Sterilisation and disinfection questions

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Sterilisation and disinfection questions

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  • 1. Discuss 3 methods used to prevent crossinfection

2. Use of disposable items Disinfection SterilisationDefine each of these forms of prevention 3. Carefully re-sheathed by dentist Carefully handled by DN Place immediately after use into the sharpsbin To prevent sharps injury 4. A) bacteriostatic B) pathogenic C) autoimmune D) bactericidal 5. Whooping cough Polio Diphtheria Hepatitis B MMR Influenza 6. Non Hazardous Hazardous Special waste identify these 7. Items used in the surgery which have notbeen contaminated in the patients mouth What could these items be? 8. Items which have been contaminated fromthe patients mouth What could these be? 9. Materials and equipment which cannot beplaced in either non hazardous or hazardouswaste What could these be? 10. Lead foil from x-ray film packets? 11. Empty box? 12. 13. Isopropyl alcohol wipes Ultrasonic bath Washer disinfector Disinfection bath 14. What should we do when this incidentoccurs? 15. Stop immediately Remove glove Hold finger under running tap and squeezewound to encourage bleeding NEVER SUCK THE WOUND Cover with waterproof dressing Check patients medical history Contact Occupational Health for advice andhave patients details to hand Answer questions from occ health nurse 16. What items do we know have been pre-sterilised? 17. Cotton wool rolls/pellets Needles Disposable scalpels Sutures Local anaesthetic solution Disposable syringes 18. Expensive Would help in the control of infection Items available for use in the surgery are .....? 19. offering barrier protection to those awkwardhandpiece assemblies. Furthermore, avoidingthe use of chemical disinfectant may prolongthe life of plastic coverings.