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SPS Continuity in IT For a service- and company oriented organisation
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  • 1. SPS Continuity in ITFor a service- and company oriented organisation

2. You wish to be a service- and company oriented IT organisation!Customer focused, helpful, transparant, clearon what you deliver, knowledge, experience,expertise, means, tools, automate, organise,technology, communication, rolls andresponsibilities, reports, processes,colaboration, documents, acceptingpreconditions, working profitable 3. Service Provider Solutions 4. The products and services of SPS 5. IT management software Business Service Management Gensys Integration ofdata andmanagementprocesses Proactive andpredictive ITmanagement 6. The Gensys Road Grow to be aservice- andcompany orientedorganisation 7. Maturity model and the Gensys Road 8. Perfect alignment for any situationAt service- and company oriented organisations theorganisation, processes and technique are perfectlyaligned. 9. RES-Q IT management services Manage IT theGensys Wayat a distance You keepcontrol, SPSassures highavailability andoptimalprestations 10. Data center and cloud services State-of-the-art Data center Fallback Back-up and Recovery Infrastructure as a Service Virtual Private Cloud 11. For a service- and company oriented organisation