Business and Social Interaction of all the companys

    esteemed partners.

  • Konica MinoltaDealer Meet, 2014

    Evolution' was the theme given to Konica Minolta's annual trade partner

    meet this year, which merged business and social interaction in a

    three-day gala.

    Watchout Projection of 80x12 Feet

    Variety of Engagement Activities

    A complete blend of Business , Engagements and Entertainment.

    200+ Attendees

    Top Class Entertainment Acts

  • SISAnnual Conference

    Executed by STORY every year since 2011 with absolute perfection

    Participants representing countries such as Australia, Africa and Middle East

    120x16ft Watchout Screen Installed and Amplified.

    3 days of absolutely unforgettable and experiential moments

    Saw an attendance of 700+ employees

    Give the attendees a fantastic and relishing experience by exposing them to the most upgraded technology and


  • HavellsDealer Meet

    A Dealer meet with elegance and perfection.

    Watchout Projection Used

    International Delegates Catered

    Celebrated 90 Years of Excellence

    SYLVANIA, a perfect event executed with the most elite design.

    300+ Attendees

    Designing a elite set design and meeting clients expectations.


    Konica Minolta Evenings


    Really happy with STORY for doing this event with such an ease.

    SUCCESS STORYA motivational evening

    successfully executed

  • SUCCESS STORYSuccessful multicity event

    flawlessly executed. Everyoneappreciated the event


    Product Launch


    We are very happy with the creativity , innovation and management skills of STORY

  • BhramnaadMusical Extravaganza

    A highly successful event. It was registered in Guinness Book of World


    Saw more than 2 lac attendees

    Amazing crowd management

    Fabulously handled the whole event. Remarkable job done by the agency.

    More than 1400 Sitarists Played

    Massive Stage Setup

  • Bhartiya Janta PartyElection Campaign, Bihar State

    Election campaign for BJP in Bihar State to motivate the people to go out

    and vote

    Touched more than 75% Voters of Total Count

    2 Crore Leaflets Distributed

    A well planned and well executed campaign which won the agency an

    EEMAX Award

    215 Vehicle fabricated in just 13 days.

    Maximizing the impact of the campaign in the shortest available


    200 Assembly Constitutional Areas

  • SHAAN LiveConcert

    Marvelous Singer SHAAN LIVE in Concert.

    8 Best Teams Participated

    More than 100 wickets taken

    Cricket played in a whole new way bringing the Corporate Sports Talent


    More than 40+ Registrations

    Along with bands like Faridkot and dance acts by some renowned dance


    10 Crackling Matches played in just one day

    Around 3000 Facebook Page likes


    Voice for Vote concert for Delhi Elections to motive people to go out and Vote

    1000+ Attendees

    Different genres of music showcased at one stage

    Great Bands Like Parikrama and Euphoria performed together.

    One great initiative taken forward with a great event like this to motivate the citizens

    to vote.

    Executed at INDIA GATE

    Lot of renowned artists performed at one stage, which included Rock Bands and

    Dance Performers.

  • Awareness on Stress Free LifeA flawless turning around of an event bigger than Olympics.

    Client Speak

    SUCCESS STORYA highly successful event with over 25000 people attending

    Experience our Award Winning Services Member of Awarded

    Best Event ManagementCompany in Delhi | [email protected] | 9811665328

  • RBSFamily Day

    A theme based, engaging and entertainment oriented gala event for

    employees and their families.

    Footfall of more than 1500 visitors

    700+ Pax dressed in Pirates Attire

    Completed the whole fabrication in just 7 hours

    Overwhelming response from the crowd throughout the event .

    Full fledged PIRATE Themed executed flawlessly

  • O InfinityAnnual Award Ceremony

    Annual Award Ceremony for the HCL Employees

    Footfall of more than 13500 visitors every year

    More than 7000 Awards to be given every year

    12 Award Sessions in 6 Cities

    Each year marks a successful story to

    our feathers and appreciation from the


    Flawless Execution in total 30 Cities till date

    STORY has been executing this event flawlessly every year since 2011

  • Jabong CrickongCricket League

    Four days of full on entertainment, competition & excitement delivered by Story as they organized a cricket league


    15+ Teams Played

    10+ Departments Participated

    2000+ Online Reach

    Cricket in a complete new form along with more Fun and Entertainment

    4 Days of Absolute Madness


    HCL Family Day


    Had the most memorable time . Will never forget this day. Thanks to STORY.

    SUCCESS STORYAn exciting day filled with fun

    and entertainment


    HCL Directions


    Very well organised and managed by STORY

    SUCCESS STORYA very interactive conference

    and highly successful


    S-Tel Assam Launch


    Very good promotion exercise with amazing theme design. It was actually looking like a jungle. Brilliant!

    SUCCESS STORYBrand launch and major press

    coverage , employees were highly motivated

  • SUCCESS STORYEvent published on the cover of

    companys yearly magazine


    Soft Launch


    Great insight of details & handled the event beautifully

  • SUCCESS STORYTo make the event innovative,

    The employees feedback were outstanding.


    Dilli Ka Maharathi


    I would like to thank STORY team for organising such an exemplary offsite.Mr. Rahul Dewani, Marketing, Vodafone UPW


    HCL Program First


    Exceptionally well execution in all the cities. Such great job done by STORY. Kudos to the whole team

    SUCCESS STORY52 Cities covered

    Executed in just 15 daysFootfall of more than 100000 people | [email protected] | 9811665328


    Family Day

  • Jabong BuildingLaunch


    Awadh Theme was so amazing and delightful.. Two days of full fledged fun and entertainment. Story Rocks.


    Jabong Offsite

    SUCCESS STORY14 Matches, 14 Teams, Fun &

    Engagement in just 4 days.

    Experience our Award Winning ServicesMember of Awarded

    Best Event ManagementCompany in Delhi | [email protected] | 9811665328

  • Executed in Hard Rock Caf, Gurgaon

    PC Solutions25th Year Celebration

    25th year Celebration of PC Solutions.

    1000+ Attendees

    Innovative Engagement Activities

    Most Entertaining Dance Acts

    Gala Night executed with proper planning, engagements and entertainment

    A theme presented called PANACHE under which lot interesting activities and

    engagements were planned and conducted.

    Lot of Pre Event and Post Event Activities

  • Ananya Samman AwardsAward Ceremony

    Finding the best and aspiring Musici