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Spring 1813. 1801. A special thank you. Gayle Simmons Who contributed the display items in addition to her fashions Rick Simmons For his work on his coat and ensemble Julie and Terry Rockhold For Julie’s work on her and Terry’s walking ensemble. Diana Sluhan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Spring 1813

  • 1801

  • Gayle SimmonsWho contributed the display items in addition to her fashionsRick SimmonsFor his work on his coat and ensembleJulie and Terry RockholdFor Julies work on her and Terrys walking ensemble.Diana SluhanWho developed several examples of the height of fashion

  • Tamia LandFor sharing her newly made corset and riding habitBillie SzymanskiFor long hours in refitting her corset and constructing her gownRebecca TodakFor being such a good sport and learning on the flyRob TrumbullWho spent long hours hand sewing

  • Helen GoetzAnnie Rose AdamsBecky Finch

    All of whom each year give up their Saturday to model garments for this fashion show

    Brittany GnizakFor her help this weekendPatsy CiaciuchWho took pity on her daughter and helped with hand finish work.

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    Corset from Williamsburg Collection

    Handsewn, corded with wooden busk*Diana

    Plain white silk gown, back closing.

    Sheer silk overdress, handmade lace

    *Becca green cotton printSweetheart necklineChemisette*Becky FinchSpencer from original at DAR, sari dress v-neck faux cross over. Cartridge pleats

    *Annie Rose

    Ladys magazine feb 1812 for vest ruffle detail

    Portrait for gown

    *Billie Szymanski

    Pattern usedJanet Arnold Patterns of Fashion1806-09 V&A*Tamia -

    Riding HabitJanet Arnold Patterns of Fashion1795-1810 Salisbury Museum*Julie and Terry

    Green costume parisienne 1812Cut courderoy using S&S pattern

    Gown modifed version of S&S cross over dress. Sari, glass buttons.

    Robert Land ShoesTriple Ruffle chemisette from Bells Mills clothiers.

    Hat made at Lydias class this March. Similar to plate.

    Terry Dirty Billy Hat, orange wool cut away coat LOOSELY based on reconstructing historyTrousers - Danish national museum celery linenWaistocat based on Past Patterns Round Jacket pattern (black silk with floral)*Galye

    Brown Silk Satin Open Robe Unknown maker and place of origin, ca. 1797. Unknown maker and place of origin, ca. 1797. Possibly worn in the Northwest Territory, present-day Ross County, Ohio. Collection of the Ross County Historical Society, WC83.062

    Dress is bib front white silk brocade (matching turban)Blue Silk overdress*Gayle

    Ivory Printed Cotton Open Robe Unknown maker and place of origin, ca. 1775-1790s. Unknown maker and place of origin, ca. 1797. Possibly worn in the Northwest Territory within the Connecticut Western Reserve. Collection of the Western Reserve Historical Society, L1832.

    Reproduction is in ivory printed linen also bib front. Dress and overdress of same material. Ruched velvet trim in place of self ruffle. Double ruffle 19th centruy fashion in detail (pg 188)*Rick 1790-1806 Past Patterns Prototype (Saundra Aultman)Original from Fort Wayne IndianaGreen/gold changeable silkBreeches Rural Penn ClothingVest adapted from original owned by Tom Sahw)Diagonal gold striped cotton*Rob

    2 examples dated 1805-10 from what clothes reveal

    Locust grove early 1820s*Diana*BeccaOverdress of cotton voile (similar to green)Of pattern in Danish national museum*Becky Finch

    Silk redingote/ day dress*Annie Rose*GayleRedingote (coat dress)Fashion in Color National Design Museum1810-15 of striped silk hidden button under front placket*Diana

    White silk dress with gold trip, opera hat**