SPSBNE - Advanced InfoPath and Nintex Workflow Techniques

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Transcript of SPSBNE - Advanced InfoPath and Nintex Workflow Techniques

  • 1. Sponsors SharePoint SaturdayGold Advanced InfoPath andWorkflow Techniques SilverBronzeKevin Annfield OBS

2. Who am I Design and build advanced form andworkflow solutions Also train, mentor, guide and consult on allfacets of SharePoint 2010 SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 3. Session Overview InfoPath Form design tips Use a REST Data Connection in InfoPath Use a known but variable list of approvers Copy attachments from InfoPath toDocument Set Nintex Workflow Task Approval in InfoPathform SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 4. Session Overview Assumed knowledge of SharePoint 2010 Assumed knowledge of InfoPath and NintexWorkflow Not a 100 level session but also not anadvanced 300 level session, all NO CODE This session based off a real form, for a realmulti national client.SharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2012 5. General Form Design Make it wizard based Use views to split a forminto logical sections Use rules to change views Use same rules to querydata connections whenrequired SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 6. Why wizards Reduce initial form load time Choose when to load data connections Use logic to guide user through form Show related information on different views SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 7. Data Connections SharePoint Lists Web Services SOAP (userprofileservice.asmx) REST (listdata.svc) SQL Server Limited functionality Use External List SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 8. Approver List Solution uses a list to hold approvers for eachOffice and Department These approvers are in a specific order There are also optional approvers in thesequence SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 9. REST Data Connections Use a URL to connect to a list Filter, sort, lookup parameters Used in this solution to show a filtered list ofapprovers from a SP List Multiple query fields Query using Less than or Equal to. Not possiblewith standard SOAP queries. SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 10. REST Web Service http://sp2010/sites/spsdemo - Site where the list is /_vti_bin/listdata.svc REST Web Service ?$filter= - what filter values and types are used eq, ne, gt, ge, lt, le, and, or etc &$select= - fields to include &$orderby= - the order of the returned valueshttp://sp2010/sites/spsdemo/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/Approvers()?$filter=DelegationAmount le 250000 and OfficeNameTxt eq Brisbane andDepartmentNameTxt eqDelivery&$select=ApproverName,ApproverId,Role,DepartmentNameTxt,OfficeNameTxt,ApproverRequiredValue&$orderby=ApprovalOrder SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 11. Setup REST in InfoPath See blog post http://kevinannfield.wordpress.com SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 12. Approval Form DemoBUILD A REST DATA CONNECTIONSharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2012 13. REST Web Service SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 14. InfoPath Attachments - Problems Documents shouldnt stay in a form No collaboration, versioning, check out Large files can slow a form downSharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2012 15. Attachments - Solution Copy documents into a Document Set Link to documents from form Remove documents from form SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 16. SharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2012 17. Copy Attachment to Document Set Query XML to see if document attached check box = TRUE If attachment exists Copy to sharepoint embedded document with xpath from form save result url in variable Regex on result url to extract file name Set field on form to show the link field on form. Rule on form to show this from the Yes value Encode url, space = %20 Update the URL field, add child node to url group repeating table {UrlOfCopiedDocument} Remove attachment, clear checkbox so people can add another document update XML to update attachment URL, Remove Attachment and clear checkboxSharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2012 18. Approval Form DemoCOPY AND LINK ATTACHMENTSSharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2012 19. Nintex Task Approval in InfoPath Provides a single interface to complete a task Allows a form designer to give more contextaround task Gives a much nicer user interface than thestandard Flexi Task response Can provide more functionality, as per demo SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 20. In form Task Approval Setup data connections in form /_vti_bin/nintexworkflow/workflow.asmx GetRunningWorkflowTasksForCurrentUser GetOutcomesForFlexiTask ProcessFlexiTaskResponse2 Setup Task Approval section and fields Setup Flexi Task in workflow Use the Nintex SDK available at Nintex Connect http://connect.nintex.com/files/folders/sdk_nw2010/default.aspx SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 21. Approval Form DemoIN FORM TASK APPROVALSharePoint Saturday Brisbane 2012 22. Advanced InfoPath and Nintex Workflow TechniquesQUESTION AND ANSWER SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 23. Related Links http://connect.nintex.com http://kevinannfield.wordpress.com Feedback athttp://tinyurl.com/bnefeedback SharePoint SaturdayBrisbane 2012 24. SharePoint Saturday Sponsors Gold Thanks for listening! Remember to submit your feedback soSilveryou can go into the raffle draw at theend of the day! And dont forget that Bronzeyou have to be at the draw to claim your prizes!