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SPOOKY STORIES for HALLOWEEN Written by students from Alianza Melo
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Written by students from Alianza Melo




    Written by students from Alianza Melo

  • Introduction

    These stories were written for a contest The Spookiest Story. First they were

    peer edited and then the teacher gave them the last look, but except for some

    spelling mistakes, verb tenses and a few minor errors, the stories are very much

    what the students themselves wrote.



    A long time ago, a girl called Tamarah prepared a Halloween party.

    Two days later, at the party, she heard her mother, Sarah, talking alone. Tamara

    asked her mother why she was talking alone. Her mother couldnt lie to her so she

    told Tamara the truth. The truth was that Tamara had a sister called Samara.

    At twelve oclock Tamara became a spirit because her mother had told her the


    Later, at the party, all the people became spirits to and then Samarah appeared. A

    lot of vampires, bats, wolves and spiders came to the party too.

    Then Samarah told Tamarah that Sarah, her mother, had pushed her into a hole

    and she died there. Tamarah couldnt believe it.

    Twenty years later, a family moved to Tamarahs house and now they are crazy

    because their little boy and his sister disappeared in the house and nobody saw

    them ever again.

    (Written by Beln Vaz, Joaqun Alori and Camila Lucas- Teens Upper Basic)


    A long time ago, there were three guys: Enrique, Miguel and Marcos. Those three

    guys lived in Liropella and San Salvador Street.

    Near Enriques house there was an old house. In this house there was a lady called


    One night the guys stayed in Enriques house. In the afternoon, they played and

    went to the square and, later, they went to bed. Miguel suggested to go to the old

    house and all of them answered yes. They went to the house, but the door was

    closed. But they saw a shadow that called their attention. Everyone ran into the

    shadow, but the shadow disappeared. Miguel ran upstairs and he heard a child cry

    and he said Guys, come on and listen to this. They entered the room, but they

    didnt see anything.

    Then, Enrique disappeared and Miguel and Marcos went to look for him, but they

    didnt see their friend, because he was dead on the floor. They ran very fast down

    the stairs when they heard a voice that said: Its too late. Ha, ha, ha!!

    When they tried to open the door, it was locked and they couldnt leave. At 12

    oclock they died and the guys were trapped for ever.

    Legend: People say that if you enter the house at 12 oclock you can see the dead


    (Written by Larissa Figarolla Children 4)


    A long time ago, there was a haunted house. It was very big and old and in the

    backyard it had an old, lonely cemetery. A family consisting of a mother, a father

    and two sons lived in this house.

    OO One day, the parents went to work at 1:00 p.m. and the sons stayed at alone.

    When their parents came back at midnight, they found something terrible. Their

    sons were dead, so they called the police. In a few minutes the police cars came

    and they went into the house. However, the bodies were not there. They had

    disappeared. The parents began to worry and look for them, but they never


    Some time later, the parents sold the house and some people bought it. Since

    then, the people who live in the house say that the ghosts appear there every


    (Written by Doris Medeiros, Eugenia Castro, Mara Ignacia Fernndez and Gabriel Avila Teens

    Upper Basic)


    A year ago, on my birthday, I decided to go to the cemetery to visit a friend that

    was dead.

    I went out of my house at 7 p.m. When I was going to the cemetery, somebody

    called me. I dont know who called me, because I never answered the cell phone.

    I went on walking and when I got there, there wasnt anybody in the cemetery.

    There was only the caretaker and me.

    I was scared so I wanted to go home. When I was going out I started to speak to

    the caretaker. I asked him if he felt scared in the cemetery and he answered to me

    that when he was alive he was really scared.


    One day, a woman married a sick man. They were

    very happy, but ten years later he died. The

    woman went crazy and she drowned their only

    son in the river.

    Every day, she still goes to the river and cries,

    cries and cries.

    Many people see her. She asks them:

    Do you know my son?

    If they say No she kills them.

    (Written by Martina Silvera, Camila Echevarra, Santiago Nin, Guillermo Ferreira)


    One Halloween night, a girl was alone with her dog because her parents had gone

    out. This night she went to bed and turned on the radio. She listened that a crazy

    person had escaped from the mental home. She wasnt scared because she was

    with her dog. This dog always licked her hand and this made her feel safe.

    She always put out her hand out of her bed and the dog licked it. But that night it

    wasnt her dog that licked it (but she didnt know that).

    In the morning, she got up and she called her dog but it didnt answer. She went to

    the bathroom and she got scared because she saw her dog killed and somebody

    had written on the mirror:

    Not only dogs can lick

    (Written by Geraldine Olivera and Camila Perdomo Access group, 2

    nd year)


    One rainy night, I was at home with my friends

    watching a horror movie. We were there because

    my parents had gone on their second honeymoon.

    Suddenly the window was opened and we felt a

    breeze in our faces and we heard a strange noise,

    like a wolf, coming from the garden. So I called the police, but when they

    came it was too late because the wolf had killed all my friends.

    (Written by Victoria Reyes ACCESS group, 2

    nd year)


    On a Halloween night there were two friends drinking booze and beer. There was

    also a huge storm. They were so bored that one of them made a bet. The bet was

    to go to the cemetery and nail a stake in their friends tomb who had died last

    year. The friend accepted the bet just not to be a coward. He took his jacket off,

    tied it round his waist and went to the cemetery.

