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Transcript of Store locator service mobile

  • 2. Index
    • Introduction to Store Locator
    • Mobiphonicas Store Locator Service
      • SMS
      • WAP
      • IVR
      • Flow of Service
      • Requirements
      • Deployment
      • Commercials
      • Contact Us
    6/2/2010 Confidential
  • 3. Store Locator Service
    • Store Locator or it can even be called as shop locator / mall locator / ATM locator or Dealer locator.
    • Store locator services primary objective is to
      • Drive traffic / attract footfalls to the store.
      • Increase sale
      • Increase / maintain consumer loyalty
    • Store locator on SMS / WAP is the most convinient way to locate the nearest store or mall or ATM etc for consumers who are not aware of the location of a particular store.
    • Store locator service plays an important part in the purchase decision of the consumers.
    • Store locator service if coupled with a contest or a mobile coupon works wonders for the brand or the store in attracting footfalls and also inducing sales and consumer loyalty.
    • Store Locator Service works well for Large Stores like Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons etc; Malls, ATMs, Bank Branch, petrol pumps, pubs, restaurants, hotels etc.
    • Store Locator service is accessed on the mobile phones primarily through SMS / WAP & IVR.
    6/2/2010 Confidential
  • 4. Store Locator Service SMS; WAP & IVR
    • Our SMS Store Locator application is powerful, very easy to use and customizable.
    • Customers send their city/postal code by SMS to a shortcode / longcode number assigned for the service and within a few seconds they get a reply SMS with full details of their closest store, bank branch, ATM etc.
    • The solution reduces the effort to find out a Location of an outlet. The application receives the request from the customer, looks up for a match in the stores database and provides the exact/closest match for the request. Example: < Keyword > < PINCODE > to 5XXXX.
    • Our WAP Store Locator application leads the way in the next generation store locator service with pin point accuracy using maps and directions. With 3G coming in anytime, we are gearing up to incorporate GPS enabled location based service with voice enabled direction for the high end mobile subscribers.
    • Our IVR based Store Locator Service is still under Beta testing stage yet we have made it a powerful medium for consumers to dial into a voice code number (as assigned by the mobile operator) and speak out the store to locate and the area / pin code.
    • The IVR will instantly generate the reply and speak out the nearest location of the store for the consumer along with other options of the same store at near by locations.
    6/2/2010 Confidential
  • 5. Store Locator Flow of Service - SMS Nearest B31R store is at FOOD COURT, INORBIT MALL, MALAD (W). 5% off on any purchase a B31R Ice Cream. Show this SMS at the billing counter . Customer SMSs the keyword STRB31R to 5xxxx to get address of nearest B31R outlet To: 5xxxx STRB31R 400053 Mobiphonica Server Send Close From: 5xxxx Send Close Customer receives complete address with a coupon for discount etc. Customer requests for store location Customer receives store location with promotion 6/2/2010 Confidential
  • 6. Store Locator Flow of Service - WAP Enter a pin code or area with the keyword STRB31R STRB31R 400053 B31R store near 400053
    • Baskin 31 Robbins, 4 th Floor, Food Court, Inorbit Mall, Malad (W). Mumbai - 400053
    • Driving Directions
    Options Stop Options Stop Options Stop 6/2/2010 Confidential Find a Store Search Find a Store Find a Store
  • 7. Hotel Locator Flow of Service - IVR The traveler calls the IVR number that guides the traveler to Dial 1 for Pin code or Dial 2 for Area Traveler locating a hotel on mobile IVR I am traveling to Gurgaon, I need to book a hotel room, what should I do? Hi! Its me BILL the BOARD and I am happy to help you Not able to locate a suitable hotel to stay? Dial XXXX to locate a nearest hotel. Call us NOW!! The traveler sights the advertisement at the airport departure lounge 6/2/2010 Confidential Mobiphonicas hotel locator IVR application The traveler speaks out the area. The IVR prompts the nearest Hotel location and how to reach there from the airport. 1 2 3 4
  • 8. Store Locator Bulk Promotion - SMS DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE IS A BASKIN ROBBINS OUTLET NEAR YOU? SMS STRB31R TO XXX TO LOCATE THE STORE. SMS charges apply. Mobiphonica Store Locator Application From: 5xxxx Send Close Customer receives a promo message regarding the location of the Baskin Robbins outlet near them 6/2/2010 Confidential Mommy I want Ice Cream from Bafkin Wobbinf
  • 9. Requirements
    • Purchase a SMS Short Code or Long code (With Keyword integration) / IVR IVR Number / WAP A WAP Site / WAP Page.
    • Pin Codes, Area / City database to be pre-recorded on the Mobiphonica Store Locator Application.
    • If the Store Locator message also seeks to promote the product then the promo message needs to be precoded with the service.
    • An application needs to be coded for each client.
    • The service needs to be configured with a relevant price point INR 3.00 is the ideal price point for such service. However, this also depends upon the mobile operator should they want to bill the subscriber as per the subscribers call plan.
    • Bulk messaging application is required for the messages to be sent to the customer for every request made.
    6/2/2010 Confidential
  • 10. Deployment
    • Deployment of the service will take a time frame of between minimum 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the level of service required.
    • Deployment of service will also depend on the clients ability of provide complete data of its store locations.
    • In case of SMS service, the deployment may take a minimum of 1 week. In case of WAP service the deployment may take a minimum of 2 weeks. In case of IVR service, the deployment of service may take a minimum of 2 3 weeks.
    6/2/2010 Confidential
  • 11. Reach Us
    • Mobiphonica
    • Prabhjot Jolly
    • Email:
    • Phone: 0091 98481 14854