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Pet portraits for Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 2011

Transcript of Spooky Pets

  • Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Wednesday, November 2, 2011C8

    Garret & Widgeon Human & Sheltie James Phillip Snyder Fairbanks, AK

    Dog Daycare Training

    Boarding Grooming

    907-479-4930 www.abck9equine.com


    PO Box 72019, Fairbanks AK 99708

    AKC affiliated Conformation Shows

    Obedience, Rally and Agility Trials

    Tracking Tests

    Mixed breeds and owners have always

    been welcome in TVKC classes!

    **NOW** Mixed breeds can

    earn AKC titles

    Classes in: STAR

    Puppy & Canine Good Citizen

    (CGC), Conformation Obedience,

    Rally & Agility, Tracking

    Interested in Advertising your business in

    Its All About Pets? Contact

    Nicole Tomlinson 459-7506 [email protected] newsminer.com

    413306 11-2-11

    Spotlight your pet in FULL COLOR for only $7.50

    and youll be eligible to win a prize!*

    Email your pets photo to [email protected]

    Photos may also be mailed or dropped off.

    NM classifieds 459-7506 Pet of the Week

    200 N. Cushman, Fairbanks, AK

    * Its All About Pets page will run every other Wednesday with a winner chosen each issue.

    Think your pet Think your pet has what it has what it takes to be a takes to be a


    Enter NOW and you could win $75 FREE PET


    Courtesy of Holy Dog Pet Boarding

    It's All About Spooky Pets! It's All About Spooky Pets! Skip's K9 C ache Skip's K9 C ache

    D oggie D ay Care All Breed Boarding All Breed Boarding

    Taking Holiday Reservations Taking Holiday Reservations


    taking Cats


    2 mile Chena Pump Rd 978-3507

    Y o u r p

    e t c o u l d b e Y o u r p

    e t c o u l d b e

    t h e n e x t S t a r ! t h e n e x t S t a r !

    Pet Pride Portraits by Donna Lenard

    Watercolors Beautiful watercolors done on Yupo, a synthetic paper that enhances textures and colors. Focuses on the eyes, and

    will require several photos to complete an intimate portrait. Medium size 8 x 10 piece with 3 of white mat with thin, black metal frame. Price $250.00

    Email [email protected] for more information

    A 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation

    Assisting Neglected and Homeless Animals Visit us on Facebook or Call us at



    Name: Buddy 5-6 year old, 70 lb, neutered male, husky/shepherd mix. Very skittish - last seen 3.5 mile CHSR (Esro Rd) Please call 978-3232 with any information

    Bandit Pit-Husky Mix

    Happy Hutson Fairbanks, AK

    Hoonah Mixed Breed Cat


    Norman Miniature Dachshund Richard & Terry Thorne North Pole, AK

    Romeo Frog Dog

    Pomeranian Leona McDaniels Fairbanks, AK

    Romeo The Pirate

    Pomeranian Leona McDaniels Fairbanks, AK

    Max Maine Coon Helen Holland North Pole, AK

    Zeba Chesapeak Lab Mix David Adams & Penny Adler Fairbanks, AK


    O F T H E W E E K P E T O

    F T H E W E E K P E T O

    F T H E W E E K

    Today's Prize This issue's "Pet of the Week" will

    receive a 5 DAYS FREE PET BOARDING

    Compliments of Holy Dog Pet Boarding

    For kids, few holidays are more anticipated than Halloween. The chance to dress up in costume and patrol the neighborhood with friends while collecting treats is the highlight of many a childs autumn. For parents, anticipation is replaced by anxiety. While kids are out trick-or-treating, parents may be home or at work hoping their kids are safe and sound. Because Halloween is so popular among kids, its hard for parents to forbid trick-or- treating. But parents should instruct kids on the following tips to ensure this Halloween is as safe as it is fun. * Strangers homes are off limits. Make sure kids know they should never enter the home of a stranger, no matter how friendly or welcoming that stranger may seem. * Theres no going it alone. Kids should not be permitted to go out alone. When trick-or-treating, kids should always be accompanied not only by their friends, but there must be at least one adult chaperone present at all times. Parents should get together several weeks before Halloween to determine who will chaperone, where kids will be trick-or-treating and during what hours. * Stay close to home. Kids should stay in their own neighborhood and only visit homes of neighbors they know. Advise kids to steer clear of homes whose doors are hidden from street view. Chaperones should accompany kids to the front door if visibility from the street is poor. * Choose safe costumes. Kids should wear costumes made of light colored material. If a child insists on a favorite costume that uses largely dark material, attach reflective tape to the costume so your favorite reveler is easily visible to motorists during twilight and nighttime hours when its not always easy for drivers to see. * No toy guns. Toy guns are just asking for trouble, as many of todays replicas are easily confused with the real thing. Play it safe and choose costumes that arent accessorized with toy guns. * Bring a flashlight along. Night falls quickly in late October, so kids and chaperones alike should carry a flashlight to improve their visibility and make them more visible to passing motorists. * Stick to the sidewalks. Trick-or-treaters should stick to the sidewalks and always cross the street at corners. Dont walk in the street, and never walk between parked cars when crossing the street, as its especially difficult for motorists to anticipate pedestrians walking or running from behind parked cars into the street. * Be wary of masks. Many masks restrict a childs vision, so look for one that provides sufficient visibility. If a childs favorite mask is low on visibility, make children agree to remove their mask when crossing the street. Parents understandably worry when kids go trick-or-treating. But a few simple safety lessons shared with children can ensure everyone gets home safe.

    Safety First on Halloween Safety First on Halloween