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  • 1. Social media: strategy for engagement Stephen Franklin , Metlink Communications Adviser

2. Metlink

  • The face of public transport in Melbourne and regional Victoria
  • Owned by public transport operators Metro Trains and Yarra Trams
  • Do not provide public transport services but we are the main point of contact for customers
  • One-stop-shop for information about services, fares and ticketing
  • Marketing and communications activities that promote our network of trains, trams and buses

3. Getting to know our customers

  • Research helps us get to know our customers
  • Many different people use public transport
  • 1.7 million trips are made every weekday
  • Important that we provide information in different formats traditional to new media
  • Find out the most current information about passenger behaviour, attitudes and trends
  • Recent studies have included how passengers access information and how they use technology

4. Communicating with our customers

  • Printed collateral
  • Website
  • Mobile phone applications
  • Social media
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Community partnerships

5. Research accessing information

  • Always looking to improve how we communicate with our customers
  • Information needs study
    • more than four pieces of information about public transport prior to a journey
    • expectations around technology based information is increasing
    • Want information on the go - I like to have updates of any disruptions when Im on the move, as I know the journey the number of the tram, thats all I need
    • The internet is still by far the most common source of information 56 per cent

6. Research - technology

  • Passengers want information on the go how do we get it to them?
    • Public transport users are becoming more tech savvy
    • Growing trend to social networking

7. Research - technology

  • Nearly all public transport users have a mobile phone 96 per cent
  • Social networking is rarely always used to access information on products and services

8. Communicating through apps

  • Want more people using public transport more often
  • Deliver customer information in simple and accessible ways
  • Public transport users want information on the go
  • Launched first iPhone app in 2009
  • Customer involvement a priority

9. Communicating through apps

  • In 2010 the app was downloaded by more than 214,000 customers
  • Around 70 per cent use it frequently
  • Comprises the majority of our positive feedback

10. Communicating through apps

  • Following success of the iPhone app Metlink embraced technology as a way of communicating.
  • Launched the mobile departure board later in 2009
  • Used feedback and research to understand what handsets passengers used
  • Nokia app launched last month, beta version already downloaded 3000 times

Nokia 41 per cent iPhone 19 per cent Samsung11 per cent Sony Ericsson 7 per cent 11. Communicating through apps

  • Developing a new and improved iPhone app
  • Developing apps for other mobile phone handsets including Windows 7 and android
  • We will continue looking to the market for new ways to communicate with our passengers

12. Social media

  • Term social media created nervousness
  • Real-time feedback about public transport likely to be negative
  • Did we have the resources?
  • Who would be responsible?
  • Once you test the water, theres no going back
  • Great opportunity to create a two-way conversation

13. Social media

  • Developed a strategy that would warm the organisation up
  • Not right for every audience
  • Not right for every area of the business
  • Part of an integrated marketing and communications strategy
  • Social media support appropriate but not all campaigns

14. Social media

  • Metlink is taking baby steps
  • Social media used as part of integrated communications campaigns
  • Twitter used by industry partners including myki and Metro Trains
  • Opportunity for Metlink to provide a multi-modal page
  • Rely on information from the operators
  • Metlink currently listening to Twitter conversations

15. Social media

  • Facebook
  • NightRider Melbournes late night bus service
    • 18-35 year olds
    • Service information
    • Competitions
    • Gig guides
    • Respond to posts about routes
  • Metlink Great Transport Race school year 7 to 10
    • Event information for students
    • Competitions
    • Event photos
    • Results

16. Market Intelligence Review - 5 November 2008 17. Summary

  • Understand your customers and how they access information
  • For Metlink, digital and social media is part of a bigger picture
  • Embraced technology and its successful
  • Understand how social media fits
  • Plan before you commit