    After a few hours, his friend, who was still at the bar, started to get worried so he

    decided to go there to see where his friend was and he found him dead next to the

    tomb. When he looked at him more closely he could see that his jacket was nailed

    together with the stake.

    The legend says that when he was nailing the stake, he nailed his jacket by mistake

    and when he was going to run away he felt something catching him from behind

    so he had a heart attack and died. But it wasnt like that, it was a horrible death.

    (Written by Camila Perdomo ACCESS group, 2

    nd year)


    One day, in a big house, all the members of a family died because the eldest son

    killed them. Since that happened nobody bought the house because the people

    who knew what had happened thought that the house was haunted.

    Ten years later, a family who didnt know the story suspected that the house was

    very cheap but the salesperson didnt tell them what had really happened. So, this

    family bought and moved into the house.

    Some days later, the members of the family saw a lot of spirits of the previous

    family and listened to horrible voices that said:

    Catch them and kill them!

    The mother was afraid, but the stepfather was possessed by the spirits who lived

    in the house. He tried to kill them but he couldnt.

    His wife and his stepsons ran away from the house because they knew he was a

    good man. Finally the family never came to the house again.

    Now, this house is for sale. DONT BUY IT!

    (Written by Georgina Amaral, Lorena Dioscar and Maximiliano Arce ACCESS group, 2

    nd year)


    The city of Fiddlecar was fantastic 56 years ago. All the children played all day. The

    city had a zoo, a church, a park a theatre and technology. The city was beautiful.

    One day there was a storm with thunder and lightening. It killed animals, people

    and destroyed houses and important places. After some time, it killed all the

    people. After that Filddercar was a desert. In Filddercar there werent any animals,

    people, houses or important places. Other people said Filddecar is a horrible

    city! It was a ghost place.

    Mr. Calaser was a teacher in high school. He went to Filddercar to investigate this

    ghost city, but he never returned. It was a horrible story.

    The End

    (Written by Nicols Scolaro Teens Upper Basic)


    Once upon a time there was a restaurant. This was an old house.

    There was a basement, the dining room on the first floor and a

    mens bathroom and a womens bathroom upstairs. A woman

    and a man worked there. The man was the chef and the woman

    was the waitress. The owner was never there.

    Every night, when the restaurant closed, the employees told the owner that they

    listened to a baby crying, but nobody was there. The owner said I dont pay you

    to say that.

    One day, the restaurant owner organized a convention. There were music bands

    and games. However, a fortune teller that read hands also went. When it finished,

    the fortune teller told the owner that she felt that there was an evil spirit in the

    restaurant, so the owner said Tonight we are all going to sleep here

    At midnight, the waitress went to the bathroom. She watched a little girl playing

    with her toys. She went to her house and she told the owner that she was never

    going to sleep there, so everyone went to their houses too.

    The next day, the fortune teller went to the restaurant and the waitress told her

    what she had watched. The fortune teller told the employer and the employees

    that they had to go to the basement because she was going to go to the womens

    bathroom. When she was in the bathroom, she heard that the owner and the

    employees were shouting. There was a spirit, so she said some words and the

    spirit went outside.

    That night the employees decided to spend the night in the restaurant with the

    owner because he was going to pay $100 dollars more to everyone. The fortune

    teller didnt want to spend the night there, so she said Tomorrow Im going to

    come here to see that everything is OK

    The next day, when the fortune teller went to the restaurant all the people were

    dead. She went to the womens bathroom and saw the little girl. I killed them

    because they scared me she said.

    (Written by Leslie Ferreira Lpez. Teens Upper Basic)


    Alice and Sarah were best friends. They were inseparable. They went to the same

    school and lived in the same neighbourhood. However, they were very different.

    Alice was happy and outgoing, while Sarah was too shy and quiet.

    One day, Sarah decided to make a blood pact because she thought that with this

    they would be together forever and Alice accepted.

    Years later, Alice had finished her studies and she had her own family. She didnt

    see Sarah because they had lost touch.

    One cold, rainy night, Alice was alone in her house, watching the local news. The

    anchorman said that a woman had died in a terrible car accident and her name

    was Sarah. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. When Alice opened the door, she saw a

    woman that had a cut in her head and dark eye shadows. Alice recognized Sarah.

    Alice took her into her house and while she was cleaning her cut, she asked her

    about her life, but Sarah didnt answer. After that Sarah said: I died and I came to

    tell you that life has separated us, but we will be together in death. She said it

    raising her index finger. After that Sarah disappeared and Alice began to have a

    terrible pain in her index finger which was bleeding. So Alice got really scared and

    she called her husband that was working. When he came into the house she was

    completely crazy. She had to be hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital. There she

    heard sounds in the room that said Ill wait for you.

    One day, the doctor heard a strange noise that came from Alices room. He went in

    and saw that she had died with a cut in her head and her index finger was

    bleeding. Somebody had written with her blood Forever Friends

    (Written by Paula Idiarte Access group, 2

    nd year)


    Once upon a time, there was a man that after 12:00 p.m. became a wolfman.

    He started to kill people.

    In the morning the wolfman

    became a man again.

    The police chased the

    wolfman to kill him.

    Finally, his brothers wife

    killed him.

    (Written by Emiliano

    Correa, Juan M. Godio)