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  2. 2. NMAP2016 AT A GLANCE FESTIVAL PRODUCTIONS Our goal for the 2016 National Miss Amazing Pageant is to create an more integrated environment that encourages a sisterhood between girls and women with and without disabilities. The three-day festival will feature vendors, sponsor booths, and fun activities, all serving the greater purpose of female empowerment. PARTIES Miss Amazing is most known for its stunning productions that inspire audiences nationwide and amplify the abilities and strengths of girls and women with disabilities. By working closely with a highly-trained production company, the National Miss Amazing Pageant team will produce four state-of-the-art shows, each of which will be live streamed to viewers worldwide. INTERVIEWS The Meet and Greet Dance Party and Crafting PJ Party have become cherished traditions at the National Miss Amazing Pageant. These fun activities offer the Miss Amazing queens an opportunity to meet new friends and acclimate to their new environment. GALA The National Miss Amazing Pageants Girl Power Gala increasingly becomes a more elegant, glamorous, and memorable evening every year. Open to the general public, the Girl Power Gala celebrates the girls and women who represent Miss Amazing and generates support for the organizations programs and initiatives. HOST-CITY OUTING The interview process provides the Miss Amazing queens the opportunity to strengthen their social skills and prepare for job interviews. This exercise encourages the queens to set higher goals and to realize their full potential. The National Miss Amazing Pageant provides an exciting opportunity for families to take a break while discovering a new city. Miss Amazing arranges group transportation so that all attendees have a chance to site-see and explore together. NEW!
  3. 3. WHY SPONSOR? 45-54 18-24 35-44 25-34 55-64 Our guests come from the following states: 21 7% % 23% 28% 22% APPEAL TO FEMALE CONSUMERS Our audience is approximately 91% female, 54% of which is 25-44. The demographic is family-oriented, with interests in fashion, beauty, and wellness. MORE ABOUT THE DEMOGRAPHIC People with disabilities are parents, employees, and business owners. They make up an active consumer base with $544 billion of disposable income in the United States. Fortune magazine also reports,even individuals who don't have disabilities-and don't live with those who do-exhibit strong brand loyalty toward products affiliated with disability-related causes. Miss Amazing offers your company an opportunity to gain access to consumers with disabilities and to position itself next to a renowned disability-related cause. ACCESS AMERICAS LARGEST UNTAPPED MARKET Alaska Arizona California Connecticut Delaware Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Massachusetts Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Kansas Nebraska New Jersey New York North Carolina Oklahoma South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Virginia Wisconsin Age breakdown: other 8,000 social media followers average likes/post average shares/post319 24 SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT
  4. 4. The most rewarding experience Ive ever been a part of. - Stacy Deibel, family member of 2015 Virginia Miss Amazing Teen You have given my daughter an incredible gift that will last her a lifetime. Thank you so much! - Maryellen DeShaw, mother of PAST EVENTS PRAISE FOR THE 2015 NATIONAL MISS AMAZING PAGEANT It is one of the highlights of her life and an experience she will never forget. - Farah Hosman, mother of 2015 Idaho Miss Amazing Sr. Miss I met a lot of girlfriends and I call some of them my sisters. - Tiffani Johnson, 2015 National Miss Amazing Jr. Miss ATTENDEE GROWTH FROM 2013-2016
  5. 5. IN THE NEWS VICE MAGAZINE 200 million unique visitors/month ABC 7 LOS ANGELES 3.8 million unique visitors/month LA TIMES 38.1 million unique visitors/month
  6. 6. ABOUT MISS AMAZING The first Miss Amazing Pageant was held in Omaha, NE in 2007. In 2010, the Teen Nick HALO Award granted the program $25,000 and a feature on Teen Nickelodeon, making it possible for the program to gain 501(c)(3) non-profit status and nationwide exposure. The Miss Amazing Pageant is now held in 30 states and Miss Amazing Inc. and has touched the lives of 800 girls and women with disabilities to date. When she was just thirteen years old, Jordan Somer had a desire to provide the opportunities that she had received through pageantry for the female athletes that she met at the Special Olympics. That year, she coordinated the first Miss Amazing Pageant in her hometown of Omaha, NE and became hooked. Jordan held the Miss Amazing Pageant on an annual basis and, upon receiving a Teen Nick HALO Award in 2010, began using her newfound resources to expand the program to other states. Jordan has been honored with the Presidents Lifetime Achievement Award, a Daily Points of Light Award, and a Silver Prudential Spirit of Community Award and was selected to be in the top 30 of LOreal Paris 2014 Women of Worth for her work with Miss Amazing. OUR HISTORY OUR FOUNDER