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“Abhivaadhaye, Aangeerasa, Bharhasspathaya Bharadwaja, Thraya Risheya, Pravaraanyutha, Aapsthamba Suthra, Bharadwaja Gothraha Yadhu saaka adhyayet, Srinivasa Sharma naama, Aham Asmibhoho” By V.SRINIVASAN (Bombay Srinivasan)



    Samarppanam Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba often says that he belongs to the entire mankind. And yet, on the Day of Declaration, Bhagavan announced that He has come in human form, and has taken birth in Apasthamba Suthra, and Bharadwaja Gothra. Long time back, when I was, for the first time, reading this portion in Sathyam Sivam Sundaram, my mind raced back to my early childhood period, when I was initiated into Gayathri Japa Mantra, during the sacred thread ceremony. The priest also taught me another mantra, which serves as an introduction of ourselves while paying obeisance to elders. It runs as under:

    Abhivaadhaye, Aangeerasa, Bharhasspathaya Bharadwaja, Thraya Risheya, Pravaraanyutha, Aapsthamba Suthra, Bharadwaja Gothraha Yadhu saaka adhyayet, Srinivasa Sharma naama, Aham Asmibhoho

    Here, I, Srinivasan Sharma, identify myself before the elders to whom I am offering my pranams, by tracing the lineage from and my origin to the Rishi Bharadwaja. When I utter that I belong to the Bharadwaja Gothra, it traces, the lineage of the particular saint, i.e., this family has originated from Saint Bharadwaja. It was further explained to me by the priest that, having born in this lineage whoever claims to be of this Gothra, they are supposed to belong to the same family tree. Marriages amongst the members of the same Gothra are avoided because it is deemed that they are brothers and sisters belonging to the same family lineage.

    (Please Note: When we write down the individual horoscopes, the Gothra is prominently written immediately after the name. The girls family and the boys family first make it sure that both families do not belong to the same Gothra.)

    The above thoughts sounded so nice and pleasant, when I read that Sri Sathya Sai Baba belonged to Bharadwaja Gothra. It thrilled me to claim kinship with Swami on this plea and this feeling helped me to develop closeness

  • with Swami in the years to come.

    I am transposed to a state of bliss whenever I recall my pilgrimages to Swami, several times during the last 30 years. Swamis Grace flowing in abundance during these years had held me together through thick and thin. I always cherish the thoughts of the several events in my life when I had experienced Sais Grace protecting me and guiding me, all along. Without Swami, I shudder to think, how I would have survived in this world. At each of my faltering step, there has always been the Divine Hand stretched to pick me up and place me again on the path chosen by Him, for me to tread along.

    Sweet memories, Divine experiences, all flash through my mind very often, I always feel truly blessed for the varied Divine experiences. Presently, invoking His blessings, I am trying to weave the various sequences of His Grace into a garland in the form of this Book, and offer the same at His Lots Feet. May I invite you my beloved Sai Brothers and Sisters, to travel along the pages and share the bliss with me. It would be a great revelation to experience how the Grace of Lord Sai, flows to you, when you completely surrender to HIM, and lead your life, following His Divine Directions.


  • PRAYERS My Dearest Swami,

    I offer my Pranams at your Lotus feet.

    Born somewhere, bred somewhere, career elsewhere, I now stand at the cross road, expecting and waiting for the inviting call of Swami to put an end to my nomadic life, and help my settlement nearer to Swamis presence and abode. My life has traversed from humble origins through a rugged mountainous path to heights, only to roll down to depths, and again to revive gradually. Swami, you took charge of me, and since then you have been shaping my destiny and also supporting me to see though my destiny; good or bad. So far as this little self is concerned, it only knows to rush to you, as it has been doing all along, beseeching, particularly in helpless situations, crying out Swami, now you take charge; I surrender unto you totally and unconditionally!

    This small book is just a feeble attempt of mine, born out of the little ego, that I too have run the race to capture your glory and that I too have been the proud recipient of your Grace which has bestowed on me, the thrills of various experiences. If, in this process, the experience and joy gets shared and the reading of this book imparts some momentum and motivation to the readers, to adopt an attitude of total surrender in performing any task in life, then I would consider it an accomplishment; the credit of which I do not deserve.

