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    Startup Commons Global 2015

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    Ecosystem Explore


  • About This Material

    This document is part of our Digital Ecosystem Infrastructure documentation

    Check out some related tools and documents via: Startup Commons Knowledge Center

    Request for proposal for our workshop with full access to our full knowledge center additional materials, tools and documentation full set of our training materials full list of 100+ key metrics for measuring ecosystem in sync with

    digital infrastructure and balanced development framework constantly updated with global learnings & benchmarking


  • Why Startup Ecosystems?

    Entrepreneurship lead innovation is positive and powerful driver to push societies forward. Startups focus this drive and energy to create and validate new innovations to find solutions for problems at various scale.

    Dynamic startup ecosystems breed new startups that create 2/3 of new jobs, attract international talent and foreign direct investments.

    Network connectivity within and between the ecosystems is the single most important contributor to growth.

  • Expertise

    Startup Commons have assisted national and local governments in various maturity levels and population in US., EU and Asia on policy making and developing solutions, services and instruments on how to nurture and grow a thriving startup culture and how to develop startup ecosystems in globally connected world.

    In addition to past six years of intense startup ecosystem research and

    development, teams expertise is based on decades of personal serial entrepreneurship experiences, combined with experience in working within and with public sector organizations for startup advisory and support service development.

  • Why Startup Commons?

    to improve knowledge and ROI of investments and costs made towards innovation and job creation

    to improve the volume and success rate of startups scaling out from your region

    to accelerate your startup ecosystem development digital solutions with international connections necessary in all key areas

    in which we advise part of Grow VC Group a global a leader in enabling digital investing and

    lending to connect innovations with global digital finance

  • ECOSYSTEM EXPLOREMapping And Visualizing Your Startup Ecosystem


  • A real-time ecosystem portal and connected digital infrastructure SERVING the Startups while MAPPING and visualizing the Ecosystem services, events, organizations, etc. by startup development phase, location, type, time etc.

    To connect, measure & benchmark all activities.

  • BACKGROUNDWhat is going on in the startup ecosystem. Who are doing what and why? Where and when are things happening? How do we get in on it all?

    ECOSYSTEM EXPLORE maps it all out and makes the connections. Ecosystem EXPLORE help startups get the right services and connections at the right time, AND to help public sector decision makers as well as both public and private service providers tailor their services to the specific needs of the startups and other ecosystem actors.

    This presentations will tackle some of the key issues while presenting available solution.

    The following visualizations are mockups for illustrative purpose only. Actual visuals will be designed as part of implementation project.

    Support Organizations

    & Services

    Startupsat various

    development phases

    Peopleie. talent,

    entrepreneurs, biz angels etc.

    Economic Development

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    Home Services Events Workspaces Courses Incubators Investors Jobs Startups News About In Numbers


  • ECOSYSTEM EXPLOREWhat do startups need (depending on their development stage)?

    Easy access to relevant services (support, funding, permits, etc). Easy access to relevant events Easy access to relevant discussions (Easy access to relevant news) Easy access to relevant tools assisting the build of the company Connections, hands-on assistance, motivational support

    Solutions One real-time ecosystem portal and connected digital platform to reach it all Easy and relevant filtering Visual + textual solutions = texts and maps Community structure with:

    discussion forum team and company management tools CRM

    Service matching system automatically suggesting relevant services, events, talks, and contacts based on user profile.

  • Home Services Events Workspaces Courses Incubators Investors Jobs Startups News About In Numbers



  • What do economic development decisions need? Key metrics (volume and quality) Real-time and historical perspective Relative impacts between metrics of different activities/services Relationships between actors Map to display the completeness and balance of the services and illustrate the need for new services or

    change of focus in overlapping services. Compare investment to quality and quantity of outputs Access to actual unique customers (percentage of shared customers) Access to information kept up-to-date by the service organizations

    Solutions Backend ecosystem dynamic metrics view Infrastructure to connect to main system and between parts


  • What do service provider actors need? Knowledge about quality of teams and ideas Knowledge about customer progress and stages Easy access to teams, customers and up-to-date customer & company details maintained by customers When planning/scheduling, how to avoid overlapping events and services targeting the same audience at

    the same time Easy solution to selectively distribute communication from one place to multiple channels Easy maintenance of up-to-date service descriptions and post events.

    Solutions SC startup stages as filter and indicator Events and service system connected to external communications channels Dashboard to see key metrics both generally and in depth Real-time metrics to assist creation and development of right services to the right customers at the right

    time. Direct communication tool between service providers and startups (and other actors) in the ecosystem


  • Startups development phases The life of startups can be seen as a number of

    phases. These will be utilized to provide the right services at the right time.

    Existing ecosystem service It can be a jungle to find the right services are the

    right time. A recent overview of what is on offer for different startup phases.

    ECOSYSTEM EXPLORE connect, access and utilize Startup Commons digital infrastructure for all event registrations, growth services, etc. visualize volume, quality and velocity of the activity data of startups, communities, events, and people in real time.

  • Reference site berlinstartupmap.com

  • Reference site mappedinisreal.com

  • Reference Sitedashboard.edmonton.ca

  • Reference Sitewww.digital.nyc

  • Step by step approach

    start from knowledge workshop scope the implementation scale and starting point map our ecosystem services for initial data set launch schedule, roadmap and communication plan confirm budgets implement as planned start collecting data & measuring along with long term

    ecosystem development

  • Get Started!

    Startup ecosystem development workshop

    learn more


  • WORKSHOP: Startup Stages & Ecosystem Development

    Building mutual understanding about innovative startups and startup ecosystems Why? & How? Studies & statistics Entrepreneurship & Innovation: definitions, key terminology and startup key stages Innovation by startups in attracting talent and international investments Digital ecosystem infrastructure for connecting, measuring and benchmarking Connections and regulation regards to global digital finance (p2p lending, crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding).

    Tools and training for mapping, connecting and measuring startup ecosystems Evaluating local ecosystem maturity, benchmarking and SWOT Defining/refining 5-10 y shared vision & mission among key stakeholders Confirming mutual understanding of starting level for the development Defining short & long term key milestones, and some actionable items towards the shared vision

    Tools: Ecosystem Mapping & Development Framework Tools and Documentations Full access and rights to use full set of ecosystem metrics and other development tools and training materials. Rights to have sessions audio/video recorded as training material for further use