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October 27, 2008 - BurrellesLuce Executive Vice President, Steve Shannon presented on "Copyright Compliance: What Every PR Professional Needs to Know," at the 2008 PRSA International Conference.

Transcript of Steve Shannon: Copyright Compliance

  • 1. What every PR professional needs to know aboutCopyright ComplianceSteve Shannon, Executive Vice President October 27, 2008

2. Its a digital world

  • Whats new: Social media, online news, video
  • Whats not: The need to showcase and measure your results
  • Whats also changing: how you can share clips

3. Bad news:PR professionals under fire just for doing their jobSIAA Anti-Piracy 2007 Year in Review, 2007 In September, SIIA settled its first case on behalf of member companies the Associated Press, Dow Jones & Co., Nielsen, Reed Elsevier and United Press International. The consulting firm Knowledge Networks, Inc. had routinely taken copyrighted articles owned by these and other publishers and included copies in a press packet it distributed to employees, first in paper form and later by e-mail. The firm agreed to a $300,000 settlement, and committed to take remedial measures 4. I know all about copyright I think

  • Copyright protects authors and creators of original works
    • Literary works, songs, plays, art, motion pictures, more
  • Legal protections first offered in 1710 in Britain
  • U.S. reviews and updates copyright law regularly
    • Fair use: Copyright Act of 1976
    • Digital content: Digital Millennium Copyright Act

5. Fair use in the digital world

  • Not permitted to cut and paste whole stories
  • Transmission of whole works

6. Todays copyright environment

  • Content producers permit news monitoring, but want to be assured the value of their property is acknowledged and protected
  • Information yearns to be free but it still costs money to produce content
  • Violators subject to penalties
    • Moreover, an Internet content aggregator, settled with the Associated Press
    • In the past, Texaco paid seven-figure judgment for misuse of copyrighted news material

7. The guru speaks: Ralph Oman, former registrar of copyrights

  • New development
  • Whats on the horizon

8. Copyright environment (cont)

  • SIIA (Software and Information Industry Association) has launched campaign to educate PR professionals and induce proper use of news clips
    • Carrot (education) and stick (enforcement)
  • Announced $300,000 content piracy settlement on August 16, 2007
    • Knowledge Networks had been routinely copying news clips from AP, Reed Elsevier, and UPI (all SIIA members)

Read the press SIAA educational resources:http :// 9. SIIA Op-Ed piece in PRWeek By Keith Kupferschmid, SVP of intellectual property policy and enforcement at the Software & Information Industry Association Read the 10. SIIA banner ads on PRWeek 11. Sounds scary! How can I share and measure my media relations results? 12. Your options

  • Option A:
    • Cadillac CTS Says, Wagons Ho!
    • By Chris Woodyard,USA Today
    • Published: August 15, 2007
    • Cadillac unveils a vehicle today that should be just right for the times. The front half is its popular CIS car, giving it the zip of a sports sedan.

13. Option B 14. Only in America

  • In other countries, the needs of PR professionals are handled by organizations such as the NLA
  • The U.S. has no such body
  • Burrelles Lucefirst started to pursue licensing agreements with publishers in 1994, with the advent of digital media

15. Summary

  • You can share news clips for purposes of media monitoring and measurement
  • There are new rules and newly enforced rules thatgovern this activity

16. For more information

  • Copyright white paper (
  • My contact information
    • Steve Shannon, Burrelles Luce
    • [email_address]
    • 800.631.1160