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PowerPoint PresentationALPINA is a development-oriented footwear manufacturer with a long and inspiring tradition.
The Company is based in Slovenia where it produced its first pair of shoes in 1947.
We are focused on sport, urban casual style and leisure time footwear for women, men and children.
1947 Shoe cooperative in iri begins with production of trekking shoes
1951 Cooperative transforms to ALPINA Company
1952 Company starts with production of ALLDAY and downhill shoes
1953 Launch of own retail chain
1973 Production of the first pair of cross-country ski boots
1980 ALPINA brand reaches Western market
1985 Company produces over 2 million pairs of shoes p.a., hiring almost 2,000 employees;
1988 ALPINA becomes a global brand, as export makes up 2/3 of total sales
2001-06 Move of production to other European countries;
2008 First international design award for racing cross-country boots
Launch of new Binom multivolume footwear
ALPINA recognised as a Slovenian Superbrand
2009 Reorganisation of Company into its current legal status as plc.
2012 Retail network grows to over 100 stores in Slovenia and region
2014 Lauch of e-shop in Slovenia, currently expanding on new markets
First ALPINA building
under the name iri Shoe cooperative
We know a lot about technology and we’re passionate about
function. Above all, though, we believe in freedom of
movement. The movement of the bare feet is just perfect, so
we’re doing our best to support these feet with comfort, warmth,
and protection in a way that’s as natural as possible.
Our product offer is based on the use of two main technologies.
Superior comfort, flexibility and lightness of our ALLDAY and
Trekking footwear is achieved with injection molding
technology. For our Cross-Country and Downhill offering, as
well as more traditional ALLDAY styles, we rely on cemented
technology, which enables us to experiment with different
materials, while maintaining highest quality of our products.
In accordance with our DNA, we still produce in Europe and
focus entirely on products made of leather in our ALLDAY
footwear segment.
ALLDAY footwear Rony
We strive to become the leading specialist player in Nordic skiing and the day-to-day footwear market.
We develop, manufacture and sell leather shoes, bags and other product with attentiveness to detail, craftsmanship, quality and comfort.
We improve our technical skills and invest in new, innovative technology and product, as well as stable and efficient processes.
We grow the Company and its value by product extension and international expansion also through partners.
We create and sell high quality footwear and
solutions for comfortable movement, top
performance and beautiful appearance.
Ensure “modernity and function” by on-going design collaborations
Shoes and bags as platform, extend to new categories if appropriate
Customer centric organisation and business development
Internationalise via new doors and co-operations, new technology
Integrated multi-channel brand marketing, specific product marketing
European footprint/ technical knowledge, integrated/ efficient
Among its many product ranges, ALPINA is globally best known
as the first choice of Olympic and World Cup winners
in cross-country skiing races.
Top knowledge and standards needed to meet champions’
expectations are integrated into all of the Company’s sports and
ALLDAY footwear. This way ALPINA’s brand identity reaches
international exposure.
ALPINA is a top-level producer of winter sports footwear, with
cross-country ski boots as its flagship segment. Each season we
improve in terms of innovation, functionality, technology and
product, crafted by skillful hands and dedicated research on the
conditions and factors that affect winter sports.
ALPINA’s most loved trekking shoes with 4 DRY technology serve as
a perfect compagnion for city trails.
More adventurous customers can choose from a variety of
specialised boots for mountaneeiring, backpacking, hiking, winter
trekking, hunting, etc.
COOL trekking shoes
ensures that all products are harmonised and in
line with customer expectations.
near future.
Its cemented and injection-molded footwear for
both men and women is characterized by fresh
design, carefully selected materials like natural
leather or warm wool and an ergonomically
supported fit.
Each shoe is made in Europe and is also available
in half sizes – always at highest quality.
Flexibility: Careful selection of materials & complete production
guarantee great flexibility for natural movement of the foot.
Good grip: The thoughtfully designed profiles of soles made of
selected materials ensure a stable, safe walk also in winter.
Softness: Soft, high-quality materials used during the
manufacturing process make shoes soft and pleasant to wear.
Greater Volume: Sophisticated foot analyses ensure an equally
great fit for high, low, narrow, or wide feet, and a selection of
footwear widths up to G, H, and K provides perfect comfort.
Natural Materials: Real leather and natural wool linings offer
breathability and softness that’s pleasant to the touch.
Alpitex Membrane: A top-quality membrane provides additional
protection from snow, water, and cold for exceptional comfort even
in extreme weather conditions.
>100 retail stores in Eastern Europe
1 Mio pairs sold p.a. Cemented and injected women and men shoes
800,000 pairs/year 80% export
600,000 pairs/year 90% export
We continuously strive to become an international player in our dedicated markets. What we have already achieved in Sport we plan to extend to all our business activities, and are currently focusing on markets where our product features match customer expectations, including China, SEA or Japan.
• ALPINA XC boots are used by more than 100 World cup and
Olympic athletes and biathletes
• World cup 2014/15: 26 medals
• Winter Olympic games in Sochi 2014: 35 medals
• World cup XC and Biathlon 2012/13: 164 medals
• Big Crystal Globe XC 2013
• Big Crystal Globe XC 2012
Jakov Fak (SLO),
complementary brands. Enter partner distribution.
Create marketing synergies.
with clear statement.
ALPINA membership
Build international PR network, ensure presence
Involve local partners in communication process
Annual production: 1.7 Mio pairs
Revenue: 50 Mio Euro
cross-country and downhill boots, as well as
ALLDAY shoes.
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