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The “Stop Smoking Bans” Community is an active community that promotes events and protests to fight against smoking bans. We have international presence. We organize parties and events in the most important cities around the world. The access to the community is open for all smokers and their supporters. Additionally, the campaign invites people to participate through the website by sending their most creative photos and writing a statement about good smokers. People could also participate by shooting themselves and writing their statements on the touch screen inside photo booths located on malls, train stations, parties and at the principal streets in diverse metropolis. All pictures and statements participate automatically on a contest. The best photos and statements are part of the global campaign for the “Stop Smoking Bans” Community.

Transcript of Stop Smoking Bans Community


    Paola Piroddi & Jimena Dupr

    Master in Corporate CommunicationUniversity of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg

    WS 2011


  • GOAL

    To bring people together in a global community that fights against smoking bans.


    There is a lack of smokers communities with international presence. We offer smokers a sense of community and the possibility to do something for defending their freedom.


    Stop Smoking Bans Community

    TARGET GROUP Primary: smokers between 18-40 years oldSecondary: 41 years old and on

  • 1st ST AGE A (2 months )

    To involve and motivate people for joining the initiative.

    Posters with mirror BrochurePostcards without pictureFlyers for cigarette boxesButtonStickers T-ShirtDrink coastersPhoto boothEvents


    2nd ST AGE (3 months )

    Printed and online campaign using the winning testimonials.

    Posters (Bus stops, subway)Postcards with picturesAds in free newspapersExhibition in cities and website


    To collect testimonials and keep promoting the campaign .

    Recolection of photos an dstatementsVoting of best photos and statements

    1st ST AGE B

  • Photo and data

    Signature for the initiative against smoking bans

  • Website

  • Website



    Interactive button for websites

  • Posters

  • Posters

  • First Stage

  • Promotional posters in the toilets of all restaurants and bars

  • Promotional posters in the subway

  • People can participate in the campaign by shooting themselves and writtingtheir statements on the touch screen inside the photo booth.

    All pictures andstatements will appearon the screen outside and at the same time they will be publicatedon the website.

    Photo Booth

  • Poster for parties

  • Promotional banners and stikers to protest against smoking bans

  • Promotional brochure (8x8 cm)


    Invites you to fight against smoking bans!

    Join the initiative by sending us your most

    creative photo and writing a statement

    about smoking.

    Be pa rt of our global community!

    AND YOU?

  • Promotional cards for cigarette packs (8x5,5 cm)

  • Postcards



  • Beer coaster and Sticker

  • Buttons and T-shirts

  • Second Stage

  • Postcards

  • Poster applied on vending maquines

  • Poster in the subway

  • Exhibition of the winners

  • Thanks for your attention