    Many devotees had prompted me and helped in bringing out this, in a book form. I pray to Bhagavan to bestow His Blessings and Grace on all those who have contributed in whatever form in the publication of this book.

    With Pranams at your Lotus Feet,

    V. Srinivasan




    It was the year 1965, when I was employed in Bombay, that I heard, many people talk about Sai Baba. I was a regular visitor to Shirdi, offering worship at the Samaadhi very often. One day I again heard the name of Sai Baba, still alive and likely to visit Bombay very shortly! I felt something mystical about this, and I started enquiring what this was all about. One of my friends gave me a copy of a recently published English magazine Illustrated weekly of India, and showed me the cover page. There I could see the picture of a saintly man, but with a crown of hair on the head, holding out the right hand upwards, as if blessing somebody. This is Sai Baba, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, said my friend, and urged me to read the cover story inside the magazine.

    "Objects are not to fall on magic wand".

    The article mentioned about the reincarnation of Shirdi Sai Baba, as Sri Sathya Sai Baba, born again at Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh. The amazing miracles of materializing Rings, Pendants, Mangala Soothram, etc. vividly explained therein, were very difficult to believe. Something deep inside told me that there was nothing wrong in believing Him and it would still be better, if I could visit this Holy Man. There was excitement in my mind, to know that I am living during the period of an Avatar. We have only read or heard stories of various Avatars. I thought that if only it is true that Sai Baba is an Avatar, then it is really an unique chance to live during this period. We have seen Gods as idols in temples, and in pictures in our Pooja rooms. Here I hear that God is presently living on earth, in human form, and that He is available for all the humanity. The more exciting news was that Sai Baba was likely to visit Bombay shortly and that we could see this God in human form for ourselves.

    I did not know what to do. Something precious was within our reach, during our lifetime. Great devotees had lived and served God during earlier Avatars. In Dwapara Yuga, it was said, that Gopies worshipped, served and lived ever in His memory. Arjuna was constantly with Krishna. The only thing that I could understand was that it would be a God sent chance to live while God is on earth and to get opportunities to serve Him. However, we should deserve HIS grace. Would I deserve His Darshan? If He is God, then, He should know everything about me (About all of us), past present and future. Oh My God, I would have committed many a sins during this life. He would be knowing all about my deficiencies and blemishes and He might not like to see me at all. When Baba might come to Bombay, lakhs of devotees would be longing for His Darshan. Could it be assumed they are all free of sins? Then why not I also go and have His Darshan at least from a long distance! I was very much confused and restless for several days - to see Him or not to see Him! I could not concentrate on my office work and could not sleep peacefully. I wanted to know more about Sai Baba and started making enquiries with whomever I happened to contact. Many did not know about Baba nor had they heard of Him. They were looking at me curiously and perhaps thought that something was really wrong with me.

    Restless I was, yet I tried to engross myself in my office work. I was living alone since my wife had gone to her native place. We were waiting for the arrival of our first child. This was already causing tension. My confusing thoughts of Baba added to my tension. My wife had developed some problems during her earlier pregnancy resulting in abortion. The specialist doctors had certified that she might not conceive again. The Grace of Sai flowing unto us, even before we came to know of Him, is a different story altogether and I shall narrate it, elsewhere in this book. Here, I only wish to mention that, in spite of the complications and anxieties, my wife insisted on going to her native place for delivery. It is a small remote village in Kerala with no doctors and hospital facilities. Yet that was her wish that she wanted to be with her own mother.

    Sitting alone in the house, my thoughts were oscillating between my unconfirmed faith on Baba and fears of my wifes safe delivery. My dull mind was not able to knit the possibility of Babas Grace with a solution to my

  • wifes problems. Then the thought suddenly flashed through my mind. Why not pray, to the till then unknown Baba and request Him to take care of the situation. Here, I was in Bombay, my wife in a remote village in Kerala, and Sri Sai Baba in Puttaparthi, also a remote village in Andhra Pradesh. If what others say to be true, that Baba is God, then He should be Omnipresent. He should be able to listen to my prayers, reach out to the Kerala Village, and bless the lady for a safe delivery. Slowly and steadily confidence started building up in me, in Babas divinity. At last with my sincere prayers, I placed the entire burden on Him. N