Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010 ... esinambungan...

Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon   Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010 ... esinambungan kerja-kerja ... Selain kertas cadangan in-country,
download Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon   Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010 ... esinambungan kerja-kerja ... Selain kertas cadangan in-country,

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Transcript of Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010 ... esinambungan...

  • Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2010

    There are many reasons for us to be happy for the recently concluded Standard Chartered KL Marathon

    2010. The event, touted as one of the most important sporting events of the year, saw the participation of

    close to 20,000 runners over various categories, from the fun-filled 1-km Kids Dash, to the awe-inducing

    42-km Full Marathon category (which by the way, was successfully completed by our beloved BOT

    member, Mr Ralph Dixon. Way to go, Ralph!).

    The organiser of the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2010 graciously included us as one of their official

    charity partners, where donation pledges from corporate sponsors who wish to identify themselves with

    the HIV/AIDS cause were made on behalf of MAF. This initiative culminates with a total donation of

    close to RM 60,000.

    The organisers charity drive was also extended to include a programme called

    Run for A Cause, where individual runners were given the opportunity to run in

    the name of their chosen official charity partner. A total of 31 runners, including

    our own staff member Miss April Layla Joseph and our Red Ribbon Celebrity

    Fahrin Ahmad, participated in this programme. Collectively, they managed to

    raise an impressive RM 17,000 for the cause.

    Fans and friends of Fahrin Ahmad pledged a minimum donation of RM 45 to

    Malaysia AIDS Foundation, in return for a goodie bag that contained a Fahrin

    Ahmad Fan t-shirt, a certificate of appreciation, and a special meet-the-fan

    session that was held at the Tun Sambanthan Monorail Station on the preceding


    Perhaps the cherry on the cake would be the special cheer squad that was assembled for

    Fahrin Ahmad and all the donors who ran for the HIV/AIDS cause. Cheering

    competition was part of the official event line-up for the Standard Chartered KL

    Marathon 2010. Our team was spearheaded by Dr Zaki Arzmi and choreographed by

    our former staff member, Mr Victor Alhabshi. Staff and volunteers of MAC and MAF

    comprised the rest of the ten-member squad. At the end of the day, our effort was duly

    rewarded when the MAF Cheer Team was placed first, winning a cash prize worth RM


    PT Foundation

    Over the past 22 years, since its foundation in 1987, PT Foundation (PT) has grown to become the most established community-based,

    voluntary non-profit making organisation in Malaysia providing HIV and sexuality education, prevention, care and support programmes

    for the five marginalised communities most affected by HIV/AIDS. The organisation has three centres in Kuala Lumpur run by 50 staff

    members and close to 200 volunteers.

    PT started its services with a telephone counselling line in 1987 and this service is still running each night today answering calls on

    sexuality and HIV with a team of dedicated volunteers manning the phones, some of them having been involved since the beginning!

    2010 has seen new developments on the outreach that PT does in the community it serves. Specific outreach has been launched in MSM

    venues with outreach workers stripping down to their towels to do their HIV prevention work in mens saunas around Kuala Lumpur.

    Male sex workers have now been included in PT programmes with regular HIV education sessions being held at a number of locations.

    A specific outreach event for female sex workers (FSW) will be held in Chow Kit on July 31st 2010 called Jom Chow Kit. The event is

    targeted at reaching out to FSW who may not have accessed PT services in the past and will be hosted by and feature a number of


    Kesinambungan kerja-kerja intensif untuk menggubal serta

    mengemaskini kertas cadangan bagi

    permohonan dana Global Fund

    Pusingan ke-10 (GF R10)

    menghiasi kalendar aktiviti MAC

    bagi bulan Jun. Berteraskan respons

    bersepadu terhadap risiko dan

    kerentanan penjangkitan HIV di

    kalangan populasi IDU dan SW

    menerusi pemerluasan skala liputan

    program-program intervensi seluruh

    negara, permohonan GF R10 kali

    ini disifatkan lebih kemas, efisien,

    dan berasaskan evidens. Perkara ini

    dilihat sebagai petanda positif

    dalam memenuhi kriteria

    permohonan yang, jika diluluskan,

    dapat merealisasikan matlamat

    Akses Universal negara dalam

    membendung epidemik ini.

    Selain kertas cadangan in-country,

    Malaysia juga terlibat dengan

    permohonan dana serantau

    menerusi rangkaian Insular South

    East Asia Network of MSM/TG and

    HIV (ISEAN) bagi kelompok MSM

    dan TG. Ahli gabungan MAM,

    Yayasan PT terpilih sebagai sub-

    penerima dana tersebut.

    Penggubalan kedua-dua kertas

    cadangan yang berlaku serentak

    kini diharapkan dapat

    memangkinkan sinergi pemegang-

    pemegang kepentingan dalam

    memastikan kerja-kerja pencegahan

    HIV berterusan.

    Bagi pihak MAM, saya ingin

    mengambil kesempatan untuk

    mengucapkan Selamat Datang

    kepada kumpulan pelawat Khmer

    HIV/AIDS NGO Alliance

    (KHANA) dari Cambodia yang

    mengadakan lawatan ke Malaysia

    untuk berkongsi kaedah terbaik

    program perlaksanaan NSEP.

    Bakhtiar Talhah boleh dihubungi