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St. Joseph Parish and St. Patrick Mission Diocese of Santa Rosa, California Deanery Humboldt - Del Norte Saint Joseph Parish 14th and N St. Fortuna, CA 95540 Saint Patrick Mission Park & Pershing Sts, Loleta, CA 95551 Sunday, January 3, 2016 THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD

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  • St. Joseph Parish and St. Patrick Mission

    Diocese of Santa Rosa, California Deanery Humboldt - Del Norte

    Saint Joseph Parish 14th and N St.

    Fortuna, CA 95540

    Saint Patrick Mission Park & Pershing Sts,

    Loleta, CA 95551

    Sunday, January 3, 2016 THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD

  • Mass Schedule - Horario de Misas Saturday: 5:00 p.m.

    Sunday 8:00 a.m. (at St.Patrick’s, Loleta) Sunday: 10:00 a.m.

    Domingo: 12:00 noon (Spanish) Daily Mass

    Redwood Memorial Hospital Monday - Friday: 12:00 noon

    Benediction and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

    First Friday after noon Mass Reconciliation: Saturday 4:15-4:45 or by appointment

    Parish Office - Oficina Parroquial 2312 Newburg Rd. Fortuna, CA 95540

    Telephone: (707) 725-1148 FAX: (707) 725-1149

    E-mail: [email protected] Website:

    Office Hours: 9:30–11:45 a.m. & 1-3:30 p.m. Mon.-Thurs.

    Horario de Oficina: 9:30–11:45 a.m. & 1-3:30 p.m. Lunes a Jueves

    Parish Activity Center (PAC) 2292 Newburg Rd. Parish Staff: Fr. Manuel Chavez, Pastor

    Deacon Thomas Silva, Deacon Francisco Núñez Deacon Abraham Castillo, Deacon Rafael Meraz Secretary—Ginny Fox

    Sunday, January 3 12 noon +Joaquin Rodriguez req by Maria Rodriguez +Daniel Herrera Monday, January 4 12 noon +Paul Willey req by Ginny Fox


    The replacement of the broken concrete sidewalks around the

    church has been completed. I would like to thank the Knights of Columbus for their very generous donation which paid for nearly all of the cost. There is a new handicap access point in the curb next to the ramp up to the church that will make it easier for those in our community who have mo-bility issues to move from their cars to the side-walk and then up to the church. Our next project will be painting the lower part of the church. We are currently obtaining bids for that work and hope to begin that project when the rain permits. Thank you all for your generous support of our parish that enables us to complete these needed maintenance and upgrade projects. Fr. Manny

    TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION Over the next few weeks, if you were to stroll around Prague or Budapest or Kraków, you might see curious grafitti scratched in chalk over some doorways: "20 C M B 16." The families dwelling behind those doors have celebrated the Epiphany door blessing. They have gathered before the feast-day meal, probably after Mass, and the head of the family has traced the sign of the cross on the piece of chalk. Standing on a ladder, the leader traces the numbers for the new year, and the let-ters C M B for Christus Mansionem Benedicat, Latin for "May Christ bless this house." The letters also point to the names that tradition has assigned to the mysterious magi, Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar--although scrip-ture tells us nothing of their number, their country, or their names. The blessing speaks of journeys ended and journeys begun at the doorway, and prays that all jour-neys be as satisfying as was the magi's. It prays that the house beyond the door have the quality of love and peace that the magi marveled at when they at last arrived in Bethlehem. In some countries where the Soviet Union tried to impose a harsh atheism, the vigor of this house-hold custom survived all efforts to erase Christian cus-toms. In the years of struggle, the chalked blessings were a pervasive sign of defiance, and now in the light of new freedoms, they are a sign of the resilience of our tradi-tion and the fulfillment of the magi's quest for meaning and peace. --Rev. James Field, Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co. LITTLE MINUTES

    Little drops of water, little grains of sand,

    make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land; so the little minutes,

    humble though they be, make the mighty ages

    of eternity. --Julia A. Fletcher Carney

  • Cindy George, Biddy O’Banion, Madeline Streight, Barbara Laplace, Lynn Duffin, Roberta Clark, Jim Pedrotti, Lin Lincoln, Connie Quist, Buck Carroll, Don Peebles, Cori Brito, Frances Henry, Mary Salazar, Judith Pankratz, James Coleman, Phyllis Davy, Jace Halverson, Barbara Wilson, Andrew Nichols,

    Henry & Angie Silva, Alberta Johnson, Craig Jacob, John Wunderlich, Gina Dillard, Alice Kiler, Carol Palasek, Denise Anaya, Evie & Jerry Colivas, Milton Freitas, Amy Toroni.

    Parish Registration and Change of Address New to St. Joseph Parish? Moved or changed phone number? Please complete and drop in the collection basket or mail to

    St. Joseph Parish, 2312 Newburg Rd., Fortuna, CA 95540

    I am ___ New. ____ Change of address ___I would like Sunday envelopes

    Name:________________________________________________ Phone Number____________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________

    Dec. 20—$2673 Dec. 27—Not available at time of publication

    Next Second Collections

    Jan. 17—Maintenance Fund Jan. 23—Church in Latin America

    Thank you for your generosity!

    A GIFT FOR THE WISE MEN A rather liberal priest was teasing one of the women of the parish, asking, "How do we know the Wise Men weren't Wise Women?" She answered, "If they were, they'd have brought bottles, diapers, and a bassinet, instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh." Maybe they were wise enough to know that Mary could have bought a lot

    of diapers with the gold. The gifts, of course, are symbols of who Jesus is: a king who is both God and hu-man. And I wonder what our gifts to the Lord say about our faith in him. Remember the song about the little drummer boy, who had no gift to bring but his ability to play the drum? Or the parable of the woman who brought two small coins to donate at the temple (Mark 12:42)? They both remind us that a person who gives all they have, no matter how little it seems, is the most generous. So what do we bring to the newborn king? I can give my time by coming to church for the feast of Epiphany and actually paying attention. How often do I sit in the pews, answer the prayers by heart, and suddenly realize that I can't remember what the first reading was, or what the homily was about? Just making the effort to listen to the words of scripture, to hear what God may be trying to tell me, could be a great gift. Or I could bring someone in our family, or a friend, who doesn't go to church very much. Now let's not forget the meaning of "epiphany." In ancient times it meant the appearance or manifestation of a divine being. In the early church the feast included the baptism of Christ (with the voice of the Father and the Spirit as a dove) and the miracle at Cana, as well as the visit of the magi. So what we celebrate is not so much our gifts or those of the Wise Men, as it is a gift from God, manifest in Jesus. Maybe a way to celebrate the Epiphany is to reflect on how God has been made known to me. Simple things, like a hug from a friend or an answered prayer, or major events like a wedding, the birth of a child, or a funeral, can all be ways to experience the Lord. The Wise Men received the gift of an epiphany by following a star. May the light of Christ lead you to him also. Tom Schmidt, Copyright (c) J. S. Paluch Co.

    Mercy is the path uniting God with man, for it opens the heart to the hope of an eternal love. Pope [email protected]



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