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  • 1. Front coverI have chosen to name my magazine KABOOM this is because it sounds young, urban andhip. It also seems like a colloquial term therefore the target audience can relate to it.My music magazine will be about upcoming music artists, grime music updates and informationabout the next shows and opportunities. This is because I want the magazine to be useful to thereader and not just for entertainment purposes.I want to use black for the colour of my masthead font. This is because it is a simple colour andrelates to the genre. I intend to place the masthead at the top left of the page and I intend it tobe medium sized. I want to use an eroded type of text to enhance the representation of streetlife.The dominant image on my magazine cover will be of some people in the studio recording. I willbe using this image because many grime artists tend to be in the studio a lot making mix tapes. Ithink this is the best way to represent the grime genre through the image.The main image should be recognisable to the target audience that it is a grime magazine andfrom that recognition they should hopefully understand the content of the magazine.My target audience should find my front page appealing because it is of an upcoming grimeartist. They should be familiar with the artists and as a result, it should be a catalyst for them tobuy the magazine.My potential target audience for my magazine is those who are interested in grime music.Preferably, they should be of the ages 15+ that are into grime and understand what is going onin the underground scene.I will include stories about the latest music artists, fashion and trends in grime. These articles dontreally relate to the title of my magazine however its all to do with grime music.I think I will limit myself to just using 1 or 2 different fonts for my front cover. This is because I wantit to look professional and not tacky. My target audience will find this appealing because theywill see that it is targeted for them because of the maturity, whereas if the front cover had 5 ormore different fonts, the cover will look immature and childish.I dont think my chosen font will depict the genre of my music magazine because it has noconnotations that it is grime.

2. I wanted to represent my genre in the type offont I used for my title/logo. I experimented withdifferent types of graffiti type fonts to help mecome to a decision in how my logo should looklike. The first one I looks chunky and more on theanimated side. This wouldnt be appropriate formy magazine because Im trying to appeal to amore mature audience. The second one is more urban. It looks like graffitiand it can represent the genre perfectly.However, this type of font can confuse the targetaudience because it doesnt look official I prefer the last font because I like the aciddipped look of it. This is because it looks verystreet and relates to the genre very well. 3. I like the style of these two front covers and I would like to incorporate it intomy magazine. I think the way the text is placed on the pages look funkyand urban and it would go great with my choice of music genre. I also likethe way the main images are placed on the page. 4. Magazine coloursI want to include these colours in my magazine because theyresemble the colours of the union jack. This is symbolic to the fact thatgrime music was originated in the UK. 5. CONTENTS PAGEIn my contents page, I would like my layout to include at least two columns. This isbecause I dont want it to be detailed; I dont want too much information in thecontents page to lose interest in the magazine. From my contents page research Ive discovered that contents pages use verticalcolumns and subheadings. These are the conventions that Im going to use in order formy contents page to be successful. Im also going to include images to make the pagelook more appealing. Im going to use boxes and borders to divide the contents into different sections. This willmake my contents page easy to navigate around as the audience will be able to readwhat looks appealing to them first. I will include stories form the front cover also with further stories and articles related to thegenre. I want the contents page colour scheme to be the opposite of the front cover. I think thiswill be a good idea because it shows a good link to the front cover. It also shows that it isstill a part of the magazine by keeping to the same colour scheme but by putting it indifferent order. I will include reviews on the side from past consumers and I will like to include asubscription box. This is because I think that the audience will want to read more of themagazine if theyve seen past commentary about it. I want to include links to Facebookand Twitter for those who would like to research more about the magazine company. I will arrange the information on my contents page in a vertical manner. This is becauseit is a typical convention and it will be easier to read. I think it is important for my contents page to remain easy for the audience to find majorcover stories. I will do this by making the font of those main cover stories slightly biggerand bolder than other texts. I want to use small font sizes on my contents page. This is because I think it makes it lookneater and easy to read. Furthermore, I wouldnt want to use complex fonts in mycontents page. This is because I believe that the contents page plays a significant role inthe magazine so the text should be easy to read. 6. This contents page has only one main image on it. Along with this image I might add article. This article will act like a blurb for the magazine to entice the audience into reading it more.Im stillcontemplating All the contentsweather to add in list will be in onea editors letter to column, this willthe reader. This is make it a lotbecause I usually easier for thesee this in consumer tomagazines and itscan through.makes me feelspecial reading themagazine.Having the competition in All the images are going to bethe contents is like a bribeplaced in one grid. Eachinto reading the rest of theimage should bemagazine. accompanied my a number tosignal its page number.I dont really intend on using more that two grids for my contents page. As a result, I have come upwith a few ideas of how I want my contents page to look like. My contents page can go two ways, itcan either be jammed packed with information with a few images or have more images and lesswriting. Im still contemplating on to weather I should feature a subscription box or not so I haventincluded it. 7. This is a contents page I found on the internet. Eventhough it isnt from a music magazine, the layout isvery similar to one of my mock ups .This image helps ingiving me a visual image of how it may look like.This is another contentspage I found on theinternet. This alsoresembles one of mymock ups. This is becauseit features an article inthe centre of the page.This also helps mevisualise how mycontents may look like if Ido decide to feature anarticle on the contentspage. 8. DOUBLE PAGE SPREADFor my double page spread, I would like to include at least three columns for the double page spread. This isbecause I want to keep it brief in order for the audience to actually read the article and not lose interest. Ive intended to use drop caps in the construction of my double page spread. This is a key principal because itindicates to the audience where the article begins. Im also going to include pull out quotes in my double pagespread. This is a principal component because it interests the audience to read more of the article. Furthermore, Iam going to use a template within my construction. Using a template will speed up my production and it gives thedouble page spread an overall design cohesion. Another principle component that I need to include in myconstruction is the headline and heading. This is the most important principal component because it stimulatescuriosity about the article and it tempts the audience to read on. Im going to use borders on my double page spread to make it look neater and professional. I might include a boxfull of factual information of the person in the article. This will appeal to my target audience because it will makethem feel as if they have more of an insight with the music artist. I am going to be using extended images from the front cover. This will make my double page spread appeal to mytarget because they should now be familiar and questioning who and why the person is on the front cover. In my double page spread, I want to include the story of the rise of the music artist. It will be related to my images inorder for the audience to see who the article is about. The mode of address of the major story in my double page spread is to influence readers. I want the audience tofeel that they can achieve their dreams and make a difference. As a result of my target audience being young; Iwant them to understand that working hard gets you places. The target audience are at that point in their liveswhen they have to start making decisions, by reading the article, it should inspire them to do well with whateverthey are doing. I want the colour schemes to resemble the colour schemes of the image. This is because it will make it a lot easierfor the article to relate to the image. However, I will have words that stand out in order to catch the attention of thereader. There would be one main big image of the artist followed along with smaller ones around the spread. The article willbegin with a brief introduction of the artist, then move on to an interview. I will use colloquial terms in the interviewbecause this emphasises the genre of music and it relates to the young audience. I want to use graffiti type font on my article because this will relate to the genre. Also I would like my font to be of amedium size. This is because I dont want the audience to think that there is too much to read. 9. This is an idea of how my double pagespread ou