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This is a great intro for those who don't know what Startup Weekend is, what to expect, or what they might take away from it.

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What & Who is Startup Weekend?

What?• Build Communities• Start Companies• Provide Resources• Non-Profit 501c6• 52 cities • 12 countries

Who?• John Sechrest

• Marc, Clint & Cameron in Seattle

• The Community

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Successful Companies

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What to expect:• On Friday night people pitch their ideas, (there are usually between

15 and 20 pitches). We do a simple vote to narrow down the ideas, andthen people then gather around each idea and form teams. We generally see teams between 3-10 people.

• On Saturday the teams come in early and work work work. During the day, industry experts will circulate to mentor and advise the teams.

• On Sunday everyone works until evening, when everyone gives demos of the newly created startups to the group and a panel of industry experts.

• It’s a great learning experience, great networking, and a lot of funto roll up your sleeves and get in the trenches launching a newstartup!

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FREE Post Weekend Legal WebinarEric Koester from Cooley & Startup Weekend Veteran

• “Should I Incorporate?” • “How do I protect my intellectual property (or do I even

have any?)” • “What should we do next?” • “Do I need to hire a lawyer?” • “How do we accept funds if someone wants to invest?”

Tuesday, Dec 8 @ 4pm PST - Webinar

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• DEMO is one of the foremost tech conferences in the world. What types of companies come from DEMO?

• vmware,, Tivo, Bitgravity, Symantec, Java, E*Trade, Boingo, palm, six apart, and more!

Why is this cool?• Successful Startup Weekend companies will get “fast

track” consideration with the directors of DEMO for the Alpha Pitch segment of the event for early stage startups! Stay tuned for other great opportunities to come from this partnership!

• Already a Startup?• Get the Demo Facts, and Attend DEMOspring 2010 in California

March 21st-23rd. DEMO.COM

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Go to

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Microsoft BizSpark is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of early stage startups, providing:

Software• Development tools and technologies to build applications• Server licenses to host them

Support• Community support Network Partners• Professional technical support from Microsoft

Visibility• Profile and promotion on the BizSparkDB on





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Friday Presentations

• 90 Seconds• Outline the PROBLEM• What is your SOLUTION• What RESOURCES do you need?

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How to get the most out of Startup Weekend

Courtesy of Danielle Morrill – Startup Weekend 4 time veteran and Director of Marketing for Twilio

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Maximize Productivity

• Bring your own internet (MiFi, iPhone tether, broadband card, something!)

• Use free tools like Wordpress, Google Apps, Google App Engine etc. to get up and running quickly.

• Get a “marketing lackey” to do anything that isn’t coding.

• Remove all barriers to productivity for your engineers, period.

• Don’t be afraid to fire people if it isn’t working out.

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Manage Expectations

• The first 10 hours after your team is formed will be “wasted”, deal with it without getting too aggravated.

• Pad your estimates – build trust with new people, don’t let them down.

• Skip the titles, equity, etc. conversations until after working proof of concept and biz model.

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Build a Culture That Launches

• Recruit developers first, poach the best people if you have to.

• Focus on getting to proof of concept fast with just a few features.

• Pick an idea you know how to build, add cool experimental features later if you have time.

• Get customers right away – learn from them, treat them like gold.

• Start planning your presentation/pitch early, it will help clarify your vision.

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Now What?• Check out one of the past 10 events we had for GEW – They were ALL a huge


• Tell your friends! This is about continuing and fueling innovation in the Corvallis community!

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Now What?

http://corvallis.startupweekend.org20% off using “slideshare” code

• Check out one of the past 10 events we had for GEW – They were ALL a huge success

• Tell your friends! This is about fueling innovation in the Corvallis community!

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