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Analysis of Sprinkles Cupcakes brand and their social media interaction.

Transcript of Sprinkles cupcakes

  • 1. Social Media Plan By Vanja Dekic, Susie Kim and Caroline Szpira
  • 2. Contents About Sprinkles Products & Services Objectives Target Audiences Market Size & Competition New strategy Metrics
  • 3. Founded in 2005 By Candace and Charles Nelson 12 locations in the U.S. The 1st cupcake bakery Sprinkles addicts all over the U.S.
  • 4. products and services Cupcakes ($3,25) for human and dogs! Ice cream, pastries, cupcakes mix, drinks... Customization available (avors, boxes, ...) Sprinkles branded and cupcake related items 24 avors + seasonal avors (14) + daily avors (3) Pick-up and delivery
  • 5. Current Social media strategy 110K followers on Twitter 432K likes of Facebook 877 6K followers on Google+ followers on Pinterest 239K followers on Youtube 80K followers on Instagram 712 relations on Linkedin
  • 6. OBJECTIVES Increase engagement with customers Develop new ways to communicate & connect with them Develop relationships with social media inuencers Organized online contests for customers to participate Do something for Guiness Record
  • 7. TARGET AUDIENCE 3 different groups appealed by Sprinkles The achievers The Socially conscious The needs driven independant well educated impulse buyers business people environmentally friendly react to trends 7% of the pop. 32% of the pop. 15% of the pop.
  • 8. TARGET AUDIENCE For our social media strategy Social media Addict Foodist Think multiscreen Disposable income Woman from 20 to 35 Trendy Active Smartphones Addict
  • 9. TARGET AUDIENCE 87% 75% 58% pride a new way of consuming. are always aware of news share their passions and good deals They pride themselves as modern buyers, competent and safe Sources : Digital Woman IPSOS - Web Media Group january 2011
  • 10. MARKET SIZE The market is decreasing for the rst time in 2013 Mature cycle Dessert lovers admit they dont get the same rise out of cupcakes
  • 11. Competition Direct Magnolia Bakery 93,303 fans & 18,554 followers Crumbs Bake Shop 88,813 fans & 22,656 followers Local Bakeries Indirect Frozen Yogurt Around 10,000 fans for each locations Pinkberry 6,000 fans all other pastries
  • 12. NEW STRATEGY Base platforms Redesigned the current website and work on Adwords to make it easier to nd by using key words Develop a monthly newsletter and send it to the complete database Customized contact Develop a Sprinkles Ap on IOS and Android to allow people to order before and avoid the line, considering this is the main Sprinkles weaknesses. Social Media Improve and continue the Sprinkles strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G +, Ilovesprinkles.com, ... Create and develop their strategy on Pheed and Hootsuite
  • 13. Facebook Continue their current strategy Develop a contest with the fans, and invite them to create their own cupcakes (the winner will see his/her cupcake in stores for a month!)
  • 14. TWITTER Continue their current strategy Involve more the customers by favorite and RT more of their tweets
  • 15. PINTEREST Continue their current strategy Pin more and create more boards
  • 16. INSTAGRAM Continue their current strategy Invite customers to post about their experience @Sprinkles and the Social Media Manager will pick a picture/month and make the photographer win a dozen of cupcakes
  • 17. YOUTUBE Continue their current strategy Invite a chief or a celebrity monthly and lm them creating a new cupcake fragrance (available in stores as limited editions)
  • 18. LINKEDIN Continue their current strategy Follow food and deserts related groups to improve their B2B image
  • 19. ILOVESPRINKLES.COM Continue their current strategy Post more on the blog (the latest update was made almost 2 years ago)
  • 20. PHEED Create a prole Generate a similar strategy than on Instragram
  • 21. HOOTSUITE Create a prole Use Hootsuite to better leads their social media strategy and control the contents
  • 22. Metrics n of followers, views, likes, sharing, comments, fans socialmention.com, hashtaging, Klout score, favorited Check the positive or negative comments Set up Google Analytics, Hootsuite Analytics, Google Alerts and Facebook Insights
  • 23. references http://sprinkles.com/ http://www.ilovesprinkles.com/ https://www.facebook.com/sprinkles https://twitter.com/sprinkles http://instagram.com/sprinkles
  • 24. Thank you for your attention!