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*Q-1. Connect and ID X. (10+5) (Non exhaustive list) 1.Frankie Fredericks 2.Ato Boldon 3.Francis Obikwelu 4.Richard Thompson 5. X
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  • 1.*Q-1.Connect and ID X. (10+5)(Non exhaustive list)1.Frankie Fredericks2.Ato Boldon3.Francis Obikwelu4.Richard Thompson5. X

2. 1.Frankie Fredericks2.Ato Boldon3.Francis Obikwelu4.Richard Thompson5. X - Yohan BlakeOlympic Silver medalwinners in the mens100m 3. Q-2.X played association football and was first chosen to play under-14football at age 12. He was chosen to play for Warwickshire. His footballcareer was marked by a number of injuries, causing him to remark laterin life, "Perhaps I was doomed when it came to football". In mid-1984, Xhad a trial with Rangers, the club he supported as a boy. He seriouslyinjured his knee, smashing the cartilage during training. Ramsaycontinued to train and play on the injured knee, tearing a cruciateligament during a squash game. He never fully recovered from thedouble injury.Now, X is well-known in a completely different field.ID X 4. *Q-3. Name the famous F1 circuit designer whohas been the chief engineer of more than halfa dozen F1 tracks in India including the BIC. 5. HERMANN TILKE 6. Q-4. Id theband 7. Q-5. __________ , a Chinese track andfield star at the Olympics won at theAthens games, but pulled out of Beijinggames due to injury and again failed inLondon in semifinals round due to injurywhile taking part on field. Name theplayer and the event. 8. LIU XIANG , 110 metres Hurdles 9. Q-6. ID the sport. 10. Muggle Quidditch 11. *Q-7.He has self-identified as a British citizen and carries a British passport,although he usually shows reluctance to be drawn into a debate on hisnationality.When in Northern Ireland, he lives near the town of Carryduff in CountyDown, about 20 minutes from Belfast. The land around his house includes acustom-made practice facility, as well as a scaled-down football pitch.[He is an Ambassador for UNICEF Ireland and made his first visit to Haiti withUNICEF in June 2011.His great uncle Joe was murdered by the Ulster Volunteer Forceat his eastBelfast home in November 1972.As of 2011 he has been dating Danish tennisprofessional Caroline Wozniacki.He is a fan of Premier League team Manchester UnitedWho is the person being talked about? 12. Rory Mcllroy 13. Q-8. How are these images (of the same thing)related to the sporting world? 14. **Q-9. (10+10+10+10)The Z is an annual sporting event between X and Y.First contested in 1852, annually since 1859 except during major wars foughtby the United States, it is Americas oldest collegiate athletic competition.Originally done on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, it has since moved tothe Thames River, Connecticut. Although other locations for the race haveincluded the Connecticut River at Springfield, Massachusetts, and LakeQuinsigamond at Worcester, Massachusetts, the Thames has hosted it on allbut 5 occasions since 1878 and both teams have erected permanent trainingcamps on the Thames at Gales Ferry for X and at Red Top for Y. It has beenexclusively between X and Y except for 1897 when it was held as part of a threeboat race with W on the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie, New York, where,although it lost to W, X was deemed the winner of the Z.Give me W, X, Y and Z. 15. The Yale-Harvard Boat Race or Yale-Harvard Regatta 16. Q-10. ID the man and what is his claim to fame? 17. Eric Hollies bowled out Don Bradman for a duck in his last innings. 18. Q-11.Ringa pakia!Uma tiraha!Turi whatia!Hope whai ake!Waewae takahia kia kino!Ka mate, ka mateKa ora Ka oraKa mate, ka mateKa ora Ka ora Tnei te tangata phuruhuruNna i tiki mai whakawhiti te rA Upane! Ka Upane!Upane KaupaneWhiti te r,!H!What is this? 19. The Ka Mate haka dance performedby the New Zealand rugby teambefore every match since 1905. 20. **Q-12.X (images given) was a former Indian hockey midfielder, and representing theIndian team in the1972 Munich Olympics, that won the bronze medal.He is also a doctor in sports medicine.He is married to Jennifer Dutton, a grand-daughter of Michael Madhusudan Dutt.In the media a lot recently due to a certain controversy (though not involving himdirectly). 21. Dr. Vece Paes 22. Q-13.(Non exhaustive list)XFrank OFarellTommy DochertyDave SextonRon AtkinsonYGive me X and Y. And what connects this list? 23. Manchester United managersX-Matt BusbyY-Sir Alex Fergusson 24. Q-14. ID the lady in this image and her claim to fame 25. Nadia Comaneci, who had a perfect 10 score at the 76 Olympics 26. Q-15. Connect the list -URUGUAY , HUNGARY , POLAND , SOVIET UNION , , SOVIET UNION,SOVIET UNION , SOVIET UNION , HUNGARY , ROMANIA, NORTHKOREA , IRAQ, IRAQ , INDIA , INDIA 27. Winners of the Nehru Cup 28. Q-16. ID this sportsperson 29. AISAM QURESHI 30. Q-17.What isthisdevicesclaim tofame? 31. Deep Blue v/s Gary Kasparov, in which the supercomputerbeat Kasparov in the 1997 rematch 32. Q-18.There are several explanations for how this name came to beadopted, the most well known being that there was abusiness named Mother Nobletts, a Y shop, which advertised andsold sweets, including the X mints.What am I talking about?Also, give me X and Y. 33. X- Everton MintsY- Toffee