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  • 1. STaR Chart
    Technology Implementation @ SMHS
  • 2. Purpose of STaR Chart
    To help teachers, campuses and districts measure their progress towards the states Long Range Plan for Technology
    Helps teachers determine professional development areas regarding technology & its implementation
    Indicates where funding is needed based on teacher/classroom needs
    Helps formulate the districts vision for technology
    Additional info can be found @
  • 3. Technology Implementation @SMHS
  • 4. Technology Implementation Cont.
  • 5. SMHS STaR Chart Comparison
  • 6. 2009-2010 STaR Chart for SMHS
  • 7. What do the results indicate?
    SMHS made progress from 2005-2006 through 2009-2010
    In 2005-2006 the 4 Key Areas were classified as Developing Tech
    3 of 4 Key Areas are classified as Advanced Tech during 2009-2010
    Our goal and the states goal= Target Tech in all four key areas
  • 8. Summary
    SMHS has made progress, yet achieving and sustaining
    Target Tech Classification is our goal
    On-going Professional Development is needed for teachers to continuously implement technology
    Additional funding at district state level is needed to support technological needs of schools/districts
    Partnerships with local businesses, colleges universities can provide resources and opportunities
  • 9. Our Goal:
    SMHS & SMCISD wants all learners to have the opportunity to experience real-world experiences, through the use of technology, while preparing them to compete in a technology-driven global economy.