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What’s Important to Me
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Whats Important to Me

Always pushing my comfort level. With a big smile on the outside. Petrified of leeches on the inside.

My mentee and I planting mangrove trees in Malaysia

Stanfords South East Asian Leadership Network 2007 Circle Painting learning activity led by the incredible Hiep Nguyen. Displayed at 2007 ASEAN conference Two week experience opened my eyes to viability of career in social value creation

This is my co-teacher Monica in a nutshell. She broadens my perspective daily.

This could be filled with red pen marks. Instead she writes You can do it!.

This applies to children in school and adults in business.

Studying and Working Abroad in India and ChinaSuper important life lesson learned: one cannot survive without being flexibleprofessionally and personallyso enjoy it!Planned 3 day journey. The motion of a camel walking makes me nauseous

They are full of love, joy, and fun despite having parents who committed suicide recently. These children inspire me.Many of my students in Taiwan come from a childrens home.I teach English there twice a week.

Friday Nights in DaShu (Big Tree), Taiwan

Only nightlife activity: chatting at noodle shop I live above

I love being proactive! Sometimes a bit too much at work Ankle was shattered and out of work for 6 weeks I am extremely active so it brought my spirits real low, but made it a goal to become Zumba instructor within 1 year of incident. I became one within 6 months. Certified yoga instructor 9 months later.

Dick5th grade.Taken care of by his 7th grade sister along with all 5 of his siblings. Father alcoholic, mother left.

Zero interest in English1st semester test scores: 43% and 52%Remedial Class began 2nd semester2nd semester midterm exam: 82%I moved him to the reward class where I teach not from the textbook, but about each state in the US He still doesnt like learning English, but was sure was proud to beat all his friends scores Told him he could get a 90% last exam. With a nod and smile he replied, OK

My Students

This is the most embarrassing photo of meNow you know everythingand was published in the newspaper