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Spring is spawning time for largemouth bass, and it's also one of the best times for bass fishing. A...

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  • 1. Spring Bass Fishing Spring is spawning time for largemouth bass, and it's also one of the best times for bass fishing. As water temperatures approach 60 degrees Fahrenheit, bass get ready to reproduce. They start feeding vigorously, building themselves up for the task ahead. This is a good time to fish with lures that imitate small baitfish, the favorite food of mature largemouth bass. Casting the lure around weeds and structure where the bass would be stalking smaller fish gives good results. Lures should be returned with an action that mimics an injured fish. Baits that rattle and flash are great attention- getters and often trigger quick strikes. When the fish are ready to spawn, they construct nests in shallow areas, preferring sandy or gravelly bottoms, which the males prepare by sweeping the bottom with their tails. The females lay their eggs, then retire to deeper water to recover. Males fertilize the eggs, then stay to guard the nest and the young fish which will hatch soon. Males will strike lures that move through the nesting area, both from hunger and to protect the bed.

2. W a t e r T e m p e r a t u r e s f o r B e s t Fishing Depending upon climate, weather patterns, and water depth, the temperatures at any fishing location will vary. Although the Ohio Division of Wildlife advises that largemouth bass spawn from mid-April to mid-June, in warmer climates the spawn may occur earlier. They are most active in waters ranging from 77 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, and their activity decreases quickly when water warms beyond this range. This makes spring the best time for largemouth anglers to hit the water. 3. F i s h i n S p r i n g f o r R e c o r d B a s s A c c o rding to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, the record for largemouth bass http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,1607,7-153-10364---,00.html in the state is 15 lbs., 14 oz., from a farm pond in Union County, March 29, 1991. The world record is a 22 lbs., 4 oz. pre-spawn female caught by George Perry on June 2, 1932 in Telfair County, Georgia. Perry, a twenty-year-old farmer, kept from his fields by rainy weather, decided to try for a fish dinner instead. He caught the record fish on a Creek Chub Fintail Shiner lure. Bassmaster Classic Tournament in February Although many parts of the United States are still in winter's frozen grip in February, Louisiana enjoys a southern climate that warms up early. The 2009 Bassmaster Classic fishing tournament is 4. scheduled for February 20 - 22 on the Red River in Louisiana. Mike Wood, head of statewide fisheries management Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries, said in a February 3, 2009 ESPN report that water temperatures could rise enough during the tournament to push bass into pre-spawn mode. Specialising in every areas of the sport and provided by virtually all of the sea fishing tackle tackle manufacturers.Get a better deal on sea fishing tackle tackle at this time online at World's Premier Saltwater fishing tackle Outfitter. Selling the finest in premium saltwater, freshwater, and fly sea fishing gear tackle. From leading sea fishing tackle tackle brands such ... Thanks for visiting Fishing tackle Tackle, the sea fishing tackle tackle store that are experts in fishing gear including; Offshore Deep sea fishing tackle Tackle, Inshore Sea fishing tackle, Fly Fishing tackle and . Even if the bass are not spawning, they may move to shallower waters if temperatures warm sufficiently. Anyone Can Catch a Trophy Bass 5. Although bass fishing, with its boats, baits, and fabulous equipment, is big business, anyone can catch a trophy bass with the simplest of outfits. After all, the world record was caught on basic fishing equipment by a young farmer who was just out to catch a. Fishing Tackle retailer of major brands of fishing rods, reels, deep sea fishing tackle lures including Shimano and Daiwa Check out our online saltwater fishing tackle equipment store now.Guaranteed lowest prices on bass deep sea fishing tackle tackle from every top brand.Equipped for all sorts of anglers. Expert consultancy can be found in all aspects in the sport. Ecommerce site with a selection of products.Manufacturer of Penn deep sea fishing tackle tackle, downrigger, reels and rods equipment.Supplies equipment for most fishing disciplines including coarse, carp and sea. Offers advice for first time anglers.Freshwater and saltwater tackle. Most widely known for that Lindy Rig. Brands include Little Joe, Thill, and Drift Control. , ice saltwater http://www.freefishinggames.co.uk/ tackle jigs,nets and socks,sinkers and Luresfish dinner for his family on a rainy day. This is part of the fascination of bass fishing. For all the flashy boats, newly-designed lures, and intricate electronic gear, the biggest variable remains the fish. Somewhere in the depths, the next world-record lunker waits. Perhaps this is the spring that the record, which has stood since that rainy day in 1932, will be broken. Every angler, from professionals to weekend amateurs, can get out on the water this spring and cast for that elusive, trophy bass.