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When building a startup, designer needs prove to be at the same time indispensable, urgent, and often, a pain in the a**. From our experience of choosing between outsourcing and in-house designers and handling a designer teams on a daily basis, we came up with these advice to help you work in a creative and peaceful atmosphere. Enjoy! These slides were originally created by Alex Delivet (@alexd) for a presentation at BlendWeb in France.

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2. When building a startup, designer needsprove to be at the same time indispensable,urgent, and often, a pain in the a**.From our experience of choosing betweenoutsourcing and in-house designers andhandling a designer teams on a daily basis,we came up with these advice to help youwork in a creative and peaceful atmosphere.Enjoy! 3. The (almost) impossibledilemmaoutsourcingvsin-house 4. #1 Reason pro outsourcingfreelance andagencies arecheaper. 5. #2 Reason pro outsourcingdesigners needs are intermittentLogo, graphic ID Website V2 That small stuff you triedto do yourself 6. #3 Reason pro outsourcinggreater ability to choose amongdifferent styles and genres 7. but waitcan it be that simple? 8. heres why we rule for in-house 9. #1 Reason pro in-housea design team will enable you toiterate to find your market fit (yes, itimplies a smart product design) 10. for instance 11. Frontapp, v1 12. Frontapp, v2 13. Frontapp, v3building a collaborative inbox required a lot of tests, beta-usersfeedback and UX science. 14. #2 Reason pro in-houseit places the wholecompany in apixel-perfectattitude: attentionto detail, qualityin execution. 15. for instance 16. thats aregularjob offer 17. thats apixel-perfectjob offer 18. #3 Reason proin-houseA beautiful product is the tip of theiceberg: all teams inside the companyfeel motivated by compliments on adesign made by their teammates. 19. look at us all proud of our beautifully-designed hoodie(yep, thats a designer sitting on the throne) 20. once you haveyour own design team,you need to handle it 21. dos & dontswhen working with a design team 22. Dont be the annoying plumber clientDo not dictate your designers what they should do specifically. Theyare the ones who know better what solutions would fit yourproblems. Just like a plumber knows best how to fix a leak. 23. for instance 24. I thought I could make aninfographics.Designers do infographics. 25. Dont let designer only do designDesigners should be implicatedon other tasks than strictlyproduct or graphic design. Theircreative minds can be a strongasset on other topics, such asmanagement or marketing (justlike a rational developers mindcan be an asset on more creativetopics). 26. for instance 27. We were looking for a way to encourage our teamsto collaborate more. We were using Slack but itwasnt enough: the idea to build our own virtualcurrency for thankyous - called the Briqs - camefrom our design team. Today, we even have our ownonline shop! 28. Dont leave a designer aloneDesigners need to bechallenged andbrainstorm a lot. Ifyou cant hire severaldesigners yourself,think of joining ashared office andhave designers in thesame room, orencourage sharingtheir work onDribbble. 29. Dont interrupt a designerthats what our designers posted on their door 30. Do let designers have a creativeenvironment that inspires themeven if its messy or outside the office 31. Dont say things like:Come on, it will only take two minutesI would even do it myselfCant you just use Paint?That shall go straight to theFriday-nights-beers jar 32. Do work in sprints:Set goals each 1 or 2 weeks so that your designers canorganize themselves freely in that timeframe.Creativity comes andgoes: you cant forcethem to be productiveevery hour. Half a daya week should be usedfor self-learning andexploration. 33. Do have backlog tasks in stockIf a designer is stuckon a task you askedhim/her to do, suggestto do something else(preferably low priorityand low boredom). 34. for instance 35. build a visual ID for a future event, paint a wall in youroffice, improve social media covers 36. the perfecttoolbox for people working withdesigners 37. Trello is a perfect project management tool ifyour work in sprints. We use 1 board per projectand have a specific board for design. 38. UXPin is a great mockup tool that hascollaborative and advanced features. AteFounders, we follow 2 rules: everything thatsintegrated shall be designed and everythingthats designed shall be mockuped. 39. We use invision for prototyping.The tool enables us easily builddynamic mockups. 40. All files are gathered in shared folders, foreach of our projects. We use the enterprisesolution Google Drive (as part of theGoogle apps suite). 41. Good tools make good workers.invest in a good computer, good software, and if needed, a graphic tablet. 42. Thank you!We are eFounders, startup studio.@efounders!slides made with love by@alexd@griveau@vanierrachel